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Clinics in Germany pay much attention to radiology diagnostics prior to treatment in Germany. The Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine provides services to all the specialist clinics of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany. Our institute disposes the latest medical imaging equipment. The medical imaging and the results of examinations are available to all departments within the clinic immediately, via the ultra-modern PACS digital system, thereby enabling quick, efficient diagnoses. This state-of-the-art diagnostic radiology puts our institute among the top institutes in Germany.

We offer all the services associated with diagnostic radiology including conventional X-ray diagnostics, mammography, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. We also offer all services associated with nuclear medicine. A broad spectrum of minimally invasive interventional diagnostic radiology methods rounds off our comprehensive range of diagnostic services.

General diagnostic radiology includes procedures such as plain film examination, examination of the gastrointestinal tract and examinations of the genitals and the urinary tract. Other types of diagnostic radiology include radiography (which is another name for X-rays), fluoroscopy such as a barium enema and IVP, which is used to examine the urinary tract.

Range of diagnostic radiology services available at our Institute in Germany:

  • Fully digital X-rays (lungs, skeleton, joints, oesophagus and intestinal tract, among others)
  • Computed tomography (CT) (which generates images of “slices” of various body parts)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (imaging of most parts of the body by means of magnetic fields and radio waves)

Diagnostic radiology enables accurate diagnoses which were not possible in the past. It has speeded up and simplified the process of diagnosing disorders dramatically. However, this is only possible with appropriately trained experts at the helm, who are trained to evaluate the results of diagnostic radiology examinations.

Advantages of diagnostic radiology

Interventional diagnostic radiology enables many minor procedures and life-saving processes, including widening of the arteries in claudication, sclerotherapy of varicose veins, and targeted application of chemotherapy for tumours. All of these processes are performed with the aid of X-ray examinations.

Points of focus of our diagnostic radiology institute in Friedrichshafen, Germany:

  • Computed tomography which enables targeted biopsies and if needed cancer treatment
  • Treatment of aneurysms, narrowed arteries and blocked arteries
  • Treatment of malignant tumours with selective or super-selective chemotherapy and sclerotherapy
  • Treatment of benign tumours, particularly uterine myoma, with sclerotherapy
  • Treatment of haemorrhaging by means of sclerotherapy and implantation of stents

When computed tomography was introduced in 1974, it improved the efficiency and accuracy of diagnoses. This type of X-ray diagnostic is crucial in modern medicine.

Our Institute at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany offers the complete range of diagnostic radiology.

We offer the following forms of diagnostic radiology:

  • Interventional oncology, including all trans-arterial and percutaneous treatments
  • Targeted imaging and therapy of liver tumours or liver metastases via targeted local chemotherapy or selective internal radiation therapy together with the Clinic for Nuclear medicine. Positioning of liver shunts (TIPS) in the case of advanced cirrhosis. Implantation of chemotherapy ports
  • Full spectrum of CT diagnostics including PET-CT scans and CT-assisted interventions
  • Our institute in Friedrichshafen, Germany also offers spiral CT of the skull, neck, lungs, liver, pancreas, abdominal cavity, extremities and vascular system
  • Specialised CT examinations, e.g. CT of the heart for analysis of calcium cycling and imaging of the coronary arteries
  • Measurement of bone density via CT
  • A main point of focus of our radiology department in Friedrichshafen, Germany is CT-assisted biopsies in the case of unexplained masses, CT-assisted local treatment of malignant masses via radio-frequency ablation and local pain therapy of the spinal column
  • Full range of multimodal breast diagnostics including interventions
  • Our radiology institute in Friedrichshafen, Germany offers all modern diagnostic methods for malignant and benign breast disorders (mammography, breast ultrasound, 3-D breast ultrasound, breast MRI)
  • Taking of biopsies is adapted individually for each patient, assisted by X-ray, ultrasound or MRI. Our diagnostic radiology department also does hookwire marking of malignant masses before surgery
  • MRI including interventions
  • MRI of the entire skeleton and joints and targeted examination of all organ systems (head, neck, heart, abdominal organs, vascular system). Our diagnostic radiology section specialises in examination of the liver, pancreas, breasts, pelvis and prostate
  • MRI-assisted biopsies for clarification of diagnoses, e.g. breast and prostate
  • Angiography (invasive vascular imaging and therapy)
  • Imaging of veins/arteries, widening of narrowed and blocked blood vessels, e.g. in tumours or in the case of haemorrhaging. Placement of vascular stents for permanent opening of narrow sections.

Our diagnostic radiology department covers all the bases in respect of modern medical imaging and diagnostics, and radiation therapy in nuclear medicine.

If you have any more questions regarding diagnostic radiology, please feel free to contact us at the diagnostic radiology section of the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany. The employees of your our department would be happy to answer your questions.

Diagnostic and radiology

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KC 2018-01-25 / 10:52

Dear Doctor Tesdal,
I saw in your pages that we can have a second opinion about my daughter case. She has Scoliosis about 60 degrees and we do not believe it is so much (I think they changes the X Rays in our hospital by mistake). We live in Prague and are Czech so we can personally attend your clinic if it is possible to make a better check up (X Ray, MR ...) with a better calculation of the curvature. Please can you let me know the price of this treatment and if it is possible to make everythink in one day. Thank you very much.

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