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Gastric cancer treatment

Clinical center of modern medicine in Friedrichshafen, Germany, is one of the leading medical institutions not only in Europe, but throughout the world. The department of gastroenterology, hepatology and oncology under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Christian Arnold offers a highly efficient treatment for gastric cancer patients from Germany as well as from abroad.

The Friedrichshafen clinic has the most advanced diagnostic and clinical equipment at its disposal, which, combined with abundant professional experience, provides gastric cancer patients with innovative and reliable treatment solutions. The qualifications of gastroenterologists, oncologists and surgeons correspond to the highest standards in European medicine.

Nowadays, stomach cancer ranks among the most common malignancies – it takes the third place after breast and lung cancer. There are numerous factors that might provoke cell degeneration in gastric mucosa and, therefore, lead to the formation of gastric cancer. Age-related changes, smoking, alcoholism, poor diet and stress, trauma, infection with gastric bacteria Helicobacter pylori, gastric polyps, benign tumors are only a few of the most common reasons.

Gastric cancer treatment strategy is planned after a thorough diagnostic evaluation, and depends on the triggering factors as well as on the type of tumor.

Gastric cancer diagnostics usually involves a series of mandatory steps:

  • Inspection and anamnesis
  • Laboratory tests
  • Virtual gastroscopy
  • Gastroscopy and biopsy
  • Ultrasound

Gastric cancer, for example, stomach cancer, is often nearly symptom-free in the initial stages. The thing is that gastric cancer symptoms are often confused with those, accompanying minor diseases. However, as the disease progresses the symptoms accumulate. That’s why it is extremely important to contact a reliable gastric specialist as soon as possible and find an appropriate cancer treatment option. Don’t put this decision off; if you wait too long, the vital help might come too late!

Here are the most common manifestations of gastric cancer:

  • indigestion;
  • lack of appetite;
  • weight loss
  • trouble swallowing;
  • constant feeling of heaviness in the abdomen;
  • heartburn, nausea, vomiting;
  • black or bloody stools.

Gastric cancer treatment strategy is chosen according to the results of the clinical examination. The method usually depends on the stage and the aggressiveness of the disease. Surgical treatment of gastric cancer – for example, a partial or a radical resection of lymph nodes, surrounding the stomach - is one of the most efficient treatment methods. Gastrectomy – is a minimally-invasive resection of the affected segments of stomach; whereas total gastrectomy is performed in cases, when the patient suffers under a stenosing form of gastric cancer. Surgical treatment of gastric cancer aims at eliminating the ingress of excessive gastric juice and bile into the esophagus. In some cases, spleen has to be removed as well. It is important to admit that even after such a radical treatment of gastric cancer there is a good chance that patients will not only get rid of the disease, but will be able to lead a normal life.

The specialists of the Friedrichshafen clinic worked out an effective anesthetic system for the fast-track surgery treatment (for example, in digestive tract cancer surgery). With the help of this system, patients are able to recover quickly even after the most extensive gastric cancer operations. Then they can either take the next step in their treatment program (e.g. chemotherapy), or return to a normal life, in case their therapeutic plan is completed.

Very often patients need a comprehensive treatment approach – i.e. a combination of surgical or laparoscopic treatment and chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In particular, the neoadjuvant chemotherapy is sometimes performed prior to the removal of the tumor in order to reduce its size. Adjuvant chemotherapy is on the contrary assigned after the surgical treatment to prevent the possibility of relapse.

Chemotherapy is prescribed as an independent gastric cancer treatment if gastric surgery for some reason cannot be carried out, for example, if the tumor is inoperable or in case there are multiple metastases. As a rule, new effective chemotherapy treatment schemes are applied resulting in a long-term remission and low rate of relapse.

Gastric cancer has different treatment schemes, depending on the stage of the disease. In addition to these methods, there are a number of new techniques, such as stem cell therapy, immunotherapy or enzyme therapy.

A new immunotherapy is a gentle method of gastric or pancreas cancer treatment which is especially worth mentioning. This method has been gaining more and more popularity, as it does not have side effects and is not painful for the patient. During immunotherapy protein-killers or antibodies to the tumor protein are selected, and when introduced into a tumor, they destroy its cells. This way, the tumor is reduced to a minimum size and a surgical treatment of gastric cancer can be carried out.

Enzyme therapy is another innovative direction in the treatment of gastric cancer in Germany. It has proven its effectiveness even in fourth stage, demonstrating no side effects.

Postoperative rehabilitation is an important constituent of gastric cancer treatment in Germany. If you need more information, please, contact us under the number +49 7541 97 82 751 or via email: .

Gastric cancer treatment

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Comments and questions

Jebin Shrestha Mon, 12 Mar 03:16

Dear sir,
I am from Nepal, my father aged 69 has been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer with liver mets nearly 2 months ago. As I was looking for cure I have found your website, currently chemotherapy treatment has been given 2 times in burmungrad hospital in Bangkok. I would like to request you kindly suggest me your treatment method and its outcome including cost.

Jebin Shrestha

Davoud Baghban Wed, 24 Jan 12:23

I have a quastion. In your country, can your doctors treatment adenocarsinoma? I can send all ducuments.

Peter Anastasovski Sun, 27 Aug 10:50

I was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer on 1st June this year approx 3 months ago. I am not on any treatment as yet. I have started to vomit belching and continuously hiccuping. I have lost about 15 kilos over the last 15 months. I live in Melbourne Australia. Do you have any treatment suitable to my cancer that you can help me with. I am prepared to come to Germany. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Peter Anastasovski.

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