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Centers for Joint Replacement in Germany

German centers for joint replacement are specialized in treatment of all kinds of joint diseases. Centers for joint replacement in Friedrichshafen tightly collaborates with specialists in traumatology, orthopedics, rheumatology, anesthesiology and rehabilitation medicine of other departments. The combination of professionalism and experience in different areas of medicine provides the highest possible level of medical services.

Friedrichshafen Center in Germany, led by a brilliant surgeon Prof. DM Eugene Winter, performs successful surgeries for total or partial joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder, elbow, talocrural joint and others). Using different endoprosthesis replacement techniques depends on the joint destruction and exhaustion level. Using the modern fixation methods (cement-based and cementless) allows loading the implant from the first day after a surgery. Maximal reduction of surgery time and anesthesia effect minimizes the stress and load on a patient's organism.

Centers for joint replacement in Germany also apply minimally invasive and sparing surgical technologies. Their advantages are fast wound healing, lower intensity of postoperative pains. Modern methods of anesthesia and pain therapy used in Friedrichshafen center significantly relieve the in-hospital recovery period. Qualified specialists of physiotherapy in Germany support patients before and after surgeries, speeding up the postoperative muscle mobilization and strengthening. Therefore centers for endoprosthesis replacement in Germany provide fast return to a normal activity after implanting an artificial joint.

If a patient has contradictions to a surgery, centers for joint replacement offer other efficient methods of arthrosis treatment (such as arthroscopy, correcting osteotomy, cartilaginous tissue transplantation, etc.). Centers for joint replacement in Germany develop individual therapeutic concepts relying on the medical diagnosis and personal needs.

What advantages are offered in centers for joint replacement in Germany?

  • Centers for hip replacement in Germany are the leading once over the Europe. They offer the most secure and efficient methods of joint replacement.
  • Practicing joint replacement surgeries for decades, the professionals of German centers have become experts in endoprosthesis replacement and rehabilitation.
  • Orthopedic surgeons in German centers get special education and additional qualification in the orthopedic surgery.
  • There is a big variety of joint replacement systems used in German centers. They allow selecting a perfectly suitable method even in the most complicated cases.

Joint arthroscopy in Germany

In case of a trauma, meniscal tear or micro fractures in joint cavity suspected, a highly detailed arthroscopic diagnostics is indicated for such patient. Arthroscopy helps to examine the inner joint structure under local anesthesia. The procedure lasts 30 minutes and costs €5,000 Euro. Arthroscopic meniscus resection that allows removing the damage part of meniscus costs slightly more expensive (from €6,000) and requires general anesthesia.

One of our specialization areas is knee replacement. Such surgery is indicated in osteoarthrosis of the knee, arthritis, arthrosis deformans, spondylitis (Bechterew disease).

A surgeon replaces the damaged knee joint with a modern endoprosthesis. Due to cementless method of fixation it became possible to improve the knee rotation and speed up rehabilitation. Such surgery usually takes up to 2 hours. Taking into account the expenses on anesthesia it costs from €14,000.

Hip joint replacement

Hip joint replacement allows eliminating the pain syndrome appeared due to the inflammation in the joint. It is indicated in such cases:

  • cervical hip fracture
  • inflammatory arthrosis
  • quiet hip disease
  • rheumatoid arthritis

Hip joint replacement can be performed with cement and cementless fixation method. The implants with cement fixation are usually used in elderly patients with nonuniform bone structure. This method implies limitations in loads on hip during 1.5 - 3 months after surgery. Standard endoprosthesis replacement of the hip joint in Germany costs around 16,000 - 18,000 Euro.

Offering the best quality of surgical treatment, centers for joint replacement in Germany will help you to improve the quality of life, returning the full mobility to your joints!

Centers for Joint Replacement in Germany

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Comments and questions

Hala Al-Otaibi Thu, 12 Jul 08:49

Hello! We are looking for a clinic for my father in law to perform a quadricep sparing knee replacement in Europe. We were recently in Seattle Washington, and there are a few doctors in the US that perform this minimally invasive approach to knee replacement. However, due to the US being far in distance to our home (Kuwait) we are looking at the option to perform this surgery in Europe. Can you please let me know whether or not your clinic performs this type of approach. If so, we will continue to do our research regarding your clinic and reach out to you formally for more detail and information. Thank you!

OFER SAIODFF Sat, 07 Jul 07:23

Joint replacement in wrist and thumb.
Is it possible?

Joe Silvestrii Mon, 30 Apr 17:05

My doctor says I need a total shoulder replacement since there is no cartilage left. I heard that in Europe there is an alternative-replacing cartilage with a synthetic pad of some sort. Can you tell me if this is the case? Thank you

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