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Breast cancer surgery

The efficient breast cancer treatment requires an interdisciplinary approach. The Breast Centre at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany combines the competencies of specialists in radiology, gynaecology, pathology, plastic surgery, oncology and radiation therapy.

Since 2006, the Breast Centre at the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany has been certified by internationally recognised professional associations. This certification obliges us to specific standards of quality and innovation in our capacity as a specialist hospital for breast cancer.

When it comes to breast or uterus cancer surgery, close cooperation between the private physician and the clinic physicians is also very important. Both are involved to a high degree in both the pre- and postsurgery care of breast cancer patients.

Another particularly important factor is the coordination of modern infrastructure and clinical experience with a psycho-oncologist, the clinic's counselling centre, representatives of "Frauenselbsthilfe nach Krebs" (a women's self-help after cancer group) and individual consultation and care by specially trained breast care nurses.

Services available at the Breast Centre at the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

Diagnostic procedures

  • Mammography, breast ultrasound, MRI
  • Galactography, duct sonography
  • Determination of metastasation via ultrasound, X-ray, computed tomography, MRI and scintigraphy
  • Taking of biopsies for the examination of cells and tissues
  • Ultra-sound supported puncture of cysts and abscesses in the breast
  • High-speed core-needle biopsies of suspicious diagnoses
  • Image-guided, vacuum assisted core-needle biopsies
  • Mammographic, ultrasound marking of suspicious diagnoses before surgery
  • Intraoperative sample radiography and ultrasound
  • Intraoperative frozen section analysis

Surgical therapy

  • Open biopsy (removal of diseased or suspicious tissue)
  • Breast-conserving therapy (BCT) and ablative breast surgery
  • Oncoplastic surgery (BCT within the framework of breast firming or reduction)
  • Removal of the sentinel lymph nodes
  • Removal of the axillary lymph nodes
  • Radical treatment of locally advanced cancer by means of surgery
  • Metastasis surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery (tissue expanders, implants, autologous tissue reconstruction)
  • Aesthetic surgery

At our clinic in Germany, we use the following methods of BCT in cancer surgery

  • Tumourectomy - surgery to remove of the tumour together with a safety border
  • Segmentectomy - removal of an entire breast segment
  • Quadrantectomy - removal of the entire quadrant in which the cancer is situated
  • Tumour-adapted reduction or firming of the breast together with removal of the tumour

Breast preserving cancer surgery (BCT) in Germany

The standard procedure in the case of cancer surgery is usually BCT. To ensure that the patient has the best possible chance of recovery from the cancer, the decision regarding BCT is only made after careful consideration of the size and position of the tumour, malignancy and the overall therapy goals. Surgery is usually performed by means of a curved incision. This usually allows for aesthetically pleasing results. Glandular mobilisation can also be used to prevent the formation of sunken areas.

Indications for BCT in the case of cancer

  • A favourable ratio of tumour-size in relationship to the volume of the surrounding mammary tissue.
  • BCT is also possible in the case of tumours with extensive intraductal component if the entire carcinoma can be removed.

Contraindications for BCT in the case of cancer

  • An unfavourable ratio of tumour-size in relationship to the volume of the surrounding mammary tissue
  • Contraindications for radiation therapy
  • Incomplete removal of the tumour after one or more resections
  • Multifocal/multicentral mammary carcinoma
  • Inflammatory carcinoma


In rare cases, a mastectomy, the surgical removal of one or both breasts, is advisable. This might be necessary if the tumour is very large or if it has fused with the skin or the muscle. It is also necessary if there is more than one tumour. In this type of cancer surgery, the entire mammary gland is removed together with the nipple, the skin and the muscle. It should be differentiated among partial, preventive and radical mastectomy. All in, the radical mastectomy is the most efficient method to eliminate the recurrence of the disease.

Cancer Therapy

The cancer centers and clinics in Germany have achieved excellent results in fighting cancer and other oncological problems. In the oncological day clinic at the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany, medicamentous cancer therapy is carried out. Besides chemotherapy, a broad spectrum of other cancer medication such as immune and anti-body therapy or bone-sparing infusions is available, making it possible to choose an individual, goal-oriented therapy for each patient.

At the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany, patients can also participate in current international studies. In these voluntary studies, the patients can test very promising new therapies under the watchful eyes of highly qualified experts.

Our competencies for you at the Friedrichshafen Clinic, Germany

In our centre in Friedrichshafen, in southern Germany, many specialists of various disciplines are standing by to help those in need of expert medical care. We can therefore guarantee that you will receive the best treatment from the very first examination right up to surgery or another form of therapy. You will find our physicians and nursing staff warm and friendly. We encourage patients to share their experiences with one another and professional psychological help is standing by whenever you need it.

Breast cancer surgery

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Facts and Figures

  • 1540 inpatients
  • 353 outpatient surgeries
  • 1222 newborn babies
  • 41 twins
  • 1 triplets
  • 905 gramm minimum weight of a newborn
  • 5300 gramm maximum weight of a newborn
  • 523 patients with pelvic floor disorders were operated

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