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Back surgery in Germany

We offer individual consultations for problems with the spinal column and treatment strategies such as back surgery. We also give advice on preventive measures and sporting activities that strengthen the spine. We only resort to back surgery once all the other possibilities have been exhausted.

The lumbar spine

Micro-surgery for herniated discs of the lumbar spine at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

This form of minimally invasive spine surgery is performed under general anaesthetic. While the patient is lying on the operating table, a quick X-ray is done to determine the correct inter-vertebral space and the proposed incision is marked. This procedure allows in most cases successful treatment of the loin pain.

Microsurgical correction of spinal canal constrictions at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

This form of back surgery is also performed under general anaesthetic. The patient is positioned on the stomach in a squatting position. With the aid of an X-ray, an image of the affected inter-vertebral space is obtained and the position and the size of the incision are determined. The scoliosis surgery helps to strengthen the deviation and provide the physiological posture.

Endoscopic minimally invasive lumbar disc back surgery at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

This type of operation can also be done under local anaesthetic. The patient lies on his stomach. With the help of X-ray images, a needle is inserted into the back to the side of the spinal canal, past the nerve root, into the centre of the disc. A stiff tube is inserted into the back to form a shaft through which the surgeon works. Working through this shaft, the fibrous ring of the disc is opened. For this type of back surgery, special illumination and an optic lens are inserted via the shaft to generate images by means of which the damaged disc tissue is removed with special forceps. After this procedure, the instruments are removed and the wound is closed.

Percutaneous procedures in back surgery e.g. IDET and nucleoplasty at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

IDET is a minimally invasive operation technique. The patient lies on his stomach and the relevant part of the spine is shown via X-ray. The skin and muscle tissue in the affected area are then anaesthetised. With the help of the X-ray, a needle is inserted into the disc. This might be somewhat unpleasant for the patient. The electro-thermal catheter (SPINECATH) is then brought into position and the affected area examined with the aid of the X-ray images. The temperature is raised step by step over a period of 14-17 minutes. This can result in a range of typical symptoms affecting the disc. The treating physician will question the patient continuously in this respect, in order to assess the situation. Once the treatment has been completed, the catheter will be removed.

Stabilising back surgery at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. The patient lies on his stomach.

Spinal fusion is a form of back surgery in which two or more of the lumbar vertebrae are fused in order to provide stability. At the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany, we also perform this type of operation on the back using minimally invasive techniques.

After a quick examination via X-ray, the position and size of the cut are determined. The musculature is then pushed aside to expose the vertebral arch joints and the transverse processes. During this type of back surgery, regular X-rays are taken in order to correctly position several screws in the vertebra through the vertebral arch joint. The screws on one side of the spine are then fixed to one another rigidly by means of rods.

Minimally invasive spinal fusion at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

In some cases, stabilising back surgery can be done through small incisions in a minimally invasive procedure. The advantages of this method are the considerably reduced wound trauma and a shorter recovery period after your back operation.

Our spine centre in Germany offers a wide variety of treatment options for spinal problems including both surgical and non-surgical methods. We have a great deal of experience in all types of disorders and injuries to the spine.

The state-of-the-art surgical unit at the spine centre has intraoperative computed tomography (CT) and CT-supported surgical navigation. Our experienced surgeons offer a wide range of therapies and techniques that ensure that the patient receives the type of therapy that is best suited to his problem.

Back surgery - spectrum

  • micro-surgical procedures for herniated discs in the lumbar spine
  • endoscopic minimally invasive back surgery for herniated discs in the lumbar spine (keyhole surgery)
  • percutaneous procedures e.g. IDET (intra-discal electrothermal therapy) and nucleoplasty
  • stabilising spinal surgery
  • micro-surgical back surgery to eliminate constriction of the spinal canal
  • micro-surgical back surgery of the cervical spine (anterior approach)
  • minimally invasive back surgery of the cervical spine - dorsal approach with expansion of the musculature of the neck for lateral cervical disc herniation (Fryckholm surgery)
  • back surgery for tumours of the spine and the spinal chord
  • back surgery for diseases of the peripheral nerves, e.g. carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, tumours of the nerves
Back surgery in Germany

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Abdurrazaq Lawal Thu, 08 Feb 22:30

I"m a Nigerian having a spine problem due to my L4 is over L5 that coursed aconstan severe pain and even now I can not work properly.

Mohamed Farahat Tue, 03 Oct 12:02

my name is Mohamed 37 years old. I am suffering from 3 years pain in my lower back L5/S1 with numbness in my small toes and pain in my whole leg. I was on medications for the last years. Please contact me to know more details about the surgery and the cost at your hospital.

Firouzeh Sun, 17 Sep 19:12

Dear sir I'm firouzeh I did hip replacement ,broken my hip becouze of accident when I was child know after 16monthes drop my foot and i cant walk so plead kindly help me there is any cure for me. Best Wish

Ali Sun, 03 Sep 18:50

Dear leave sever R legpain and loss sensation at S1dermatome with backache and stiffness at lower back for mor than 2ys duration you're kind management with best regards

Ali Tue, 22 Aug 00:13

Dear Madam/ Sir

This is Ali Hossam,34 years old from Cairo ,Egypt .

I had an accident 26 days ago , went through spinal fixation surgery 24 hours after the accedint.. but 5 days after the operation I had a severe nerves pain then I went again to hospital and they give me some pain killers and medication like Lyrica 150 3 times a day till now, and cortison for 48 hours I felt better but still this pain keep coming again when ever I try to walk or move or sit more than few minutes ….. now I want you opinion about the case as want to complete my treatment with you

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