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Treatment of Cancer in Germany

The latest diagnostic methods are used for cancer treatment in Germany. Modern diagnostic equipment creates three-dimensional images, allowing high-quality visual diagnosis. Precise diagnosis is a base when choosing a method for cancer treatment. For most people to be diagnosed with cancer, means hopelessness that leads to death.

But doctors, who carried out the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in Germany, suggest this diagnosis should not be taken as a death sentence nowadays. After all, it is a disease only. Oncologists in Germany apply a number of different techniques for the examination and treatment of cancer using modern high-tech equipment, so you should not lose a faith in a favorable outcome, since many patients have been living and having normal everyday life rhythm for many years after cancer treatment in Germany.

Scientists have been conducting researches on how to combat cancer for many years. Among them, research workers in field of cancer treatment in Germany also develop new methods of diagnosis and effective ways for cancer treating. Of course, there is no universal medication against cancer, same as there is no "philosopher's stone". All the developments in this area are intended for the future. Both new schemas of therapy are created and existing schemas are improved. Oncologic therapy in Germany is based on individual approach to every patient, taking into account the tumor shape, extent to which it has spread, and the comorbidities if any. We use all of the above mentioned to combat cancer in our Friedrichshafen Clinic.

Methods of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment in Germany

We apply in our clinic in Friedrichshafen diagnostics methods, which required in accordance with the modern standard. Those are MRI, CT Scan, Ultrasound, and Sonography. In addition, the modern radiation therapy technologies are used, giving a possibility combining different methods for more accurate examination. And, of course, laboratorial tests are widely used for determining the type of tumor. All the modern methods used in our clinic allow to ascertain the degree of preservation of the patient's organs and systems preservation, that helps, in its turn, to choose a method of cancer treatment for every particular patient in Germany. The techniques applying contrasting agents are widely used. In total, all the equipment and diagnostics methods give us a possibility to control a result of comprehensive cancer treatment carried out in Germany.

We apply the latest developments in field of radiation oncology using the methods, when irradiation therapy is applied directly to the hotbed of abnormal cells, leaving healthy tissues untouched and, thus, having less negative impact to the whole body of a patient. Due to this approach, oncological treatment with radio therapy in Germany is considered as sparing method.

In our center in Friedrichshafen, research workers study genetic structure of cancer cells and analyse nucleus structure of each kind of abnormal cells. Those researches bring their fruits, causing revealing genes that generate one or another species of oncologic disease. Studying amino acid sequence, they found those combinations that are mutative. This kind of decoding lets to create Immunological Protein Vaccine.

How Does Cancer Treatment in Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany?

Positive result of the therapy follows from a few entries, such as quality approach to therapy, a type of cancerous cell, and symptomatology of disease. The doctors of the Clinic play a significant role. They are real professional experts in their field and those people, who provide accurate diagnosis, develop and work in practice new methods of cancer treatment in Germany. We have the latest techniques to combat the cancerous process, which are rare even in medical centers in Germany.

The List of Services Provided in Our Clinic for Treatment of Oncological Diseases

Here are the kinds of cancer treatments provided in Friedrichshafen Clinic:

  • Treatment of prostate cancer and bladder cancer. We perform operations on tumors in those organs, as well as surgery for innervations recovery using robotic technology.
  • Computed tomography of the whole body.
  • Stem cell (red marrow) transplantation for the purpose of treatment of cancer in Germany.
  • Endoscopic surgery through a single laparoscopic access.
  • Hyperthermic methods of annihilation cancerous cells (intraperitoneally).
  • Method of radiofrequency ablation.
  • Immunomodulation with Zevalin.
  • Radiopeptides cancer therapy in Germany.
  • Radio frequency thermotherapy.
  • Selective internal radiation therapy.

We cooperate with scientists and communicate with other specialists. Joint development of new methods and improvement of existing methods lets us to conquer cancer for every patient more effectively. Surgical interventions are carried out using the latest technology allowing visual monitoring of operated area and transferring the generated image to the screen, where it is possible to control the movements of the operating tools. The generated picture is not flat, but volumetric. That three-dimensional imaging enables to perform surgical treatment of cancer in Germany as much careful as possible.

Our Friedrichshafen Clinic ensures quality cancer diagnosis and cancer treatment in Germany.

Cancer Treatment in Germany

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