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Gynaecology Department

Gynaecology is the specialist area of medicine that deals with the female reproductive system. The highly trained experts in our Gynaecology Unit are standing by to help you.

The employees in our Gynaecology Unit in Friedrichshafen, Germany are highly competent in all aspects of gynaecology. We strive to make your stay at our Clinic for Gynaecology as pleasant as possible. We deal with all aspects of gynaecology.

Our Gynaecology Unit in Friedrichshafen, Germany is focused on helping their patients with regard to every aspect of gynaecology and obstetrics. By its very nature, gynaecology is a sensitive matter. You will find our specialists in the Gynaecology Unit highly professional, considerate and discreet in every way. There are several approaches to treatment in our Gynaecology Unit.

Besides the standard surgical procedures associated with gynaecology, we also offer minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of tumours of the female organs. We also use the da Vinci® surgical system in gynaecology. This enables minimally invasive surgery in many aspects of gynaecology. Another main point of focus at our Clinic for Gynaecology is the treatment of breast cancer.

Gynaecology is arguably one of the most sensitive areas of medicine. It is therefore understandable that, when it comes to gynaecology, women are very particular about where they are treated. At our Clinic for Gynaecology at Friedrichshafen Clinic, you will not be disappointed.

The Lake Constance Breast Centre working in cooperation with the Constance Clinic in Friedrichshafen, Germany, has received multiple certifications since 2006. The Lake Constance Breast Centre combines the expertise of specialists in various areas of medicine, including gynaecology. This is enhanced by the very latest equipment and a wide range of surgical and medicamentous therapies.

The Mother and Child Centre of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany opened in November 2010. It combines the best medical treatment and care in a pleasant atmosphere for mother and child.

Range of treatments offered by the Clinic for Gynaecology at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany:

  • Surgical and conservative treatment of all disorders relating to gynaecology, tumours of the female reproductive system, infections, incontinence and hormone disorders.
  • The Clinic for Gynaecology at Friedrichshafen Clinic performs various biopsies ranging from fine tissue biopsies to total hysterectomy. Gynaecology is one of our main points of focus at the clinic.
  • In-patient treatment of inflammatory diseases and severe pain relating to gynaecology
  • Surgical therapy of benign and malignant diseases
  • In the case of cancer, supplementary postoperative medicamentous therapy
  • Out-patient based surgery (abdominoscopy, tubal sterilisation, removal of ovarian cysts, curettage and other minor procedures in the area of gynaecology)
  • Minimally invasive surgery including procedures with the da Vinci® surgical robot, in the area of gynaecology

Use of the daVinci® System in gynaecology:

Since 2011, many of the onco-gynaecological and uro-gynaecological operations performed in the Gynaecology Unit of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany have been performed with the assistance of the da Vinci® Si System surgical robot. The da Vinci® robot surgical system is the latest development in robot-assisted surgery, and is widely used throughout the world in the area of gynaecology. Our gynaecologists have a great deal of experience in all aspects relating to gynaecology.

Main focus of our Gynaecology Unit:

Our main points of focus with regard to gynaecology are:

  • Diagnostic procedures, e.g. bleeding disorders or abdominal pain (laparoscopic examination of uterus and abdominal cavity)
  • Benign growths e.g. polyps, myomas and cysts, usually with minimally invasive surgery
  • Myoma embolisation
  • Embolisation of blood vessels in the area of gynaecology (a tried and tested form of interventional radiology that has been used for decades)
  • Minimally invasive embolisation of uterine myomas, usually a collaboration between gynaecology and radiology
  • Operations for prolapsed bladder and incontinence and prolapsed genitals including implantation of pessaries
  • TVT and TOT and sacrospinous fixation
  • Surgical treatment of breast cancer and breast reconstruction (Breast Centre)
  • Cancers of the female genital organs such as endometrial, cervical and ovarian cancer, and malignant diseases of the vagina. Cervical cancer treatment is one of the focus areas at the Gynecology center in Friedrichshafen.

Gynaecology Out-patients' Centre:

If you have any disorder in the area of gynaecology, you can also consider having treatment at the fertility clinic at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany. Your safety is assured in the highly unlikely event of complications, because, if necessary, we can fall back on the clinic's excellent infrastructure that deals with all aspects of gynaecology.

Should you decide on out-patient treatment of your gynaecology-related problem, you will be thoroughly informed in an appointment with one of our specialists in the Gynaecology Unit.

Procedures in the Gynaecology Out-patients’ Surgical Centre:

  • Laparoscopic examination of the uterus – a common procedure in gynaecology
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic curettage (D&C) – a standard procedure in gynaecology
  • D&C after miscarriage - a standard procedure in gynaecology
  • Conisation (biopsy an after abnormal pap test)
  • Abdominal laparoscopic examination
  • Minor breast surgery
  • Scar correction
  • Surgery in the case of von Bartholin’s cysts and marsupialisation in the case of Bartholin’s abscess

If you have any questions relating to gynaecology, please give us a call. The employees of the Gynaecology Unit are standing by to answer your questions. They are well-versed in all aspects of gynaecology.

We are committed to restoring your health and want you to feel comfortable in the Gynaecology Unit of our clinic in Germany.

Gynaecology in Germany

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Comments and questions

KT 2018-07-14 / 22:53

Hi, do you perform hystersocopic myomectomy (for fibroids)? Thank you.

DE 2018-01-04 / 19:43

Please, I got pain on my left side of my tummy lam, sure is what is stoping ovulation every month. I have been trying to get pregenant for a while now is not happening. Please can I get help? Thanks.

BT 2017-09-10 / 14:29

I have endometrial Ablation done and it has failed . I Jane heamatometra and stenosis of the uterus. Dilation and curettage done but still painful periods as blood is trapped behind uterus because it is blocked . How can doctor help me please

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  • 5300 gramm maximum weight of a newborn
  • 523 patients with pelvic floor disorders were operated

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