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Heart surgery at the Friedrichshafen clinic

The Friedrichshafen clinic is one of the most advanced and innovative medical centers in Germany. The department of cardiology and cardiac surgery offers diagnostics and treatment of heart and vessel diseases. Heart valve surgery is the key specialization of the specialists at the heart center of Friedriechshafen.

Every year thousands of patients apply for help to the department of cardiology, cardiac surgery and pulmonology. Heart surgery is one of the most popular operative interventions in Germany. All in all, there are over 1500 procedures concerning human heart, about 277 of them imply the installation of a cardiac pacemaker. The Friedrichshafen Clinic invites patients from all over the world to get an efficient treatment in Germany.

General information about heart surgery in Germany

A surgery may be required in cases of the progressing ischemic disease, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis or inborn pathologies.

There are open and closed heart surgeries. During an open surgery, the patient is connected to a heart-lung machine. Using this apparatus allows “disabling” lungs and heart for some time, thus minimizing the risk to a patient. In a closed surgery a lancet doesn’t touch the heart muscle and cavity. Closed surgeries are performed, using digital visualization or instrumental methods.

Every year German specialists conduct more than 100.000 successful heart surgeries. Such surgery helps to improve the quality of life and cure different heart diseases. The cardiologists of the Friedrichshafen clinic in Germany will help you to diagnose different diseases of the heart-vascular system. Cardiology in Germany can help even in advanced cases of heart insufficiency.

Coronary artery bypass

Coronary bypass in 95% cases improves the heart condition dramatically. This surgery is aimed at restoring a healthy arterial blood flow, cure ischemic disease, heart strokes, and prevent myocardial infarction. An access to the organ is performed via a breast opening. A bio-bypass, usually made of the patient’s own vessel, is sutured with the blocked artery. Such surgery restores the blood flow, bypassing the blocked vessel area.

Coronary Artery Stenting

The stenting method is used for providing coronary arteries patency. A stent is a wire frame in a form of a tube that is blown up by a balloon. It is inserted into the narrowed vessel area and opens it. Usually before such surgery, a doctor performs angiography to precisely define the pathology areas.

Heart valves surgery

Valve problems may provoke such symptoms as rapid fatigability, shortness of breath and heartaches. Depending on the condition, a doctor may prescribe valves reinforcement, reconstruction or implantation of valves. Such surgery allows improving the quality and time of patient’s life significantly.

Congenital heart defects

German specialists offer help in case there are congenital heart defects and malformations of the interatrial septum. As a rule, surgery is indicated in especially complicated cases, when there is considerable risk of complications, e.g. lung hypertension. During such surgery, a surgeon either repairs the defect or corrects the interatrial septum, using a patch.

Aortic aneurysm surgery

Aortic aneurism manifests as a swelling of aortic walls that leads to dissection and even aortic rupture. During the surgery, a damaged vessel section is replaced with an artificial one. If there is also a damaged valve, a surgeon performs a combined surgery with valve implantation.

Thanks to the variety of available methods and modern technologies, medicine in Germany is able to help patients with a vast majority of heart problems. The specialists of the Friedrichshafen clinic in Germany offer professional medical assistance as far as cardiovascular system is concerned. If you have any questions, please contact us under the number +49 7541 978 27 51 or via the email .

Heart surgery

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Medical Staff

MD PD Detlev Jäger

MD PD Detlev Jäger
Head of the Cardiology Department at Friedrichshafen Clinic

MD Rudolf Schiele

MD Rudolf Schiele
Head physician assistant

MD A. Schaum

MD A. Schaum
Senior physician




Facts and Figures

  • 1272 inpatients
  • 7000 outpatient
  • 3000 echocardiographies
  • 1900 long-term ECG
  • 130 pacemaker surgeries
  • 310 bronchoscopies
  • 350 electrophysiological interventions
  • 70 radio frequency ablations

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