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Coronary bypass surgery

The department of cardiac surgery in the Friedrichshafen clinic specializes in various invasive procedures on the heart, including coronary artery bypass grafting. Dr. Detlev Jäger, an experienced specialist in internal medicine, is head of the department of cardiology. The advanced cardiology in Germany attracts annually many thousands of patients to Germany.

When is coronary artery bypass grafting necessary?

The efficiency of cardiac surgery in Germany is twice as high as in other European countries. Coronary artery bypass grafting is one of the most effective ways to fight the coronary heart disease, which occurs due to the narrowing of coronary vessels and insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart. If neglected, coronary heart disease can cause the development of cardiac angina or even result in a life-threatening heart attack. Therefore, timely and correctly chosen treatment prolongs the patient’s life and considerably improves its quality.

There’re different ways to treat coronary heart disease and therapeutic measures depend on the stage of the illness. In the initial stages, the patient usually receives a treatment aimed at expanding the damaged coronary vessels. This is done in order to improve blood and oxygen supplies to the heart. At more advanced stages of the disease angioplasty i.e. widening of the narrowed arteries with a balloon or stent deployment might be recommended. If for some reason these methods are no longer possible, German specialists recommend to bypass coronary vessels. It’s worth mentioning that diagnostics by cardiac catheterization allows to predict the extent of the disease. Coronary artery bypass surgery is assigned, if it is expected that the operation will prove to be more effective than drug therapy or angioplasty.

What is coronary artery bypass grafting?

Coronary artery bypass grafting is an extremely difficult surgery. The aim is to restore blood flow to the heart by creating a path around vasoconstriction. Classic coronary artery bypass grafting is an open heart surgery, which is performed under general anesthesia with the use of a heart-lung machine and cardiac arrest. During the coronary artery bypass operation the blood enters the device performing the function of the patient’s lungs, where it is saturated with oxygen and then returned to the patient. Taking into account the complexity of coronary artery bypass surgery, it is important to find a skilled and experienced surgeon. However, state-of-art technical equipment (e.g. modern circulatory system to reduce blood contact with foreign elements) also plays an essential role, as breathing by means of the cardiopulmonary bypass may have a negative impact on tissue and internal organs of the patient.

Methods of coronary bypass grafting in Germany

For a few years now, German specialists have been using minimally-invasive methods for coronary artery bypass grafting. This means no cardiac arrest or cardiopulmonary bypass for the patient, which automatically means less risk during the operation. The advantages of this method of coronary artery bypass surgery is reducing the number of damaged cells and tissues, less blood loss, lack of complications caused by cardiopulmonary bypass, reducing the duration of coronary artery bypass procedure as well as a considerably shorter period of rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, minimally-invasive surgery is not always possible, even in Germany. In case there are severe vascular lesions or there’s a necessity of a combined surgical intervention (e.g. simultaneous heart valve surgery), operations are still conducted with a stopped heart and a heart-lung machine. After the surgery, the patient usually stays hospitalized for 10-14 days.

Benefits of treatment at the Friedrichshafen clinic

It is important to choose an experienced specialist and a well-equipped clinic before you agree to a coronary artery bypass operation. Coronary artery bypass surgery in Germany is always carried out in accordance with international standards. Individual diagnostics and treatment programs, long-term experience of the Friedrichshafen specialists and ultra-modern medical equipment speak for themselves. Besides, the Friedrichshafen clinic provides high standards of hygiene and medical care by a competent and friendly staff. Health is the most important thing in anyone's life. Entrust it in good hands! You can contact us under the number +49 7541 97 82 751 or via email .

Coronary bypass surgery

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Medical Staff

MD PD Detlev Jäger

MD PD Detlev Jäger
Head of the Cardiology Department at Friedrichshafen Clinic

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MD Rudolf Schiele
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MD A. Schaum
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