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  • Prostatitis treatment
  • Prostatitis treatment
  • Prostatitis treatment
  • Prostatitis treatment
  • Prostatitis treatment
  • Prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis treatment at the Friedrichshafen clinic

Urological department of the Friedrichshafen clinic offers a variety of effective prostatitis treatment options. The head of the urological department is Dr. Wilhelm Esser-Bartels, whose specialization lies in treating diseases and functional disorders of the urological system.

Prostate diseases can significantly dampen a man’s quality of life, no matter if it's a young man or an elderly person. Unfortunately, almost every man sooner or later has to deal with prostate diseases such as prostate inflammation or prostatitis, which are especially common in young men. Benign enlarged prostate adenoma or malignant prostate tumors usually occur to the older representatives. All of these diseases can significantly reduce the quality of male life and always require a specialized treatment.

Prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Prostatitis is an acute or chronic form of inflammation of the prostate, with foci of bacterial infection or without bacteria. The changes in prostate secretion or ejaculation are quite often accompanied by a chronic pelvic pain syndrome.

Classification of prostatitis

  • Acute sudden bacterial inflammation of the prostate
  • Chronic inflammation of the prostate due to bacteria
  • Chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Nonbacterial prostatitis form - one of the most common types of inflammation of the prostate (90%).

Effective treatment depends on the precise definition of the form of prostatitis. All patients undergo a specialized and thorough diagnostics, which usually includes the following items:

  • confidential conversation with a patient to compile and verify complaints by filling in a standard form
  • Physical examination by a doctor including palpation of the prostate
  • Ultrasound examination of urinary and prostate ducts.
  • Differentiation of interstitial cystitis using questionnaire, test with potassium chloride and urodynamic study characteristics
  • A special study of the individual fractions of urine for the presence of bacteria and signs of inflammation
  • Molecular methods for diagnostics and a study of ejaculate to identify an infectious prostatitis agent

Treatment of prostatitis in Germany

The Friedrichshafen clinical center in Germany offers modern treatment options for prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. We specialize in providing individual diagnostic procedures and sparing and effective treatment of prostatitis:

  • Minimally-invasive prostate surgery
  • Punctures, discission, treatment by transurethral resection
  • Acute bacterial prostatitis treatment with antibiotics
  • Bacterial prostatitis treatment by transurethral resection and incision
  • Local pain treatment in chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Treatment with immunostimulatory drugs (e.g. Urovaks)
  • Treatment with Botox injections for chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome
  • Treatment with relaxation program for the muscles of the pelvic floor
  • Nutritionist and sexologist consultation, restoration of erectile function

Antibiotic treatment is an integral part of the treatment of acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis.

Magnetic therapy is another way to effectively treat prostatitis. Urologists and specialists in the clinical center in Friedrichshafen, Germany also successfully use a combination of extracorporeal stimulation and magnetic therapy. In case bacterial prostatitis recurs, a good treatment success is achieved by means of combining transurethral thermotherapy with transurethral radiofrequency thermotherapy. Here the prostate tissue is heated up to 50 C ° in order to suppress bacterial cells and avoid a relapse.

The Friedrichshafen clinic in Germany specializes in minimally-invasive non-contact therapeutic and diagnostic forms of prostate treatment. Modern technology combined with high-quality medical service as well as the profound experience of the physicians make the Friedrichshafen clinic one of the best solutions for patients with prostatitis. Let us help you with this delicate problem and give you back the joy of a normal life. You can contact us under the number +49 7541 97 82 751 or via email .

Prostatitis treatment
Prostatitis treatment

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