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Laparoscopic gastric banding

For people who have not been able to get rid of obesity through diet and exercise, gastric banding is a sure way. There is the Section of Bariatric Surgery in the Clinic of Friedrichshafen, which provides a wide range of invasive treatments of obesity. As a part of the Department of General, Visceral and Vascular Surgery, the Center helps to overcome difficulties related to the obesity using modern and effective techniques. Professor Lehmann, Doctor of Medicine and the Head of the Department brought his experience of 20 years to the clinic’s patient in order to conduct highly professional treatment of metabolic disorders. The staffs including 12 medical workers have their focus on patients’ problems and priorities.

What is Gastric Banding?

Gastric banding is an operation which is made to reduce the amount of food intake by the patient. Today it is the most faithful and effective method for the treatment of pathological obesity.

Features for Gastric Banding Surgery at the Friedrichshafen Clinic

With gastric banding the stomach is not reduced, and the digestive process is not affected. The organ is divided into two parts by means of a bandage or staples. One of the parts is done so small, as to hold about thirty grams of food in. Over time, the stomach expands and can hold up to one hundred grams.

After gastric banding it is necessary to learn eating without haste, thoroughly chewing the food. It is not recommended to overeat, because it will lead to nausea and vomiting. If you regularly overeat after gastric banding surgery, then you stretch out the digestive organ again.

Gastric banding will allow you to roughly halve the weight, and all it due to the limited and regulated diet. It will take about half of year. But, naturally, the gastric banding does not deliver you from exercise. There are special programs helping the body to adapt to the new order of eating better and to get used to other body weight.

Applying of Adjustable Gastric Banding

The main purpose of gastric banding is reducing the amount of food consumed, causing the number of calories entering the body decreased and body weight reduced. A bandage imposed in the operation, is rather complex and equipped with a hydraulic system, which has the shape of the cuff. Through a special tube, cuff is attached to a ‘port’. It lies under the skin and is used for pouring the liquid in, which allows professionals to adjust gastric reduction process according to the individual needs of the patient.

A gastric band is not immediately adjusted after the surgery, but two months after surgery. The ring should be fixed very well. Adjustment is carried out simply: needle is introduced to the port filling it up to 5 ml of fluid. Sometimes, a number of such procedures are needed for better result. The whole process does not take much time and is absolutely painless.

After the gastric banding it is necessary to develop a special regime of meal intake. It is not difficult: not to eat cold food with water. Liquid contributes to food swelling and the effect you expect after gastric banding is reduced. It is necessary to drink an hour or two before meals and after.

The Procedure of Gastric Banding

Our modern clinic in Friedrichshafen offers the possibility to make such an operation using laparoscope and without incisions. During the gastric banding held in this way, doctors can see everything that happens on the screen, having, thus, a complete control of the operation. One of the advantages of adjustable gastric band surgery is a high aesthetic appearance. Recovery time passes almost without any pain.

After this operation, you may not comply with bed rest, but, opposite, to move. In this way, health will recover much faster. Gastric banding can not be called a very simple operation, but with the right choice of hospital, patient’s great wish, and following to the all recommendations, it gives great results. The operation lasts about two hours under general anesthesia. It is necessary not to move within one day after gastric banding.

Gastric banding is a reversible process. If desired, the patient can remove the bandage, and the stomach will take the former form. This will not cause a great harm. Adjustable gastric band has its indications and contraindications.

Indications needed for gastric banding is a substantial excess of the allowable weight. You can calculate the body mass index at home or seek for help of a specialist. Contraindications for gastric banding:

  • alcoholism,
  • pregnancy,
  • liver or heart diseases,
  • infectious diseases.

Obesity is a serious disease, you could get rid of with help of surgery on stomach, but before you need to do some preparations. The doctors appoint the examination and tests you need to hold. But the most important thing is a mental attitude. You must understand what you do and for what purpose you do. If this is your real chance for a healthy life, do not ignore, and be sure to follow all the suggestions and recommendations.

Laparoscopic gastric banding

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I'm interested in gastric band. Can you tell me the cost and is there follow up care in Ireland.

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