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Computed Tomography

Modern medicine has been developing by leaps and bounds, finding more and more opportunities to successfully treat even the most complex diseases. However, any treatment should always begin with the correct diagnosis. Nowadays, one of the most popular diagnostic studies is computed tomography (CT Scan), and it would be impossible to detect many kinds of diseases as cancer, vascular diseases and some other disorders and inflammations without it.

It is computed tomography, which in our clinic is held at the highest technical level, is the most reliable diagnostic method for a variety of pathologies.

CT scan is a tomographic examination of organs of the human body using a specific X-ray dose. First, circular scanning is performed, and, then, an image in layers is built.

Computed tomography is implemented by using modern technology as CT scanners, equipped with spinning X-ray tube. The images are played back in high definition in different colors. It is worth noting that CT facilitates the diagnosis of complex pathologies at times, because it allows experts to pinpoint the location and extent of lesions, to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and to choose the most effective technique.

Kinds and Ways of CT Scan

Presently, there are two kinds of CT scan held in highly qualified medical centers:

  1. Step by step: only one tomographic section is scanned;
  2. Spiral: the data are taken from all over the studied area, which are then transformed into individual sections.

When the Method is Used in the Diagnostics?

In our clinic we apply computed tomography to those patients who need:

  • to have a significant diagnostic study of the brain (for heart attacks, cancer tumors, bleeding, etc.);
  • to visualize vessels and arteries to detect stenosis, arthritis, etc .;
  • to exclude a malignant tumor, metastases or pulmonary embolism;
  • to conduct an examination of the genitourinary system;
  • to conduct an examination in case of fractures, herniated discs, malignant diseases in the skeletal system;
  • to conduct diagnostics of tumors and metastases of gastrointestinal tract;
  • to hold a virtual colonoscopy, etc.

Experienced specialists of our clinic always do everything possible to carry out the most accurate and quick diagnostics with help of modern high-tech.

Advantages over the Other Diagnostic Methods

Among the other common diagnostic techniques you could name the MRI and X-rays, but the both of them, in some ways, are significantly inferior to CT, in particular, when talking about more than clear visualization of lesions. Furthermore, in contrast to the same MRI, CT requires less time to perform, and there are less contraindications to the method.

How to Perform the CT scan?

The procedure of CT scan lasts for only a few minutes and does not cause any discomfort to a patient. As a rule, the study is carried out in the supine position, and in this way it is possible to explore any part of the body: the head, stomach, chest, spinal cord, etc.

CT scan of the head is assigned to patients suspected of having a variety of lesions in central nervous system. Thus, examination helps to reveal fractures for traumatic injuries of the skull, aneurysms for vascular disease, and the size and location for cancer.

Computed tomography of the chest organs, allows professionals to determine the condition of blood vessels, lungs and lymph nodes. Spleen, pancreas, liver, and other organs become easily visible in the abdominal cavity.

In addition, the diagnostic technique is used in pediatrics. To examine younger patients in our clinic professionals use special programs reducing the radiation exposure to the body.

Contraindications to Computed Tomography

Since almost all the patients tolerate the CT procedure quite easily, there are not so many contraindications to the method:

  • pregnancy;
  • renal failure;
  • having metal structures or plasters on the studied area of the body;
  • severe claustrophobia;
  • too much body weight (over 150 kg).

Overall, computed tomography is one of the most modern and informative diagnostic methods used in the high range medical institutions around the world.

CT Scan (Computed Tomography)

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