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Uterine Cancer Treatment

The present day, uterine cancer is one of the most common malignant diseases affecting the main body of the female reproductive system. This is a dangerous disease, which can cause serious health problems leading to female infertility and even death. That is why it is so important to seek qualified help for diagnosis and subsequent treatment of uterine cancer timely.

The certified Gynecologic Oncology Center of Friedrichshafen Clinic is one of the leading medical centers in Germany involved in the treatment of the uterine cancer. Professor Hans Follert, Doctor of Medicine, is a Manager of the center. The clinic has the latest equipment and technical base allowing conducting high-quality diagnosis and treatment of cancer of the uterus, including the advanced stages of the disease. Upscale doctors with extensive experience in a field of oncology apply in practice the advanced technical and scientific advances to help patients to return to their normal and healthy life.

Uterine Cancer Treatment: New Possibilities

Recent developments in medical technology allow Friedrichshafen Clinic doctors to conduct a highly effective treatment of uterine cancer and other malignant diseases of female reproductive organs. Those revolutionary technologies include using of a robot "Da Vinci", which allows you to avoid the traditional surgery, performing only minimally invasive methods giving a minimum burden on the body of a patient.

This unique apparatus used, among the other, for surgical treatment of uterine cancer, comprises two basic elements: a stand with robotic arms and control panel. During surgery for uterine cancer, surgery instruments including the endoscope are introduced in a patient's body through very small incisions. The surgeon is located behind the control panel adjusting the robot to work with millimeter precision.

It is possible to call apparatus "Da Vinci" a real breakthrough in the field of surgery, because with its help it became possible for the surgeons to perform precise and safe minimally invasive intervention, even in those human body organs that are difficult to access. Using this method, treatment of uterine cancer shows excellent results, thanks to the undisputed advantages of minimally invasive system:

  • The total volume of damage and blood loss decreases and pain after surgery reduces, as the surgical instruments penetrate into the tissue of the patient only minimally;
  • The risk of postoperative infections and complications is also minimized;
  • 3D-imaging of high definition enables the surgeon to control the entire course of the surgery, avoiding any discrepancies.

Please notice, that the Friedrichshafen Clinic is one of a few modern medical centers, using today cutting edge technology "Da Vinci" for treatment of urological diseases, as well as cancers of female reproductive organs, which includes uterine cancer.

Modern methods of treatment of uterine cancer in the Friedrichshafen Clinical Center

Uterine cancer treatment in the Friedrichshafen Clinic is carried out using modern techniques that have proven to be highly effective. Depending on the stage of disease and histological features of the tumor, it might be recommended to patient using the following methods:

  • Surgical treatment of uterine cancer. Using of innovative medical technologies, such as laser- or cryosurgery allows you to remove a malignant tumor in the early stages of development, while preserving the patient's reproductive capabilities of the organism. In more advanced stages may require removal of the entire body together with ovaries, which is carried out by means of ultrasonic ablation, which can also be performed using a minimally invasive technique with famous robot "Da Vinci";
  • Radiotherapy. Procedure of irradiation of cancer cells can be carried out both independently and in addition to the surgical treatment of uterine cancer. Internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy) is widely recognized as one of the most effective treatments for cancer of the uterus;
  • Chemotherapy. In combination with local radiotherapy, chemotherapy can be used to treat uterine cancer in advanced stages. Highly qualified specialists of Friedrichshafen Clinic develop the most effective therapeutic concepts to provide comprehensive care to patients confronted with uterine cancer.

It is worth noting that today the diagnosis of "cancer of the uterus" is no longer a sentence. Treatment of this disease, conducted in number of medical centers in Germany including Friedrichshafen Clinic, proves successful in over then 80% of cases. This high figure is made possible due to the excellent technical equipment of hospitals, enabling them to carry out complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of the highest efficiency. Experience of oncologists and surgeons, who are constantly improving their own skills, also plays a crucial role in the successful treatment of uterine cancer and the other kinds of cancers in gynecology.

Treatment of uterine cancer

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