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Endoprosthesis replacement is used in Germany as a surgical treatment of damaged or worn joint that implies replacing it with an artificial one.

It is worth mentioning that endoprosthesis replacement in Germany is only indicated for the cases when drug therapy of joint arthrosis is ineffective, and the quality of patient's life is constantly worsening due to unbearable pains. Endoprosthesis replacement is used in Germany to restore the life quality of such patients.

There can be different reasons of arthrosis development, like inborn defects, traumas, extensive loads when training. Often arthrosis appears as a result of rheumatoid disease. However it is not always possible to detect a specific reason.

There a few methods of endoprosthesis replacement in Germany. The most popular surgeries for joint replacement are hip replacement surgery and knee joint endoprosthesis replacement. The doctors of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany also perform endoprosthesis replacement of shoulder, elbow, ankle joints, small joints of feet and fingers.

To replace the pathologic joint prosthetic implants are used. They are made of ceramics, metal and extra strong polyethylene. Over the last years the development of endoprosthesis technology in Germany allowed restoring the functioning of damaged joints and returning patients to their active lifestyle. Endoprosthesis fixation is performed by a newly built-up bone tissue that easily covers the implant. As the bone tissue growth takes a lot of time, the doctors often use bone cement to strengthen the endoprosthesis. With the help of bone cement endoprosthesis can be precisely fixated in correct position that guarantees the optimal joint functioning. Today the endoprosthesis replacement in Germany is performed by three implant fixation methods: cement, cementless and combined.

Depending on the used kind of implant endoprosthesis replacement in Germany is also divided into resurfacing, partial and total. Joint resurfacing and partial endoprosthesis replacement is indicated in young patients with a good quality of bone tissue. An orthopedic surgeon takes into account that in future such patients may require revision endoprosthesis replacement, and saving big amount of bone tissue is very important.

One of the most famous methods of hip joint replacement is hip resurfacing by McMinn's method that is also called "Birmingham Hip Resurfacing". This kind of surgeries is successfully performed by our orthopedic surgeons in Germany.

If hip resurfacing surgery is impossible, our clinic in Germany offers McMinn's Birmingham. This is a partial endoprosthesis replacement that implies removing only a part of femoral head, saving the most of the bone. The cost of this endoprosthesis replacement surgery in standard package is €15,000.

Both resurfacing and partial endoprosthesis replacement can be performed by minimally invasive surgical methods. Such approach allows minimizing the risk of post-surgical complications and decrease the time of rehabilitation.

Total endoprosthesis replacement is indicated mostly in elderly patients or in cases when joint resurfacing or partial replacement is impossible. Although this method implies removing the most of the bone, total endoprosthesis replacement allows precise joint replacement even in case of high-scale damages.

Knee joint endoprosthesis replacement in Germany is mostly performed with the aim of a sliding or total endoprosthesis. The sliding prosthesis is used in partial replacement.

The process of rehabilitation is highly important for successful knee or hip endoprosthesis replacement. It is performed by experienced orthopedists and physiatrists of our clinic in Germany. Total endoprosthesis replacement of knee or hip joint requires 1-2 weeks for rehabilitation. A standard rehab course in our clinic, including regular consultations and X-ray control is €4,000 - €5,000.

Endoprosthesis replacement in Friedrichshafen Center in Germany is performed at the highest level of quality standards, using the newest equipment and reliable, long-term prosthesis. Our orthopedic surgeons possess rich experience and will help to return to the normal mobility within a short time.

Endoprosthesis replacement

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George Marj Sat, 12 Мая 12:54

I have a question please. I have polio in my left leg since i was 2 years old. Now i am 55 years old. I wear braces in this leg and i was very active and i used to walk and travel very easily without pain. I changed my braces for new ones a month ago. But since then i have knee pain. I wore back my old braces but the pain persists. My dr said i have osteo-arthrisis and inflammation in the knee. I took anti-inflammatory medicine but the pain persists. I am using now a stick to help me walk together with the polio braces. My question: can a knee surgery or replacement be done for a patient who has polio and can it be done at your center?
Thanks for your reply

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