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Hospitals in Germany: Top Clinic Friedrichshafen

The German healthcare industry and its hospitals are well positioned internationally. The quality of German healthcare services sets standards worldwide. Today, over 25% of foreign patients who decide on healthcare treatment abroad opt for treatment in one of the German hospitals. The hospitals and clinics in Germany boast a very high level of efficiency compared of the rest of the world. Germany holds a leading position in health research and medical technology and its hospitals have an excellent reputation.

Germany features the highly developed system of medical institutions and efficient healthcare. The medical care and treatment in Germany - it is an entire industry with thousands of hospitals and more than one million of specialists.

The goal of all medical institutions (hospitals, medical centres) is to offer comprehensive care of excellent quality.

A patient should receive the best:

  • first class treatment,
  • a comfortable environment
  • sympathetic care

Hospitals in Germany offer a broad range of services - diagnoses and treatment meet the highest standards. Hospitals in Germany also offer highly specialised care for high-risk neonates and stroke, breast cancer, serious burns and heart surgery patients.

In the area of rehabilitation, hospitals in Germany offer a care structure that is unique worldwide. Approximately 300 treatment and rehabilitation institutions with over 30,000 beds ensure a close network of healthcare opportunities. This comprehensive, specialised, qualitatively sophisticated network of hospitals is known worldwide. German hospitals offer: single and double rooms, the equipment of the highest quality, phone, fax, internet, TV, VCR, stereo, menu selection, national cuisine .

The physicians in Germany are highly qualified specialists whose professionalism, politeness and attentiveness impart a feeling of security to their patients.

The hospitals are equipped with the latest technology. Many of the top medical technology companies are based in Germany.

Germany is a very promising, sustainable healthcare centre. The quality and service offered by healthcare services and hospitals in Germany are among the best in the world.

Hospitals in Germany – Friedrichshafen Clinic GmbH

The Friedrichshafen Clinic has a long tradition of medical treatment of international patients. For many years now, patients everywhere, in their search for hospitals, have been choosing us for their treatment. The hospital of Friedrichshafen is one of the best multidisciplinary clinics in Germany. It offers well-serviced, comfortable hospital beds and the most modern technical equipment. The leading medical specialists in the areas of medicine such as oncology, orthopedics and traumatology, cardiology and cardiac surgery are ready to help not only to the German patients, but also to the international ones. Our international patients - those patients who live in Germany or abroad and are not covered by German medical insurance, who opt for treatment in one of the German hospitals are cared for by the International Office.

If foreign patients decide on medical treatment in one of our hospitals, his/her expectations are usually high - this decision indicates much trust in the highly advanced state of healthcare and hospitals in Germany, in the specialist physicians at our hospitals and last but not least, in the quality of the service provided by our hospitals.

Hospital of Friedrichshafen. Fields of Specialization

Many foreign patients, especially from Arabian states, the CIS and other EU countries, in their search for hospitals in Germany, come to Friedrichshafen Clinic for the treatment of all kinds of the desiases. The field of specialization of our hospital is really vast:

  • neurology
  • orthopedics and traumatology, joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow joints)
  • osteology, osteosynthesis, osteoporosis
  • sports medicine
  • gerontology
  • ophthalmology (including laser surgery)
  • naturopathy, in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • psychosomatic illnesses
  • surgery (abdominal, emergency, minor surgery, vascular, plastic, thoracic, oncology, maxillofacial, cardiac surgery)
  • gynecology and obstetrics
  • skin and venereal diseases therapy (endocrinology, hematology, gastroenterology, cardiology, nephrology, broncho-pulmonary diseases, rheumatology)
  • radiology, chemotherapy
  • psychiatry
  • urology
  • anesthesiology and intensive care
  • physiotherapy, immunology, neuropsychology with rehabilitation
  • early neurological rehabilitation
  • the treatment of spine diseases
  • diabetes
  • asthma
  • the treatment of hydrocephalus and congenital spine spina bifida
  • aesthetic surgery

This hospital of Friedrichshafem offers 10 programs of preventive diagnostics - from the express diagnosis up to the integrated diagnostic program of the whole body. Surveys are conducted on an outpatient basis. Diagnostic programs were developed based on many years of experience of the leading medical specialists in Germany.

In order to ensure a smooth process, the International Office takes care of all the administrative and organisational requirements for your hospitalisation in Germany. The International Office is the interface between the patients and the hospitals. Enquiries by international patients must be made via the International Office, so that administrative services are complete, in terms of both the patient’s and the clinic’s records, from the first telephone call until the patient’s return home after his treatment in Germany.

Nationally and internationally recognised teams of experts are available for the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. The Friedrichshafen Clinic is one of the most modern hospitals in Germany, and offers maximum standards of care. The Friedrichshafen Clinic fulfils more than just the legal requirements of hospitals in Germany. Sustainable decisions made in previous years, have been implemented so that the clinic, with over 370 beds for acute care and 28 beds for geriatric rehabilitation, has become one of the top hospitals in Germany.

Close to people, economically and future oriented – that’s how the Friedrichshafen Clinic has been fulfilling its task as one of the leading German hospitals since its founding in 1975.

The breast Centre at Lake Constance, in cooperation with the Constance Clinic, the Vascular Centre and also the Lung Centre in cooperation with the Constance Clinic, are among our medical points of focus. In 2011, the Friedrichshafen Clinic treated over 18,500 in-patients and around 25,000 out-patients – this number increases annually.

We have over 1,000 employees our hospitals: seven departments and two internal departments, nursing services, administration, kitchen, technology etc.

Residents of foreign countries who desire treatment at Friedrichshafen Clinic can contact International Patient Services (IPS) for non-binding information regarding the treatment and an estimate of the costs for treatment in Germany.

IPS will help you with:

  • Appointments and treatments
  • Questions regarding the treatment plan and a cost estimate
  • Enquiries regarding cost assurance and the billing options
  • Visa formalities for your visit to Germany
  • Travelling (e.g. airport transfer)
  • Registration formalities
  • Interpreter services (if required)
  • Support during your stay in Germany
  • Hotel accommodation in Germany

If treatment is required after the hospitalisation period, we will take care of you. We will find accommodation that meets your requirements, even if your stay in Germany stretches to several weeks.

You will be able to look back on your stay in Germany as a fascinating experience. If you have questions concerning your treatment abroad, we would be happy to serve you.

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