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Treatment Abroad: Top Clinic Friedrichshafen

More and more people from the Russian Federation, the USA and the Arab countries are prepared to travel abroad for medical treatment at the clinics in Germany.

Medical tourists from all over the world cite extremely high medical fees or a poor standard of medical care in their home countries as the main reasons why they decide to have medical treatment abroad. The first reason applies mainly to Western Europeans and Americans, and the second reason applies mostly to patients from Eastern Europe, including Russians, who elect to have medical treatment abroad.

According to statistics, the medical services most in demand from those seeking treatment abroad are in the areas of orthopaedics, urology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, gynaecology and obstetrics. In the opinion of the majority of medical tourists, Germany has the best price-performance ratio when it comes to treatment abroad, particularly in respect of the quality of care received, the competence and the sense of responsibility of the medical staff and the level of comfort available in the hospitals.

There has been a long tradition of outstanding medical accomplishment in Germany, a factor that affects the patients' choice regarding treatment abroad. Today people travel abroad from all over the world in order to take advantage of the excellent medical care offered in German clinics. If you are considering having medical treatment abroad, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Surgical procedures of all kinds and safe, comfortable childbirth are among the wide range of medical services available.

The German healthcare system holds fourth place in the world-wide comparison of the best health systems. Patients from anywhere in the world, who decide on treatment abroad, receive medical care of the highest quality in Germany – from acute illness right through to complete rehabilitation.

Germany has earned its position among the top four healthcare systems, due to the unique network of medical science, research, industry and clinical treatment. Many of our renowned clinics and physicians are explicitly focused on and specifically adjusted to the treatment of guest patients from abroad.

Short waiting times and excellent supplementary services make travelling to Germany for medical treatment just as attractive as the great German tourism offers during your stay abroad. The healthy climate, abundant nature and rich cultural and shopping options all contribute to the fact that both you and your family will feel at home during your treatment abroad.

Our services

As an International Patient Service provider (IPS), we act as a link between German physicians and patients from all over the world, who opt for treatment abroad.

Medical treatment in Germany is characterised by:

  • the latest in medical technology and the resultant ever-improving diagnostic and treatment methods
  • highly qualified medical personnel
  • the latest technical equipment in the clinics, private practices and rehabilitation centres

Should you decide on treatment abroad, our International Patient Service will help you to select the right specialist.

Our team is dedicated to finding "your physician" for you so that you are able to look back on your treatment abroad with satisfaction.

For clients who decide on treatment abroad, we offer the following range of services:

  • Translation of the medical documentation received abroad
  • An interpreter to accompany you both during consultations and at other times, to make your stay abroad easier
  • Help with formalities such as visas etc. that are required for treatment abroad
  • Organisation of your accommodation both in the clinic and in hotels, as required
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel/clinic etc.

For your treatment abroad, Germany offers more than just first-class medical care.

Other attractive facets are:

Cultural events, tours, wellness and much more – our team would be glad to advise you, support you in terms of organisation and accompany you as required.

Our International Patient Service offers you effective programmes for medical assistance in most areas of medicine for your treatment abroad.

In the clinics that we recommend for your treatment abroad, all patients enjoy a standard of care that matches the best in the world, and the use of the latest medical technologies.

As independent experts in the area of medical management, we enable our patients, who opt for treatment abroad, the optimal choice of leading clinics under all kinds of management (university clinics, private clinics) which all have extensive experience and a wide range of treatment options for specific disorders or illnesses.

We are sure that the first-class medical treatment that you will receive in our clinic in Germany, coupled with the attentive, friendly manner of the physicians and medical personnel will be of great help to you in overcoming your health problems. You will also greatly appreciate the efficient supply of the necessary medicines and aids that will you require in the period after you are discharged from the clinic, and the fastidious, all-round organisation of your stay abroad.

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