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Cervical cancer treatment

The visceral department of the clinical centre of Friedrichshafen under the leadership of Dr. Thorsten Lehmann offers the modern methods of cancer diagnostics and cancer treatment. The examination of uterine cervix and efficient cervical surgery are those key issues, which we consider to be our prerogative and highest aim.

The Nowadays cervical cancer is one of the most widespread oncological diseases. Most often it is diagnosed in fifty-sixty-year-old women, much rarer in younger age. Ovarian cancer treatment is highly individual and is treated taking into account the age factor and fertility functions of a patient. Female infertility treatment after such kind of cancer is also possible at our fertility clinic.

In one of the leading German clinics, the Clinical center of Friedrichshafen, the diagnostics and treatment of cervical cancer is performed on the highest quality level, in full accordance of all world standards. The department of oncological gynecology is headed by Dr.Hans-Walter Vollert, Prof.Dr., a doctor with 30-year experience. Alongside with the standard minimally invasive surgery methods, the therapeutic treatment of tumoral diseases of pelvic organs is one of the priorities in the work of our clinic. Excellent technical equipment of the oncological department together with highly experienced medical personnel allows performing any diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations for fighting cervical cancer with exceptional preciseness, returning patients their priceless health.

Diagnostics of cervical cancer in Friedrichshafen Clinic

Efficient cervical cancer diagnostics in the Clinic of Friedrichshafen is provided by modern research methods with the use of the newest equipment:

  • Colposcopy - the examination of uterine cervix with the use of a special optical instrument that allows magnifying the image up to forty times. This helps doctor to analyze the cervix condition and find any pathology. Precise diagnostics of such kind helps to perform a target biopsy, take swobs for further tests. As a rule colposcopy is made together with Schiller’s test
  • Biopsy - it is a test that helps to make a conclusion regarding the existence of cervical cancer
  • Vaginal ultrasound scanning
  • CT

Cervical cancer treatment in Friedrichshafen Clinic

After all required diagnostic tests are made, experienced and highly qualified doctors develop the optimal program for cervical cancer treatment. It will depend on the stage and the character of the disease.

On the first and second stages of the tumor a surgery treatment is ordered. If the surgery is considered as a reasonable cervical cancer treatment method, it is performed with the use of the minimally traumatic methodologies. Priceless surgery experience and ability to use innovative techniques are the main reasons that move patients from all over the world to treat cervical center in Friedrichshafen Clinic.

It is worth mentioning that the current medical center is one of a few in Germany where unique technology, “Da Vinci” surgery robot is used. With its help surgery treatment becomes much less traumatic.

Cervical cancer treatment in Friedrichshafen Clinic: cryosurgery and laser surgery

On the initial stage of the disease development it can be treated by cryo surgery. A malignant tumor is destroyed by extremely low temperatures. A doctor uses liquid nitrogen that freezes the tissues with pathologic changes. Such types of surgery can also be performed with the aim of modern laser equipment.

Applying these surgery methods for cervical cancer treatment allows gaining excellent results and treat many so called pre-malignant pathologies preventing the cancer development.

Surgical treatment for cervical cancer in the Friedrichshafen Clinic

For preserving female fertility the excision of cancerous tumor is performed by a special electric loop. Other surgery method for such tumors is a wedge excision of organ tissues. In case of relapse a hysterectomy, full cervix excision, is performed.

As was stated earlier, surgery treatment methods used in the clinic are focused on minimizing the invasiveness. Laparoscopic surgeries help to reduce the trauma, as well as “Da Vinci” method. With such technologies women recover much faster, the postoperative period and risks of any complications are minimized.

Radiotherapy for cervical cancer of the Friedrichshafen Clinic

Radiotherapy also can be used for treating the cervical cancer. An oncologist selects the optimal conditions for the course in order to reduce the damage for tissues surrounding the tumor. Radiotherapy is used as a standalone treatment or combined with other methods (after surgery or together with chemotherapy).

The doctors of Friedrichshafen Clinic have proven that today it is possible to treat cervical cancer successfully. The decisive factors in success of the therapy are early diagnostics, adequate therapeutic concept with further aftercare. Trusting your health to high-class oncologists soon you will be able to enjoy your life again.

Cervical cancer treatment

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MY 2018-07-24 / 12:45

Dear team,
I like to connect with your doctor who specialise in ovarian cancer kindly let let know urgently.
Thank you.

BA 2017-12-21 / 18:17

Good day.
My sister age 52 is diagnosed with cervical cancer stage. Pls, I will like to know the cause/treatment options and the cost implication for the treatment.
I hope to hear from you soon.

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