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The department of internal medicine, surgery and dermatology of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany offers treatment for the wide range of skin diseases. DM Rudolf Schiele, who has more than 30 years of professional experience, is the Head of this department.

Computer-navigated and microscopic controlled surgery in Friedrichshafen Clinic

The doctors of Friedrichshafen Center in Germany offer this treatment method for such skin diseases as basalioma, carcinoma and melanoma. It allows resection of deeply located tumors with minimal damage of surrounding tissues.

The main idea of this treatment method is layer-by-layer tumor dissection with further analysis under the microscope. The procedure lasts until all atypical cells are removed.

Such surgical treatment takes about 4 hours. This method gives our patients the following advantages:

  • good cosmetic effect;
  • low damage to surrounding tissues;
  • ability to cure relapsing tumors;
  • low risk of complications;
  • low risk of local relapse and metastasis.

Due the new system of computer navigation, the surgery treatment has become 3 times as efficient as previously.

Surgery in Germany is your chance to forget about the health problem.

Phototherapy for skin diseases in Germany

Phototherapy method is prescribed for such skin diseases, as neurodermitis, psoriasis, Urticaria, atopic dermatitis, eczema, alopecia. Such treatment is performed by ultraviolet rays from special emitters. The doctors in Germany came to a conclusion that the safest beams are UVB 311nm. Therefore we use discharge lamps that generate such beams.

Phototherapy is prescribed in courses with individual duration. Usually it takes a few sessions per week.

The effects of phototherapy for skin diseases include:

  • the stimulation of metabolic processes;
  • immunomodulatory action;
  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • general tonic effect.

Photodynamic treatment in Germany

The doctors of Friedrichshafen Clinic use photodynamic method for the treatment of malignant skin tumors and some contagious processes. This method is based on the sensitivity of pathologic cells to some photosensitisers. A photosensitiser is a safe emitter of non-ionizing radiation that can be absorbed by a target cell and ignored by healthy tissues.

The procedure of photodynamic treatment of skin diseases consists of two stages:

  1. Photosensitiser application. Depending on the pathology the agent is applied on the damaged area or taken orally. Target cells need some time to collect enough photosensitiser.
  2. Photosensitiser Activation. The beams directed at target area activate the collected matter that breaks metabolic and respiratory processes in the cell, killing it.

Therefore using phototherapy causes the destruction of atypical cells. This treatment method is safe for healthy cells.

Photophoresis in Friedrichshafen Center

Photophoresis is used to cure inflammatory and contagious skin diseases in Friedrichshafen center. This method is a combination of laser therapy and drugs that allows breaking the skin protective barrier and affect metabolic processes in derma.

Laser radiation is directed at the pathology area. This improves metabolic processes, medication absorption and its delivery to pathological cells.

Photophoresis is also used as a preventive method against wrinkles, strains and other age defects.

Laser surgery for skin diseases in Germany

Benign and malignant tumors require laser surgery. This is a noninvasive technique of removing damaged tissues. The surgeons of our center use highly precise laser apparatus for resecting skin tumors. This method is preferable for skin diseases treatment because:

  • There is no blood loss;
  • It provides good cosmetic effect;
  • It is quick;
  • It provides zero chances for spreading the tumor cells by the blood flow;
  • It doesn’t require anesthesia;
  • Healthy tissues are not damaged during the surgery.

Moreover laser gives antibacterial and immunomodulatory effect, stimulates skin regeneration and prevents inflammation development after skin diseases treatment.

If you faced any kind of skin problem or have questions concerning treatment abroad, our specialists at Clinic of Friedrichshafen would be glad to give you a helpful hand.

Skin diseases

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Comments and questions

HD 2018-07-09 / 22:49

My husband is suffering from skin diseases for about 10yrs and we visited many hospital outside the country. He can not sleep at night and now his face start swelling. We need to come to ur clinic for proper treatment.

SH 2018-04-05 / 17:36

I am from Pakistan and I am suffering from skin problem since 5-6 years. I have pigmentation on my face - yellow black brown patches and coloured disordered like yellow brown black patches. I have done many treatments in Pakistan, but no result improvement. Plz will you treat me? If yes kindly inform me. I can come to your country.

AJ 2017-12-09 / 18:23

Hopping that you are fine.

I would shortly explain about my brothers skin case.For about four years now He has been suffering the kind of disease which makes his skin swollen and his tongue is also swollen where when he is asleep he bites himself .Hhistorically he once lived nearby copper minning cites in Congo. Please, I have the videos and other documents of his medical records which were made during his medical checkup in India and I can produce to you as preliminary medical tips before coming there in Germany for further treatments taking into considerations that his healthy state is setting more worse .I will be glad if you get me your email so that I will be able to send you short clips about his proplems.

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