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Professor Eugene Winter, M. D., Head of the orthopedic department (Clinical center of Friedrichshafen), together with a team of highly skilled doctors perform joint arthrodesis, as well as many other kinds of joint surgeries in Germany. More than 3000 joint surgeries are successfully performed annually at this center. The most modern joint therapy methods (i.e. computer modelling, intraoperative navigation) are applied at Friedrichshafen.

Joint arthrodesis: the concept

Joint arthrodesis is a surgery which helps to restore previous support ability of the joint by fixing it in stationary position. In case of joint arthrodesis cartilage surfaces are removed, while joint surfaces are fixed in the most appropriate position in the terms of functionality and tight contact. In some cases, if joint surfaces are under pressure, compression joint arthrodesis may be required.

In Germany the joint therapy is conducted under general or spinal anesthesia. As for the latter, patient stays conscious during joint arthrodesis surgery, but lower part of their body is numbed. The surgery takes about 2-5 hours. Tourniquet bandaging is an option if it is necessary to prevent bleeding.

Types of joint arthrodesis

There are three types of arthrodesis:

  1. Intraarticular. The difference is that articular, not epiphyseal cartilage, is removed.
  2. Extraarticular. Cartilage is not removed; bones are fixed by bone graft.
  3. Mixed. Cartilage is removed; bones are fixed by bone graft and metallic fixators.

After joint arthrodesis it may be necessary to wear plaster bandage up to one year.

Joint arthrodesis techniques

Donor material derived from another body is used as an implant. It Is provided by a special laboratory which deals with bone grafts, their procurement and conservation. Material is placed between the bones to accelerate the process of knitting.

Another technique of joint arthrodesis is implanting base metals: the joint is closed, and bones are fixed in the area of knitting. However, it is impossible to do without bone implant: it is of great importance for bone knitting.

Indications and contraindications to joint arthrodesis surgery


  • Joint malunion
  • Tuberculosis of bone
  • Chronic inflammation in the joint
  • Hanging joints
  • Contractures
  • Deforming arthrosis
  • Aftereffects of poliomyelitis, etc.


  • Children under 10-12
  • Elderly people of 60 and older
  • Nontuberculous fistulas
  • Local lesion, if there is festering tendency
  • Grave condition of patient

Possible complications:

Rare, but still possible, are the following complications after joint arthrodesis:

  • Bleeding
  • Change in gait
  • Bone osteomyelitis (if infection was brought during the surgery)
  • Damaged nerves
  • Venous thrombosis in lower limbs
  • Need for repeated operation.

If you noticed or sensed the following indispositions, it is important to inform you doctor about them:

  • High temperature and fever
  • Plaster bandage turned red (possible bleeding)
  • Severe pain even after taking pain relievers
  • Numbness, pricking in legs
  • Limbs turning grey
  • Short breath, nausea and vomiting.

The joint replacement costs vary, according to the individual indications, joint type and state of the joint damage. The average price (including 1 week of rehabilitation) makes up about €8,000 - €12,000.


Rehabilitation period after joint arthrodesis in Germany may take up to 4-8 months. It is prohibited to take a bath or wet the operated area without doctor’s permission. When plaster is taken off, it is important to do an X-ray.

During two months after surgery patients get about only on crutches. After three months it is allowed to lean on operated leg. It is likely that doctor prescribes additional physical therapy (ultrahigh frequency treatment, electrophoresis, etc.), curative gymnastics, such as exercises for healthy joints, muscle stretching and breathing exercises.

Complete rehabilitation after joint arthrodesis usually takes about 8 months (sometimes a year). After that regular doctor’s control of limbs is required.

Despite joint arthrodesis being a complex surgery, you don’t have to be afraid of complications if you visit Friedrichshafen clinic in Germany. If you are interested in this kind of knee surgery, you can contact us in any suitable way. Our doctors' professional competence will help to restore your usual mobility.

Joint arthrodesis

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