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Comfort Plus

Comfort Plus rooms are specially destined for foreign patients who pay for their treatment at the clinical center on their own. Comfort Plus rooms offer private patients an even higher level of service and comfort. Comfort Plus rooms are located on the third floor of the clinical center of Friedrichshafen.

All the rooms are beautifully furnished. An unusual atmosphere distinguishes the bathroom and both bistros. Take a look at the photos and judge for yourself.

Besides the daily dishes that are offered, you can additionally order dishes from the menu that is in your room.

“Comfort Plus” Rooms

  • Individually adjustable electric beds
  • Frequent change of bed linen (optional every two days)
  • The possibility of darkening the window while lying in bed
  • Comfortable elegant armchairs for you and your visitors
  • A writing desk (single room)
  • A mini fridge
  • A separate wardrobe for clothes
  • A free color TV right next to the bed, in combination with radio and with the possibility of connecting other devices
  • Dishes offered daily, you can add ingredients from the supplementary menu
  • The phone free of charge (payment for calls)
  • Free Internet access
  • Individual room cleaning

“Plus” in your bathroom

  • A very large shower
  • Modern fittings
  • A hairdryer
  • A shower and a set for washing
  • Fresh towels, if requested daily
  • A bathrobe (optional)

“Plus” in Our Bistro

At the end of the hall you will find a small bistro. Here you will find:

  • Armchairs overlooking the lake
  • Chilled soft drinks
  • Snacks ‒ a pie, fruit, sandwiches
  • A modern coffee machine in which you can prepare different types of coffee

Our Service for You

  • Formalities connected with reception are performed directly in the ward
  • Laundry services (nightwear, home clothes or sports suits for free, outerwear at your own expense)
  • Various newspapers
  • The service staff will be pleased to fulfill your small orders
  • You can call the service staff by calling 1424
  • Services in the ward (at your own expense) ‒ a hairdresser, pedicure, additional massage
  • Provision of a laptop (for a fee)
  • Delivery of a fresh newspaper to the ward
  • Writing materials

Doctor’s Round

In the Comfort Plus rooms the medical round is performed daily from 7 to 11.


If you permanently take any medicines, tell your doctor about it. It is in your best interests to inform them about the doses, the time of the intake and the exact international names of your medicines. During your stay at our clinic you will continue to receive these medications provided by us. These are often drugs from our pharmacy, with the same active ingredient, in the same concentration, but just having a different name.

Visiting Hours

Visiting patients is allowed from 9:00 to 21:00. However, we ask you to refrain from visiting at lunch time from 13:00 to 14:00.

On the day of discharge from the clinic we ask you to vacate the room till 10 o’clock. If nobody has come to fetch you yet, you can wait in the cafe, in the bistro or on the chairs near the reception desk.

Comfort Plus

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TM 2020-06-05 / 05:26

I'm interested in intimate surgery and stomach tuck. How do I get more information about pricing, scheduling with Germany reopens, length of stay, etc.
Thank you.

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