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The Orthopedic department of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany performs efficient joint therapy for all kinds of pathologies. Medical Director of the Clinic is a highly experienced surgeon and talented scientist in orthopedics Prof. DM Winter.

The fact speaks for itself: since 2005 we have performed about 2000 hip resurfacing surgeries using the proven Birmingam Hip Resurfacing (McMinn prosthetics) method and about 2900 knee surgeries. In the period between 2009 and 2013 we have done about 1500 surgeries for knee joint replacement and approximately the same number of shoulder joint replacement surgeries. As the clinic is affiliated with the Tubingen University Hospital, scientific symposiums regularly take place here for sharing the newest inventions and experience in the area of endoprosthesis replacement.

Joint therapy

Joint diseases are divided into inflammatory and degenerative. The development of degenerative diseases is caused by the destruction or aging of articular cartilage. The joint simply cannot handle common loads and work as a shock-absorber. Inflammatory diseases are divided into chronic and acute. Depending on the age a preventive therapy is performed in Germany.

Drug therapy is aimed at relieving the pain syndrome and reducing inflammation. But it is not capable to fight the reasons of such diseases. Blockade therapy method implies injecting anesthetics (joint injections) directly into the joint.

Physical joint therapy in Germany includes micro massage, electrotherapy, diathermy and other methods that reduce pains and inflammatory reactions.

Lately joint therapy methods such as manual therapy, chirotherapy or acupuncture have become popular in Germany. These traditional therapy methods are also available in our clinic.

Surgical joint therapy in Germany is performed only in cases of severe damages. Our doctors have rich experience in performing arthroscopy and joint prosthetic repair. The newest medical equipment, modern technologies and high quality standards give us ability to gain excellent results in joint surgical therapy.

Joint therapy with the use of keyhole surgery implies minimally invasive methods. Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany performs numerous keyhole surgeries for complications after traumas and chronic orthopedic diseases. We offer the arthroscopy of:

  • knee joint (in case of cruciate ligament rupture or crescentic cartilage damage);
  • shoulder joint (in shoulder slip or rotator cuff diseases);
  • hip joint (in impingement syndrome or early stages of coxarthrosis);
  • ankle or elbow joint (in cartilage destruction or joint instability).

The arthroscopic therapy doesn't require complete joint opening, as traditional surgical methods require. This allows reducing the post-surgical recovery therapy and increasing chances for success, as the most of connective tissue stays undamaged.

Joint therapy in Germany using endoprosthesis implantation

Endoprosthesis replacement is indicated for the cases of damaged or aged joint, when arthroscopic therapy cannot give required results.

Our clinic offers endoprosthesis replacement for knee, shoulder, elbow and hip joint (hip resurfacing and total hip replacement, with a short shank, as well as using McMinn method).

The cost of endoprosthesis replacement therapy depends on different factors. More or less precise price can be defined after detailed diagnostics of the patient.

The price of knee joint endoprosthesis replacement starts at under 14,000 Euros. The hip joint replacement therapy costs 15,000 - 16,000 Euros in case of a standard surgery process. An average cost for the full rehabilitation therapy in the clinic (individual exercise course, individual trainer, X-ray control, massage therapy, earth baths) ranges at 4,000 - 5,000 Euros. These are approximate prices that give general idea about expenses for endoprosthesis replacement.

One more joint therapy method available in Germany is cartilage transplantation. Our clinic offers this procedure for hip, knee and ankle joints. The patient's own cartilaginous tissue grows in laboratory environment to replace the damaged joint cartilage.

If you are interested in joint therapy in Germany, we will be happy to arrange your treatment and provide you with all necessary medical assistance on the highest possible level.

Joint therapy

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  • 12000 outpatient
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  • 2500 surgeries
  • 735 arthroplasty of the joints of the hip, knee and shoulder
  • 1500 hand surgeries


Joint treatment




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