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Heart diseases

In Europe more than ten million people have some heart disease. The number of heart cases grows by up to 600 thousand. German cardiologic centers (heart diseases centers) perform more than a hundred thousand cardiologic surgeries annualy and cure any kind of cardiac problems.

Heart diseases. Treatment in Germany

Cardiologic department of the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany offers an efficient treatment program with individual approach to each case of heart disease. The head of the department is Detlev Jäger, M.D., a privat-docent with 25 years of professional experience, specialized in cardiology, angiology and internship medicine.

The specialists of Friedrichshafen Center successfully cure the following diseases:

  • Endocarditis (diseases)
  • Cardiac arrhythmia (diseases)
  • Vegetovascular dystonia (heart diseases)
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Ischemia
  • Pericarditis
  • Hypertonic heart disease
  • Cardiomyopathy (heart diseases)
  • Cardiosclerosis (cardiac diseases)
  • Cardiac diseases related to various cardiac malformations

Cardiac diseases. Surgical treatment

In most of cases cardiac disease require surgical treatment.

Heart diseases. Endoscopic treatment methods

Endoscopic cardio surgeries are the leader among innovative, minimally invasive treatment methods. Endoscopic procedures allow performing surgical heart disease treatment with minimal traumatic effect. All work inside the organ is made by endoscope, tracking the process of surgery on the monitor. The most popular endoscopic surgery on the heart and vessels is stenting and angioplasty.

Heart diseases. Hybrid surgeries

Endovasal surgery is usually impossible to perform directly on the heart. In severe and complex heart malformations surgeons have to open the interpleural space and disable the heart temporary. Many patients have several operable cardiac diseases that require hybrid surgery.

In order to perform such surgeries there is a special hybrid surgery block. Alongside with traditional surgical equipment it features high-end computerized X-ray equipment for tracking the process in 3D imaging. There are two surgical teams involved into a hybrid surgery: standard and intervention.

Heart diseases. Pacemaker

The heart diseases related to the heart contractions disorder have only one effective treatment - pacemaker installation. These are stable arrhythmia, acute brachycardia, ciliary arrhythmia, etc. The implantation is performed under the skin or pectoral muscle under local anesthesia. It takes not more than half an hour.

In Friedrichshafen cardiologic center the doctors apply high-end electric cardiac pacemakers that can be easily reprogrammed without surgical intervention.

Cardiac diseases. Heart valve plastic

As a rule heart valves provide blood flowing to one direction. Diseases related to the weakness of valves require heart valve surgery (reconstructive surgical treatment). The most often reason for such disease is endocarditis. In such situations the German cardiologic surgeons offer valve replacement. It can be performed using mechanical and biological implants. Choosing a specific method depends on individual clinical picture.

Cardiac diseases. Myocardial revasculization

Surgical intervention aimed at eliminating the inefficiency of blood flow into the specific muscle areas is called myocardial revasculization. Such disorder is called ischemic disease (heart diseases). Myocard revasculization implies bypass surgery in most of cases. However revasculization can be performed by a minimally invasive, thus unbloody and painless method called coronary stenting. During the coronary angioplasty the vessel is restored with the help of a balloon and enforced by a stent to eliminate occasional narrowing. All manipulations are performed by a catheter via an artery. As a rule it is a femoral artery.

Heart diseases. Coronary surgery

Coronary heart disease better known as ischemic heart disease is characterized by the disorder of myocard blood supply. If this disease is progressing, drug therapy doesn’t give the proper effect. In order to restore the blood flow into the heart compartments the doctors perform coronary artery bypass surgery. During such procedure all pathologic cardiac vessels are restored. Also this area of surgery includes extensive arterial bypass surgeries and direct, minimally invasive coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

Heart diseases. Laser revasculization

Laser heart surgery is widely applied in Germany. This newest method doesn't have any analogues in the world. It is used for patients with contraindications for stenting or coronary artery bypass surgery. During such operations a special conductor is put into the heart via the incision in chest. This conductor creates specific openings in the heart with the aim of laser for further formation of arteries.

Heart diseases. Minimally invasive surgeries on aortic valves

The replacement of a cardiac valve is impossible without using an artificial blood-circulation apparatus. Today the doctors successfully perform minimally invasive surgeries on the aortic valve. The access to the valve is provided by a small incision in chest (about 10 cm). During the last decade this method has proven itself as an efficient and minimally traumatic surgical intervention that allows avoiding surgical scars.

Be it a severe heart problem (heart diseases) or just a minor heart dysfunction, the cardiological center of our clinic is always ready to give you a helpful hand. We cure all kinds of heart diseases.

Heart diseases

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Medical Staff

MD PD Detlev Jäger

MD PD Detlev Jäger
Head of the Cardiology Department at Friedrichshafen Clinic

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MD Rudolf Schiele
Head physician assistant

MD A. Schaum

MD A. Schaum
Senior physician




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  • 350 electrophysiological interventions
  • 70 radio frequency ablations

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