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  • Pancreatic cancer treatment
  • Pancreatic cancer treatment
  • Pancreatic cancer treatment
  • Pancreatic cancer treatment
  • Pancreatic cancer treatment
  • Pancreatic cancer treatment

Pancreatic cancer treatment

The Gastrological and Gastrooncological department, working within the clinical center of Friedrichshafen, offers the whole scope of modern therapeutic methods to diagnose, treat and prevent pancreatic cancer. Head of the Department is an experienced surgeon Prof. Christian Arnold, whose special field of expertise is treatment of pancreatic diseases. Annually there have been carried out more than 3.500 surgical interventions at his department, about 700 of them concern surgical treatment of oncology diseases.

Pancreatic cancer is a malignant tumor that develops in the duct pancreatic glands. The most important thing to remember is the symptoms of cancer development:

  • jaundice;
  • pain syndrome in back and midriff;
  • sickness and vomiting accompanied with the absence of appetite.

Gastroenterology in Germany is second to none in gastric surgery, and in particular pancreas and gastric cancer treatment. If the patient notices such symptoms and instantly comes to the hospital, it will be possible to avoid the surgery and stop the pancreatic cancer development in time. It requires highly efficient treatment with experienced medical personnel and modern equipment. The Clinical Center of Friedrichshafen in Germany provides all required resources for the first-class pancreatic disease treatment.

How the pancreatic cancer is diagnosed?

The pancreatic cancer diagnostics in Germany includes a few methods:

  • Ultrasound scan of abdominal cavity is the most popular and affordable method in Germany for detecting a tumor of at least 2cm;
  • Computer tomography is performed to specify the dimensions and position of organs located near the pancreatic gland. It allows detecting a tumor of 3 cm and more;
  • Magnetic resonance tomography is an efficient diagnostic method, however it is not allowed for patients with metal implants;
  • Positron emission tomography also helps to reveal tumors and their metastases. This methodology implies the injection of radionuclide absorbed by cancerous tumor cells. A few medical images are made, showing the location of cancerous cells;
  • X-Ray diagnostics helps to detect the in-growth of the tumor into the organ walls;
  • Fibrogastroduodenoscopy helps to define the changes in mucous coat due to the tumors development. Together with a biopsy it gives maximally precise diagnosis;
  • The X-ray diagnostics of blood vessels helps to define the constriction, dislocation and other vascular disorders in tumors.

Also the doctors of Friedrichshafen Center in Germany make blood test and test for detecting specific matters released by the tumors.

While the modern medicine constantly forges ahead, timely diagnostics is critically important for the success of pancreatic cancer treatment.

What are the treatment methods for pancreatic cancer?

Friedrichshafen Center in Germany offers a wide range of treatment methods, and specific therapy is defined individually. The disease stage is a decisive factor in selecting treatment method. The stage is defined by the size of tumors and the level of their expansion outwards the affected organ. If the patient has the first, second or third stage, the treatment in Germany implies one of the following methods:

  • Resection of tumor masses by radiofrequency method. It gives ability to destroy the tumoral tissues by needle electrode inserted directly into the tumor. The tumor is heated that leads to its regression.
  • Microwave therapy is performed similarly to radiofrequency method, but the tumor is heated by microwaves. Such therapy is not a treatment for pancreatic cancer, it is used to relieve the symptoms for some time.
  • Cryotherapy is a popular method of pancreatic cancer treatment in Germany by freezing the tumor with carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen. This method is used on the initial stages and cases with bone metastases. Cryotherapy is also used to relieve pain syndrome caused by the disease.
  • Electroporation - NanoKnife destroys the pancreatic cancer by the strong fields of localized electricity. The doctor inserts electrodes into the tumor, feeding it with 3000V electric discharge. It is one of the most popular treatment technologies in Germany and worldwide, but it requires highly qualified specialists.

On more advanced pancreatic cancer stages the treatment implies chemo therapy to relieve pain symptoms and improve the quality of patient’s life. Our clinic in Germany performs chemotherapy, radiotherapy, ablative treatment. We perform different kinds of surgeries, including the use of minimally invasive laparoscopic technology.

Timely diagnostics in our clinic will help you to detect pancreatic cancer on early stages and get effective treatment.

Pancreatic cancer treatment
Pancreatic cancer treatment

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