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Cancer Treatment in Germany

Oncology in Germany is a well developed disivion of German medicine that greatly evolved during the recent years and became very successful in treatment of different malignant diseases. Thanks to development of treatment methods, recent scientific advances and innovative approach, survival rate of patients with cancer has raised considerably. Improved methods of surgical and drug treatment, radiation and chemo therapy allowed to obtain brilliant results in curing people with malignant tumors in Germany.

Definitely, close connection between science and medicine in Germany is what triggers progress in development of treatment methods. It allows implementing new knowledge into medical practice.

German professional oncologists use the following treatment methods: surgery, radiation, medication treatment (for instance, chemo, hormonal and immune therapy) as well as additional treatment methods (for example, pain therapy).

If you go through cancer treatment in Germany, the above mentioned methods are often combined. It is crucial to estimate patient’s health correctly so that to plan effective cancer treatment in Germany.

Oncology in Germany: Basic Types of Treatment

Oncourology in Germany

Uro-oncology of Friedrichshafen Clinic offers outpatient and hospital treatment of all malignant and benign diseases of kidneys, prostate, urinary tract, bladder, urethra and male reproductive organs. Prostate surgery is performed with the help of robotized surgery - da Vinci® SI HD state-of-art robot.

Gastroenterological oncology in Germany

Gastroenterological oncology includes diagnostics and treatment of malignant and benign tumors in GE tract.

Pneumo oncology in Germany

The main aim of pneumo oncology is treatment of malignant tumors in lungs and pleura.

Gynecologic oncology in Germany

Together with minimal invasive surgical methods of treatment, division of gynecology in Friedrichshafen Clinic performs highly effective treatment of tumors in female reproductive organs. Minimal invasion techniques are used to perform complicated surgeries.

Breast care oncology in Germany

Mammology center in Friedrichshafen Clinic specializes on treatment of female (less often – male) mammary glands.

Spinal oncology in Germany

Operative therapy of diseases of spinal medulla, tumors of spine and nerves. Most often, spinal oncology presupposes hospital treatment. However, in Germany, it may be performed partially or totally on the outpatient basis. That applied to cancer diseases of immune and hematopoietic systems. Oncology in Germany is impossible without interaction between specialists from different disciplines. That guarantees high level of competence, especially when complex treatment of cancer is required.

Advantages of treatment in Germany

Cancer treatment in Germany is hospitalization in spacious and comfortable rooms of clinics. During chemothrerapy, patients are placed in cozy chairs. If required, they are provided with beds. In clean rooms, patient can talk to doctors privately.

Oncology in Germany is maximum care during the entire period, be that hospital or outpatient treatment. Medical assistants help to perform medical examinations, diagnosis and therapies quickly and safely.

Patients with oncology who resolve on being treated in Germany often have many questions like: “How can this or that type of treatment help me?”, “What my chances are?”, “How will the therapy impact my body?” This is why it is crucial to think over all pros and cons and discuss all aims of treatment with your doctor. Patients going through treatment in Germany get ample information about the future therapies, which allows comprehending the purpose of diagnostic and therapy procedures better. The more patient knows, the easier he or she accepts the treatment both physically and psychologically.

German oncologists regularly improve their qualification and participate in international conferences. Surgeons, general practitioners, gynecologists, urologists, pathologists, radiologists, X-ray therapists – many specialists gather there. Basing on experience and results of research collected in Germany, they create new methods of cancer treatment.

Therefore patients with cancer can be sure that German doctors will treat them using the newest medical knowledge and advances. During cancer treatment in Germany, the most advanced methods of diagnosis are used. Devices allow getting volumetric images which helps to perform full-fledged examination. Accurateness of diagnosis defines the quality of cancer treatment.

Most people take the news about cancer as something hopeless that always leads to lethal cases. But doctors who treat and diagnose cancer in Germany say that cancer should be perceived simply as a disease. Methods of cancer diagnosis and treatment used in Germany imply using of high tech equipment. So patients should not lose hope – many people manage to live normal lives after cancer.

During many years, scientists have been researching the ways of curing of oncologic diseases. German researches contribute to that a lot and discover new ways of diagnosis and treatment. Of course, there is no versatile remedy against cancer, but the present schemes of therapy are being constantly improved and developed. During oncologic therapy in Germany, every patient is guaranteed individual approach. Everything is taken into account: type of tumor, areas affected, presence of additional pathologies. Specialists of Friedrichshafen Clinic use all that to fight against tumors.

Methods of diagnosis and cancer treatment in Germany

In Friedrichshafen Clinic, specialists apply diagnosis methods that comply with modern standards: MRI, CT imaging, ultrasound, sonography. Besides, innovative radiation technologies are used: they allow combing different methods to get more detailed information. Of course, modern diagnosis methods used in the clinic allow defining the type of tumor and what is condition of organs and body systems of patients. That helps to elaborate individual plan of treatment for every patient. Diagnosis methods with contrast agents are widely used. Together the devices and methods at doctors’ disposal allow accurately controlling the results of complex cancer treatment in Germany.

Only the newest advances in the sphere of radio oncology are used in our clinic, so radiation therapy influences pathological cells only. Healthy tissues are saved, and negative impact on patient’s body is minimal. Thanks to that, oncologic therapy in Germany is quite safe because of recent advances in radiation treatment.

Researchers of Friedrichshafen Clinic pay attention to examination of genes in tumor cells, and study the contents of core in every type of pathologic cells. These studies already take their toll. Scientists have already managed to find genes responsible for this or that type of oncology. Research of the order of amino acids comprising genes allows defining the combinations that are considered to be mutations. This kind of decoding allows creating immune boosting protein vaccines.

How cancer is treated in Friedrichshafen Clinic?

Positive results of cancer therapy are the combination of several constituents. It is a responsible approach to therapy, type of tumor cells, and symptoms of the disease. Doctors of the clinic play great role in treatment. They are real professionals of the sphere who manage to establish correct diagnoses, elaborate and implement new methods of cancer treatment in Germany. Our clinic offers absolutely new ways of curing cancer and cease development of cancer – these methods are not yet used even in many clinic of Germany.

List of services we provide to treat oncologic diseases

The following types of malignant tumor therapy are performed in Friedrichshafen Clinic:

  • Therapy of prostate and bladder cancer. Surgical interference is performed to get rid of tumors as well as reparative surgeries for innervations with the help of robotized techniques.
  • We perform computer tomography of the entire body.
  • We can make stem cell transplantation, e.g. bone marrow transplantation to treat cancer.
  • We perform operations with the help of uniform endoscopic laparoscopic access.
  • We use hyper thermal ways of treatment against cancer cells (intraperitoneal).
  • We use method of catheter destruction treatment.
  • Immune system modulation with Zevalin.
  • Cancer treatment in Germany with radiopeptides.
  • Method of general hyperthermia (radio and thermo therapy).
  • Selective radiation inner therapy.

We partner with scientists and researchers, and keep in contact with other doctors. Collaborative development of new and improvement of the present methods allows us elaborating effective treatment plans for every patient. Surgical invasion is performed with the help of the newest devices. The operated area is controlled visually – the image is displayed on the screen. Besides, dynamics of surgery access is controlled online. The image is not 2D – three-dimensional presentation is used. Thanks to that, surgeries in Germany can be performed with maximum accuracy.

Our Friedrichshafen Clinic guarantees high-quality diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Germany. We are ready to provide maximum physical and psychological comfort for our patients. Multidisciplinary approach and experience of doctors ensure effectiveness and safety of surgeries and therapies.

Cancer Treatment

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