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The Medical Center of Friedrichshafen

The Medical Center of Friedrichshafen, Germany is the largest medical complex in the south of Germany, located on the shore of Lake Constance. This region is called the “triangle of three countries” because it is bordered by Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From a professional point of view the Medical Center of Friedrichshafen is interesting as a leading institution for comprehensive examination and family-oriented treatment. The center is equipped with modern technical equipment according to the standards of university clinics, characterized by comprehensive know-how. The team of specialists who work there closely cooperate with each. The medical center was first mentioned in 1892. Since then, it has considerably developed.

The Medical Center of Friedrichshafen offers treatment for a wide range of diseases. There are departments of internal medicine, diagnostics and surgery.

Treatment of certain diseases involves a particularly close cooperation between doctors ‒ specialists of various disciplines. The medical center guarantees this kind of cooperation, creating special conditions for it, for example, by establishing interdisciplinary and interregional medical centers.

The Medical Center of Friedrichshafen includes the following specialized centers and departments:

Clinic Specifics

The Medical Center of Friedrichshafen in Germany can be proud of its operating rooms. The highly qualified personnel, the most modern operative methods, including the Da Vinci surgical system, as well as the continuous professional development of the personnel guarantee a high degree of reliability and optimal medical care for our patients with excellent chances for recovery.

The operating block includes 6 modern operating rooms, 2 of which are equipped with the latest X-ray equipment with monitors of advanced magnification, which also makes it possible to obtain a static image (intraoperative C-arm surgical system used to visualize the majority of interventional procedures ‒ in angiologic operations, surgical interventions on the skeleton. The radiation load is minimal.)

More features of our medical center in the field of surgery:

  • minimally invasive endoscopic surgery (MIC surgery) and interventional endoscopic techniques for various operations;
  • modern air filtration technologies with high antibactericidal effect and energy-efficient conditioning (air-conditioning equipment according to DIN 1946/4);
  • a sterile hall;
  • the sections of postoperative care, anaesthesiology, the outpatient surgery center and the sterile supply department (CSSD) are adjacent to the central surgical block.
  • the Medical Center in Germany works under the following motto: More patients, more newborns, more medical competence.

Figures and Facts

The Medical Center of Friedrichshafen belongs wholly to the city. This means that the only holder of a 100% stake is the City Hall. The city itself is very rich in world-famous industrial enterprises, such as MTU and ZF, as well as the Zeppelin Stiftung Foundation. Therefore, the city government is able to maintain a high level of equipment and medical personnel in the Medical Center of Friedrichshafen, which is constantly growing and developing and serves an increasing number of patients every year. In 2011 1,033 employees of the Medical Center of Friedrichshafen which consists of 12 hospitals, institutes and 6 sections provided medical care to 19,019 stationary patients (which is 772 patients more than in the previous year), 1,626 patients were operated on an outpatient basis (2010:431), 908 children were born in the delivery room (+73) and 467 elderly people underwent geriatric rehabilitation (2012:431). The length of stay of patients in the hospital continued to decrease and reached 5.83 days (2012:5.88).

In total, in 2012 10,000 more operations were performed as compared to the previous year. The departments of vascular surgery, as well as plastic, reconstructive surgery and hand surgery have been expanded and perform surgical interventions at a high level. In addition, in 2012 the operating rooms of the central surgical block were equipped with the most modern operating tables and LED operating lights for surgery. At the end of the year, the department of urology moved to new functional and surgical rooms equipped with high-tech technology.

The Medical Center of Friedrichshafen in Germany serves not only patients from the city of Friedrichshafen and the region of Lake Constance, but also from neighboring regions and from abroad. More than 16% of patients live outside the region.

International Patient Service

For several years, the Medical Center of Friedrichshafen has been successfully serving a large number of foreign patients from different countries, including the CIS countries. An international department has been established to deal with the requests. You can address there in Russian.

The year of 2011 was marked by other important events for the clinical center. A department of neurology and a section of plastic and reconstructive surgery were established. In the same year, urologists of the clinic performed the first operation with the help of the Da Vinci surgical system. The clinic of Friedrichshafen continues to develop and improve constantly in the medical field and actively cooperates with other clinics in the region. Our clinic is the initiator of the creation of a unified system for processing foreign patients’ requests. Thus, all requests received from foreigners are handled without refusal. Even if there are no vacant cots in a certain department of the clinic, the patient is given a recommendation on the possibilities of treating this disease in other clinics. All the latest scientific advances in medicine, developed in the university clinics in Germany, find practical application in the clinic of Friedrichshafen. In addition, in recent years the governing board of the medical center has successfully involved the leading specialists of the university clinics as chief physicians. The doors of the clinic of Friedrichshafen are always open to patients who need qualified medical care. Hundreds of patients from Russia and Kazakhstan have been successfully treated at our clinic after they were refused treatment at home.

The Medical Center of Friedrichshafen

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AC 2020-10-03 / 12:54

Hello, I am investigating RLE surgery and was told by a friend that the operation is available at your clinic. I have had preliminary tests in London and the results suggest that I am a good candidate. Please could you send information via email including price. Thank you

NI 2019-04-13 / 18:20

I just read that you perform minimum invasive total knee replacement surgery. I can send you some images of the knee to assess the condition if you like.
I also need to know the period of stay in germany including the hospital stay.
Thank you.

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