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Patient testimonials

Here you can post your questions and comments on the subject of treatment in Germany. Your feedback about the treatment will help us better understand the needs and interests of our patients, and may also be useful for those who are just planning to come to Germany for treatment. If the reviews contain advertising, obscene or offensive content, they will be removed. Thank You!
  1. Robert Cinteh (Ghana Accra) wrote 04.07.2016, 03.06

    Hi, thank you all for the update and good recommendations about this noble and outstanding clinic, I'm suffering from heap pain about 3 years now no solution yet due to financial constraints, my country of Origin is Sierra Leone, but I'm presently in Ghana Accra, pls I need a help, as I'm sending this message now, I can't even walk out for 300 metres now due to the severe pain. Thank you all Dear Mr. Cinteh, thank you very much for your request and your interest in our medical center. To be able to inform you about the further procedure, please contact us at or at +49 7541 97 82 751. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon. Best regards, IPS, Clinic Friedrichshafen.

  3. Stephen Pulman (Eastbourne UK) wrote 02.06.2016, 12.58

    Please quote for an Arthroscopy and a knee replacement,, Many thanks..

  5. Ann K. (St. Petersburg) wrote 23.04.2015, 11.49

    I had been operated on in Friedrichshafen in February 2015. After many years of waiting and living with torturous pain, I finally got up the nerve to have had a total replacement of my left hip. I suffered from hip dysplasia since my childhood: the difference in leg length made up 5.6 cm. Operation was performed by Professor Winter, who really deserves 5 star reviews. He managed to equalize the leg length by as much as 5 cm! Prof. Winter is very attentive to his patients. He knows how to treat bones without pain and swelling:) I recommend this wonderful doctor to everyone who suffers from similar problems. The cost of the operation was reasonable. It included the translation services as well as also the very necessary things, which you need after the surgery. My ward, where I had to spend about 3 weeks, looked like a room in a very nice hotel:) Three days before the surgery they brought me the entire device for further rehabilitation and explained in detail the surgery procedure. After the surgery they gave me soft painkillers, so that it did not hurt at all. The hospital doesn’t look or smell like a hospital. The staff is very caring. You can order for breakfast everything you like. Nobody makes a problem if you order porridge or eggs, etc., which you used to have for breakfast. The tea will be brought not just in the cup, but in a huge thermos, so you will be able to pour tea whenever you want. Fruit, yogurt, pastries, different types of organic coffee—all these make you feel at home. The ward has a bathrobe and slippers. They serve you specially warmed sheets before and after the operation, so that you could totally relax:) The last thing you remember before the surgery is a vein-injection. That’s it! And then you wake up and everything is behind you. I could sit on the second day after the surgery and began to try to get up on the third day. And, on the fourth day I could walk on crutches with the help of a nurse :) No pain or stress. Everything was even better than I could imagine. I advise a course of physical therapy before the surgery to prepare the muscles, so that they can stretch out and you don’t suffer from muscle tension. The rehabilitation should last at least 3- 5 weeks (after 3 weeks I could walk without any crutches). The staff speaks English, so you don’t have language problems. I hope my review will help you to understand the advantages and make the decision :)

  7. Nick Anderson (Springfield) wrote 16.04.2015, 20.19

    An extremely good clinic! Highly professional team, wonderful service and medical care! The staff is very attentive and good-natured! I cannot thank you enough for restoring my health!

  9. Juliann Lopez (Branson) wrote 23.03.2015, 08.58

    I was treated at the orthopedic department of Professor Winter in November 2011. The hip replacement surgery was performed on top-level. Dr. Winter is a very good specialist with profound experience. The medical staff is highly qualified. I really recommend this clinic to everyone, who suffers from orthopedic problems…

  11. Nikolaj Semenov (Almaty) wrote 20.03.2015, 22.13

    I really liked the first consultation at Prof. Winters office. He is an expert of high class and a nice person as well. He explained me the different approaches, the longevity ratings and I really felt relieved due to his approach. On his recommendation, I will come again Friedrichshafen for further examination and maybe a surgery on my knee. Now I have six month to make a decision. Many thanks to the staff of the clinic.

  13. Natalja S. (St. Petersburg) wrote 09.03.2015, 20.52

    Thank you a lot, dear staff of the clinic! We experienced there at the Friedrichshafen clinic the excellent urological treatment of my husband. The prostate therapy in 2011 proved to be very efficient and brought the necessary improvements. The surgical method da Vinci, performed by the head physician of the urological department Mr. Esser-Bartels, was extremely successful. The staff of the clinic is very attentive and friendly. We got a private patient room with all thr amenities, which reminded us more of a good 4-stars hotel than a clinical ward. The foreign patients are treated here as good as the German one. No distinction is made. Special thanks to our translators Olga and Tatiana, who always gave us a sense of confidence and eliminated any language barriers, which is crucially important in medical surrounding. After the surgery and necessary rehabilitation, we also had a chance tp enjoy our time in Friedrichshafen. Bodensee region is very beautiful; there is much to see and to do. It felt rather like being on vacation than on medical treatment. We arrived and departed from Zurich, but I think it would be more convenient to depart from Stuttgart. I can only recommend this clinic.

  15. L. Gionnatasio (Lucca) wrote 26.02.2015, 13.50

    We visited this clinic in February 2012. Everything went perfectly. Friedrichshafen clinic staff is very attentive and friendly, so you don’t have this feeling of staying at medical institution. Comfort, top service quality and hygiene – these are the key factors which won my admiration and respect. Many thanks to all who made our stay at the Friedrichshafen clinic so relaxing, and enjoyable!!!

  17. Ruslan Mambetov (Astana) wrote 23.01.2015, 16.21

    I searched for an appropriate German clinic. The homepages of the German clinics offer much advertisement. Plenty of intermediaries offer their assistance. I sought treatment in Germany without any go-betweens. Finally I came across this clinic at Friedrichshafen. It proved out to be a big clinical center tightly cooperating with the university clinic in Tubingen. The clinic is very clean and tidy, which is very different from the medical institutions in my native city. The staff is so friendly, everyone smiles and says hello. The treatment level exceeded my expectations. I was comprehensively consulted by the Head of the department, Prof. Winter. My leg injury will soon be operated on and I expect the best result. Thank you very much!

  19. Aliah (Riadh) wrote 17.01.2015, 11.20

    I liked a prompt response to my request. The price for knee replacement was basically the same as the ones in the Munich clinic. However, I was told that the Prof. Winter, head of the orthopedic department, is a great expert in their field. And so I decided for Friedrichshafen and I never regretted this decision. From the first moments of my primary consultation with prof. Winter it was evident that he is very nice and responsible person, and also an expert in surgical orthopedics. We talked about the different possibilities and alternatives to knee replacement. Be sure to share your experiences in the forum if you already had some surgical treatment in Friedrichshafen. I wish you all good health!


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