Joint replacement cost in Germany / Top clinic in Germany, Friedrichshafen

Joint replacement cost in Germany

The Friedrichshafen clinic is one of the most important medical facilities in Germany, specialized in hip and knee joint replacement.

The surgeries are performed by Prof. Dr. med. Eugen Winter, a specialist with 30 years experience in surgery, orthopedics, endoprosthetics and traumatology.

When choosing a clinic for joint replacement, each patient takes into account the price of such a procedure. This factor appears to be decisive, if a person has to choose among a few well-reputed clinics.

The cost of hip replacement in Germany is of special interest for many patients from abroad, as this procedure is rather expensive in other countries.

Performing it in Germany has a range of important advantages: hip joint replacement is much more efficient in terms of therapeutic effect, rehabilitation and cost.

Cost factors

The price of hip replacement in Germany already comprises the cost of modern, high-quality prosthesis materials. The hip joint implants perfectly replicate the features of natural human joints. As a result the implants are not rejected by the body and provide good joint mobility.

Where is the procedure cheaper?

The price of joint replacement surgery or joint arthrodesis in Germany is usually much more attractive than in Great Britain or in the USA; at the same time German clinics offer the same or even the better quality.

The cost for endoprosthesis replacement varies in different German regions. It depends on specific patient's health condition as well as on complexity of the surgical intervention.

The approximate cost of knee and hip joint replacement in Germany, Great Britain and the USA is:

Treatment in Germany: The range of medical services The Friedrichshafen Clinic Munich Clinics Great Britain USA
Hip joint replacement ca. €18.400 / $20.450 ca. €25.143 / $27.944 ca. £14,000 / $22.008 $50,000 - $100,000
Knee joint replacement ca. €17.700 / $22.822 ca. €27.549 / $35.520 ca. £11,691 / $19.148 $40,000 - $80,000

For instance, the treatment in Munich hospitals will cost a foreign patient approximately 40% more than the same treatment in Friedrichshafen. The Friedrichshafen clinic guarantees high-end medical assistance with the use of up-to-date medical information, modern equipment and full range of rehab services. As opposite to Great Britain and other countries, there are no age limitations for endoprosthetic surgery in Germany.

The invoice for joint replacement surgery in Germany is drawn up by the following criteria:

General advance invoice is based on summing up the cost of the entire complex of medical services by means of the DRG (Diagnosis Related Groups) system. The amount in a general advance invoice can be higher than the price, specified in the table above. However, the final amount will be close to the aforementioned values in case no complications have arisen during the treatment.

Final invoice is defined by the individual characteristics of the patient's diagnosis. Using different diagnostic groups (DRG) is explained by different parameters such as diagnosis and treatment methods. Each diagnostic-related group (DRG) has an appropriate price category. Basic hospital services cost is expressed in euro. There is a relation coefficient that reflects the individual patient's characteristics. It is multiplied by the basic cost of the specific kind of treatment. The result is the final cost.

There may also be different additional expenses. Each service price assessment is based on existing information about the patient, and covers the expenses for medical treatment without complications.

The cost of joint replacement is individual in each case. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact our International Patient Service in Germany to discuss your situation. You can reach us under the number +49 7541 97 82 751 or via email .

Joint replacement cost in Germany

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