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Treatment in Germany: Top Clinic Friedrichshafen

Patients from all over the world place their trust in the highly developed healthcare system in Germany, which, due to the accomplishments of medical science and the quality of medical healthcare, ranks among the best healthcare in the world. The annual number of visitors who travel to Germany for treatment abroad is rising constantly.

The quality of healthcare in Germany is among the best in the world. Highly qualified medical staff, continual improvements in diagnostics and treatment methods, clinics, rehabilitation and rehabilitation centres equipped with state of the art healthcare equipment – these factors ensure well-deserved international trust in healthcare in Germany.

Why is healthcare in Germany the best decision for your health?

The high standard of medical, pharmacological and prosthetic healthcare in Germany offers foreign patients healthcare of exceptionally high quality.

Three factors in favour of healthcare in Germany:

A high degree of professionalism by healthcare physicians in Germany, due to excellent, qualified training

In Germany, future medical specialists face a tough battle for acceptance at a university, 6 years of hard academic study and another 6 years of practical training. Only then can they work as physicians in the healthcare system in Germany.

Clinic equipment and setup in Germany

Medical technology at hospitals in Germany enables precise diagnostics and efficient therapy for healthcare in Germany, especially in innovative advanced medicine. To ensure that diagnostics and therapy improve continually, clinics in Germany are equipped with state of the art healthcare equipment in all specialist departments for each field of medicine - hence our claim of excellent quality in healthcare in Germany.

Comfortable in-patient rehabilitation in Germany

Intensive rehabilitation is a very important element of healthcare in Germany, because it enables complete recovery. The purpose of this healthcare measure is restoration of the patient’s quality of life. We have therefore created exclusive clinics and rehabilitation ambulatories, with comfortable living conditions and special nutritional methods.

Friedrichshafen Clinic – modern medicine

Our clinic offers an exceptionally high standard of modern healthcare Germany. With 11 specialist departments and 5 centres, it is the largest hospital in the Upper Swabia region of Germany.

Qualified, committed healthcare staff, innovative medicine, interdisciplinary conduct and specialist physicians, specialist centres, patient-oriented service, individual nursing and sensitive counselling for patients and their dependents ensure an unusually high level of patient satisfaction.

Our main focus is

  • General, visceral and vascular surgery
  • Trauma medicine, orthopaedics and endoprosthetics
  • Urology, paediatric urology, uro-oncology
  • Gastroenterology, oncology, endocrinology, diabetology
  • Cardiology, angiology
  • Neurological disorders
  • Paediatric clinic, perinatal centre, paediatric psychosomatic medicine
  • Gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Anaesthesiology, intensive care medicine, emergency medicine, pain medicine
  • Institute for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
  • Da Vinci Centre
  • Breast Centre
  • Mother and Child Centre
  • Therapy Centre
  • Community Health Centre

Our interdisciplinary healthcare centres in Germany also offer holistic examination and therapy methods.

Treatment of foreign patients in Germany

The comprehensive scope of treatment available at the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany has led to years of experience in treating international patients, particularly regarding orthopaedics, urology and oncology.

Our services for foreign patients:

  • Initial consultation: telephonic, written or personal via headquarters in Germany or offices in Germany or abroad, to clarify the medical symptoms/patient’s wishes
  • Evaluation of the patient’s current medical health report, if available
  • If no report is available, an appointment is arranged for diagnostics and/or initial examination (if desired)
  • The medical report is forwarded to appropriate specialist hospitals with a request for an estimate and suggested appointments
  • Coordination/agreement of appointments for examinations
  • Trip organisation including booking flights, arranging accommodation and support regarding visa
  • Organisation of transfers in Germany: airport shuttle, transport to and from the clinic for appointments, etc.
  • Qualified interpreting in the patient’s native language, for appointments and examinations
  • Consideration of the patient’s cultural, religious and psychological needs
  • Organisation of qualified in-patient rehabilitation as necessary
  • Translation - (final) medical reports into the patient’s native language
  • Arrangement of follow-up care in the patient’s home country: we will answer the patient’s questions any time, so that he feels secure

A foreign patient’s decision to have medical treatment in one of our clinics shows high expectations and indicates much trust in the healthcare system in Germany, the specialists and the quality of healthcare.

Private and optional service patients are accommodated in the Komfortplus stations which offer a “plus” in services and comfort. Here, we pay particular attention to providing pleasant, effective nursing and service. Rooms have Internet access at the beds and multilingual television, and one or two beds. Patients can order dishes from their home country, and current international newspapers daily. An interpreter will accompany the patient during all important examinations and procedures, and clarify any questions he/she might have.

A trusting relationship between the physician and the patient is very important to us. We want you and your visitors to feel at home. As a patient, you will enjoy excellent healthcare, humane attention and friendliness. You will feel safe and well cared for during your stay. We are interested in hearing your desires, your questions and your suggestions. Please feel free to approach us.

More and more people from the Russian Federation, the USA and the Arab countries are prepared to travel abroad for medical treatment at the clinics in Germany.

Medical tourists from all over the world cite extremely high medical fees or a poor standard of medical care in their home countries as the main reasons why they decide to have medical treatment abroad. The first reason applies mainly to Western Europeans and Americans, and the second reason applies mostly to patients from Eastern Europe, including Russians, who elect to have medical treatment abroad.

According to statistics, the medical services most in demand from those seeking treatment abroad are in the areas of orthopaedics, urology, oncology, cardiology, neurology, gynaecology and obstetrics. In the opinion of the majority of medical tourists, Germany has the best price-performance ratio when it comes to treatment abroad, particularly in respect of the quality of care received, the competence and the sense of responsibility of the medical staff and the level of comfort available in the hospitals.

There has been a long tradition of outstanding medical accomplishment in Germany, a factor that affects the patients' choice regarding treatment abroad. Today people travel abroad from all over the world in order to take advantage of the excellent medical care offered in German clinics. If you are considering having medical treatment abroad, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Surgical procedures of all kinds and safe, comfortable childbirth are among the wide range of medical services available.

The German healthcare system holds fourth place in the world-wide comparison of the best health systems. Patients from anywhere in the world, who decide on treatment abroad, receive medical care of the highest quality in Germany – from acute illness right through to complete rehabilitation.

Germany has earned its position among the top four healthcare systems, due to the unique network of medical science, research, industry and clinical treatment. Many of our renowned clinics and physicians are explicitly focused on and specifically adjusted to the treatment of guest patients from abroad.

Short waiting times and excellent supplementary services make travelling to Germany for medical treatment just as attractive as the great German tourism offers during your stay abroad. The healthy climate, abundant nature and rich cultural and shopping options all contribute to the fact that both you and your family will feel at home during your treatment abroad.

Our services

As an International Patient Service provider (IPS), we act as a link between German physicians and patients from all over the world, who opt for treatment abroad.

Medical treatment in Germany is characterised by:

  • the latest in medical technology and the resultant ever-improving diagnostic and treatment methods
  • highly qualified medical personnel
  • the latest technical equipment in the clinics, private practices and rehabilitation centres

Should you decide on treatment abroad, our International Patient Service will help you to select the right specialist.

Our team is dedicated to finding "your physician" for you so that you are able to look back on your treatment abroad with satisfaction.

For clients who decide on treatment abroad, we offer the following range of services:

  • Translation of the medical documentation received abroad
  • An interpreter to accompany you both during consultations and at other times, to make your stay abroad easier
  • Help with formalities such as visas etc. that are required for treatment abroad
  • Organisation of your accommodation both in the clinic and in hotels, as required
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel/clinic etc.

For your treatment abroad, Germany offers more than just first-class medical care.

Other attractive facets are:

Cultural events, tours, wellness and much more – our team would be glad to advise you, support you in terms of organisation and accompany you as required.

Our International Patient Service offers you effective programmes for medical assistance in most areas of medicine for your treatment abroad.

In the clinics that we recommend for your treatment abroad, all patients enjoy a standard of care that matches the best in the world, and the use of the latest medical technologies.

As independent experts in the area of medical management, we enable our patients, who opt for treatment abroad, the optimal choice of leading clinics under all kinds of management (university clinics, private clinics) which all have extensive experience and a wide range of treatment options for specific disorders or illnesses.

We are sure that the first-class medical treatment that you will receive in our clinic in Germany, coupled with the attentive, friendly manner of the physicians and medical personnel will be of great help to you in overcoming your health problems. You will also greatly appreciate the efficient supply of the necessary medicines and aids that will you require in the period after you are discharged from the clinic, and the fastidious, all-round organisation of your stay abroad.

Treatment abroad is a common phenomenon in many countries, including the US, the UK and Canada. This trend has existed for many years and it is often referred to as “health tourism” or “medical tourism”. According to the statistics, some 750.000 Americans opt to undergo treatment abroad every year, and this number is expected to reach 1 million in the next few years.

Patients, who consider medical treatment in the developing countries such as India, Thailand and South America, risk facing a lower level of hygiene, service and more importantly the lower quality of medical treatment. This will not be the case in Germany, which makes Germany the best alternative for the British, American, Canadian patients as well as patients from the Middle East seeking treatment abroad,actually here in Germany.

During treatment in Germany, doctors are very strict about the notion of "medical error". In Germany, every doctor carries moral, material and even criminal responsibility if there are facts confirming his unprofessional actions during the treatment of patients. Therefore, every doctor with all responsibility approaches to conducting diagnostic activities and performing surgical operations.

Of all destinations, the region of Lake Constance is a very lucrative opportunity to arrange the medical treatment in a form of vacation. The city of Friedrichshafen is located on the northern shore of Lake Constance in an ideal location, almost opposite Austria and Switzerland. The region on Lake Constance is therefore also referred to as a tri-border region.

The hospital of the city of Friedrichshafen is one of the most modern medical facilities in the entire region and is considered a symbol of modern technical progress in connection with the high medical expertise.

In particular, this medical expertise is one of the key features of why foreign patients often opt for the Friedrichshafeb Clinic when choosing medical treatment in Germany.

One of the special features of the hospital is the state-of-the-art comfort station, which is available to foreign patients. The typical hospital atmosphere remains outside, the guest is here as in a good hotel with a wonderful view of Lake Constance.

Germany has always been one of the top addresses for high-quality medical care. Many patients from all over the world come to Germany to undergo a medical treatment. The reason for it is the internationally recognised high level of medical treatment in Germany. It includes complex surgeries such as knee and hip replacement, the treatment of heart diseases as well as all types of cancer treatment. The tradition of receiving medical education in the university clinics has contributed to the high standard of medical treatment in Germany. Non-essential surgeries are also carried out on the highest level.

Hospitals in Germany offer medical treatment by well-trained and experienced specialists as well as advanced and innovative technology and high level medical treatment at surprisingly competitive prices, especially compared to the costs of the similar treatment in the US. The cost of surgery in the US is often three times as high as of the same treatment in Germany. For example, hip replacement costs $50,000 in the US and only approximately EUR 16,000 in Germany. Heart bypass costs $144,000 in the US and only approximately EUR 20,000 in Germany. The cost of a flight to Germany is normally under $1000. Therefore, if you choose Germany for your medical treatment you will be able to save thousands of dollars! For more information on pricing, please, check the table below.

Prices for medical treatment in Germany

Medical procedure USA Germany
Heart bypass $145,000 €20,000
Angioplasty $58,000 €6,000
Heart valve replacement $170,000 €21,000
Pacemaker $35,000 €12,000
Knee replacement $50,000 €17,500
Hip replacement $50,000 €16,000
Prostate cancer surgery, DaVinchi Method $65,000 €18,000
In-Vitro Fertilization $25,000 €5,000
Lap band $30,000 €15,000
Dental implant $4,000 €1,000

Medical treatment in Germany has one more important advantage: you will undergo your treatment in a European country with a familiar European culture. In addition to that, in many clinics the staff and physicians speak excellent English!

Thus treatment in Germany, e.g. in the Friedrichshafen clinic, situated on picturesque Lake Constance, has following advantages for you as a foreign patient: 1) a lower price 2) an excellent quality of medical treatment, which is probably even better than in the patient’s country of origin 3) state-of-art medical equipment 4) organizing trip is easy, no visa needed. 5) familiar European culture.

Health Destination in Friedrichshafen

This Clinic was founded about 100 years ago and enjoys an extensive experience in treatment of almost all the diseases. The Medical Campus on the Lake Constance encompasses 23 departments and clinical centers, which build up an excellent medical chain. Thousands of patients from different corners of the world come to Friedrichshafen in the search for qualified treatment at reasonable price. Among them are those who don’t have a medical insurance in their own country or is on the waiting list for life-saving surgery. Excellent treatment at the fifth of the cost is especially tantalizing for patients from Canada, Saudi Arabia and the US. People also come to our country looking for procedures or techniques, which are not offered in their native country.

What patients guaranteed obtain at the Friedrichshafen Clinic at are:

  • Quality standards for medical treatment. European quality
  • Lower costs for medical treatment
  • Extensive research prior to any treatment
  • Highly technological treatment process
  • Controlled pharmaceuticals
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Supreme patient care

Friedrichshafen Hospital cooperates with the University Clinic in Tubingen and is able to offer high standard treatment to all who needs it. The distinct virtue of Friedrichshafen Clinic is the implementation of the medical breakthroughs in their practice. The remarkable low risk of postoperative complications is due to minimal-invasive techniques and computer-assisted medical technologies.We constantly upgrade our facilities to be able to offer the individual and effective treatment.

We are a public sector hospital and are geared up to give equally qualified medical services both to the German and the international patients. A crucial step is to call us and to get all the important information about the further treatment in Germany.

Our International Patient Service (IPS) serves as a connective link between the medical experts in Germany and foreign patients, and possesses a lot of experience as far as international patient management in Germany is concerned. After you have sent us your inquiry, your medical documents will be forwarded to one of our specialists. As soon as they have given their professional opinion on your individual case, IPS will prepare cost estimates for a medical treatment in our clinic in Friedrichshafen, Germany. IPS also facilitates communication between the specialist and the patient during his or her preparation for their medical tour. IPS also offers assistance as far as pick up and translation services during the stay are concerned.

If you have any questions concerning treatment at the clinics in Germany, please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact details: +49 7541 97 82 751, email: .

Treatment in Germany

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