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Stay at Our Clinic

We want your stay with us to be pleasant. All the conditions necessary for it have been created in the clinical center of Friedrichshafen.

Patient Reception Service

Whether you have questions or do not know where to find what you are looking for, or you need help with your luggage, the friendly staff of our patient reception service, located at the main entrance, will be happy to help you. Even on weekends!

If you want to watch TV or listen to the radio while in the clinic, the administrator will give you headphones.

On the first floor of the clinical center there is a hair salon.

On Thursdays, in the afternoon, our patients are optionally served by a pedicure master in their wards (by appointment). For more information, contact the clinic administrator.

What concerns newspapers, magazines, sweets, drinks, flowers, ice cream and much more, you can buy them in our kiosk on the first floor. The kiosk is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:00. When the kiosk is closed, you can buy fresh newspapers and magazines in our cafe.

Patients and their guests can park their cars in a large parking lot or in the garage of the clinical center. Parking for no more than 30 minutes is free. Parking spaces for the disabled are located right in front of the clinical center.

A Bus for Patients: with Comfort and Free of Charge

The bus runs from the main parking to the clinical center every day from 8 to 16. The stops are indicated by signs. This free service is provided to patients from March to early November.

Stay at Our Clinic

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Lisa Daher Tue, 24 Dec 15:40

I currently have bone spurs at C5 & 6 which are impinging nerves down my arms so I am losing function very quickly in my hands. What is the approximate cost of surgery? I can allow access to my CT, CT w/ mylegen and MRI online.

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