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Medical second opinion: New service for foreign patients!

A new medical tele-counseling service has been launched at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen this year. The program aims at giving the international patients more information and beneficial alternatives in managing their health condition in a most cost-effective way!

The Clinic of Friedrichshafen has recently set up a new service of medical counselling, called «second opinion». This new telemedicine solution, initiated by the administrative board of the clinic, has become especially popular among the international patients, since it allows getting prompt medical evaluation of your case through the top German specialists. The remote «second opinion service» is important for five major reasons:

  • You receive the medical information about your individual case in proper time.
  • You avoid the consequences of erroneous treatment or «overtreatment».
  • You can learn about the alternative methods of treatment and make an informed decision.
  • The physician, who renders the «second opinion» can share this information with your doctor.
  • Cost effective solution: In 50% of all cases the extra traveling costs are scrapped. You can better plan your treatment budget.

The international patients, who apply for the medical «second opinion» service benefit from the experience of the German physicians or surgeons, their expertise, unique qualifications and substantial scientific background. Due to the close collaboration with the biggest university hospitals in Baden-Württemberg (in Heidelberg and Tubingen), the technologically advanced, scientifically-funded, interdisciplinary and holistic approaches are exercised during the case estimation and remote counseling.

MD Claus F. Fieseler

MD Claus F. Fieseler
Head of the Urology and Nephrology Department

Prof MD Eugene Winter

Prof MD Eugene Winter
Head of the Orthopedic Department of Clinic Friedrichshafen

Prof DM I. Kaare Tesdal

Prof DM I. Kaare Tesdal
Head of the Radiological Department

Prof MD Christian Arnold

Prof MD Christian Arnold
Head of the Gastrological Department

The biggest number of «second opinion» cases are processed by the Department of urology, pediatric urology and urologic oncology, headed by MD Claus F. Fieseler, the Orthopaedic department, led by Prof. E. Winter, the Radiology diagnostics department, guided by Prof. DM. I. K. Tesdal and the Department of Gastrology guided by Prof MD Christian Arnold. Your personal information is treated highly confidentially, which means that only the medical specialists from the expert team at Friedrichshafen has access to the data you send for getting a second opinion.

The «second opinion» for everyone: There can be no boundaries for medical help!

The Clinic of Friedrichshafen exercises the policy of openness, which means that every patient in the world can get a direct access to the «second opinion» service as quickly as possible. Today the following keywords dominate the medical surrounding of Friedrichshafen:

  • Teleradiology: Estimation of the radiological data (PET-CT, MRI, X-rays etc.), sent by an international patient in order to get the second opinion.
  • Telehistology: Estimation of pathological specimen by two experts of Friedrichshafen in order to rule out or confirm the oncology diagnosis.
  • «Written second opinion» - is usually rendered by a chief physician and sent personally to a patient or to another specialist.

If you need a complimentary second opinion, you have to follow several simple steps. We endeavor to make this way as easy as possible for you and eagerly overtake the organizational procedures. All in, the following 4 steps lie between you and the German specialist, who can estimate your case in an objective and non-biased way:

  • STEP 1: Send a request, using a contact form on our website. After filling in the medical history questionnaire, your case will be matched to an appropriate specialist or an expert pannel of the Friedrichshafen clinic, who always aim at finding the optimal solution of your medical problem. Only the chief physicians (experts in the required medical fields) are involved into the counselling process.
  • STEP 2: You send us copies of your medical records and previous diagnostic results in English or German. You can decide with your local physicians, which documents should be sent to a German expert. We can also gladly consult you on determining, which medical information could be relevant and helpful for case evaluation and issuing the «second opinion». For many cases it is advisable to forward the MRI, CT, arteriograms, myelograms, up-to-date blood tests or pathology specimen. You can send us the relevant information via an international courier or post. To share the digital information, you can also use one of the cloud storage providers. Call us for more information: +49 7541 97 82 751.
  • STEP 3: After sending a request and the medical documents, you get an official letter of invoice from the clinic. Fees, charged for second-opinion are always discussed in advance. The cost of the second opinion is determined with the view to the complexity grade of your individual case and the number of specialists involved into the second opinion procedure. Only after the payment process has been completed can the case estimation begin.
  • STEP 4: You get a second opinion either per E-mail or in written form. It is also possible to discuss the opinion with the specialist, who has issued the «second opinion» by phone or via Skype. If you decide to schedule the private consultation at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen, your request will be forwarded to the International office.

If you are in doubt about the diagnosis, a recommended surgery or the method of treatment, you can always get a qualified second opinion from the experienced specialist, who is a chief physician at one of the departments at the Friedrichshafen Clinic. The recent survey has shown that the «second opinion» service, obtained in Germany, in 30% of all cases results in different diagnosis and more gentle treatment. Don’t compromise your health or health of your nearest and dearest and use the new chance to get accurate estimation of your case.

We wish you quick recovery and look forward to helping you receive the most accurate and informative «second opinion»!

Apply for a medical second opinion service

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