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Hepatitis C treatment

The Friedrichshafen clinic is an innovative medical center in Germany that provides a wide range of treatment services, including the treatment of chronic and complex medical conditions.

Hep C treatment is one of the specializations of the gastroenterological department under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Christian Arnold. Gastroenterology in Germany is famous for innovative techniques for hepatitis treatment.

Symptoms and characteristics

In its initial stages hep C is often characterized by the symptoms, which are similar to those of flu, e.g. nausea, vomiting, high temperature, urine darkening, pains in the right side, loss of appetite, etc. If you suffer under the mentioned symptoms, please, consult your doctor as soon as possible, as hep C might be the reason for your bad condition.

According to the international classification, hep C is a contagious disease caused by RNA virus from Flaviviridae genus. It leads to severe inflammation processes in liver that hardly responses to treatment. Nowadays hep C is still considered to be one of the most insidious diseases. After a latent period of 2-26 weeks, hep C can become chronic and in the long run cause such diseases as liver cancer or cirrhosis. Chronic hep C forms can be symptom-free.

At the moment there are no treatment methods that are working in 100 % of cases. However, the healthcare system in Germany actively contributes to the process of research and hep C treatment. German clinics place special emphasis on timely diagnosis and treatment of hep C. It has been proved that this contagious disease can quickly adapt to various treatment options; therefore, a lot of therapy programs don’t provide the desired effect. However, German researchers forge ahead; scientists develop new treatment methods that can potentially become effective in fighting the disease.

Antiviral therapy

Applying innovative approaches to hep C treatment has become a “golden standard” among highly qualified specialists of the Friedrichshafen clinic, Germany, which counts as one of the leading hep C treatment centers in this country. The professionalism of medical personnel that has significantly grown within the years of practical experience, allows considering hep C as fully curable. Specialized diagnostic techniques and innovative hep C treatment approaches imply analyzing the entire organism of the patient, the structure and influence of all components of this disease.

Diagnostic methods

Diagnostic procedures allow getting the required information about hep C development on all stages, which is essential in finding an appropriate treatment method. Experienced specialists know all the “tricks” of the disease and can timely detect it. The major diagnostic methods for hep C detection are:

  • blood tests for detecting the antibody response to the hep C virus;
  • polymerase chain reaction test. This test shows all the characteristics of the virus’s genetic material;
  • sonography.

Hepatitis C Treatment in Germany

The treatment algorithm in the Friedrichshafen clinic depends on the virus type as well as on the stage of the disease. Antiviral medications aim at destructing the virus ferments that create basis for its replication in blood. An efficient hep C treatment option involves the so-called “triple therapy” with Telaprevir and Boceprevir medications. They help to reduce the period of treatment to 28 weeks, while the chances for recurrent virologic response become considerably smaller. On severe stages of liver tissues’ degradation radical treatment methods such as organ transplantation might be necessary. Such serious interventions are conducted in cooperating establishments with the help of ultramodern gastric surgery techniques.

Be attentive to your health, because when the disease “keeps silence”, it doesn’t mean that it disappeared. The efficient hep C treatment, conducted by the specialists of the Friedrichshafen clinic, will help you to improve your health and return the hope and joy of life. Don’t hesitate to contact us under the number +49 7541 978 27 51 or via the email .

Hepatitis C treatment

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