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The Center of Reproduction in Friedrichshafen (Germany) offers only the latest and the most advanced methods of male and female treatment. In vitro fertilizaton (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), performed at the clinic of Friedrichshafen are charaterized with higher success rares ( more than 40%) due tot he compliance with the strict European standards. Annually we perform about 800 IVF and ICSI cycles, with every second of them ending in healthy pregnancy. Head of the Reproductive Department is MD Hans-Walter Vollert, an experienced gynecologist whose main specialization area being assisted reproduction (ART). 2015 the IVF Center at Friedrichshafen was awarded with the European quality certification.

Currently the following ART techniques are most commonly performed at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen:

  • Diagnosis of infertility
  • IVF (in vitro fertilization)
  • ICSI (IVF)
  • IMSI (IVF with morphological sperm selection)
  • Artificial insemination
  • Cryopreservation
  • Laser assisted Hatching
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

ICSI compared to IVF

ICSI is an innovative technology that is used as assisted reproductive technique to boost the IVF pregnancy chances. In vitro fertilization with ICSI consists in the introduction of sperm directly into the cytoplasm of the ovum. The procedure is done by an experienced embryologist with the help of powerful microscope. Prior to ICSI the specialist selects the most viable sperm, immobilizes it with a special tool, pierces the shell of the egg and injects ist into the sperm.

The day after the extraction of the eggs and ICSI the specialist defines how many eggs have been fertilized. After 2 or 3 days the fertilized eggs become ready for transfer into the uterus.

The clinical studies of the efficiency of IVF with ICSI demonstrate that this technology is especially efficient in case of poor sperm quality. This technique offers the chance of fatherhood to men who suffer from severe form of infertility.

Indications for IVF with ICSI

The specialists of the Clinic at Friedrichshafen recommend IVF with ICSI in the following cases:

  • Pathological changes in the sperm: oligozoospermia (critically low sperm count in the ejaculate), azoospermia (complete absence of sperm in the semen) teratospermia (critically large number of abnormal sperm that can not fertilize an egg).
  • Failed attempts of the classical IVF. It is believed that in some women after 40 the egg shell is thicker so that normal spermatozoa are not able to fertilize it is. In this case, IVF with ICSI is an ideal solution to the problem.
  • Immunological female body's reaction to the male sperm. Sometimes there are cases when a woman's body responds to the sperm as to the foreign agent. In this case IVF without ICSI could prove to be inefficient.

It is important to realize that ICSI pregnancies can occur even in complex and even incurable forms of male infertility - for example, the retrograde ejaculation. In the latter case, viable sperm in urine sediment is successfully used for ICSI fertilization. If the semen contains no sperm at all (aspermia), a biopsy or testicular puncture is performed (TESA or MESA sperm retrieval).

At the Clinic of Friedrichshafen ICSI is performed with the help of the advanced optical systems and the latest micromanipulators (2014 release), which allows to achieve higher precision during the ICSI or IVF.

IMSI for more pregnancy chances

The team of highly motivated specialists at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen is dedicated to the implementing the most advanced techniques of reproductive assistance. Since 2012 we widely implement the new IMSI technology. IMSI is a more refined and accurate technique, compared to ICSI. If the standard ICSI procedure (selection of vital sperm) is performed at a magnification of 400 times, the selection of sperm with the IMSI is done at a magnification of 6300 times. Special optical-electronic equipment is implemented to achieve such accuracy in computer-assisted sperm selection.

In particularly difficult cases the selection of normal sperm may require hours of work. All these efforts are aimed at increasing the probability of occurrence and the normal development of the pregnancy. IMCI helps to increase the pregnancy chances by 15%.

Prices for IVF with ICSI

The average IVF cycle price in Germany is calculated individually and makes up about 6000-7000 euro. This sum includes the primary diagnosis and hormone stimulation of a woman as well as the cultivation and transfer of the embryos. The price for IVF is ICSI is higher and accounts for about 10000-13000 euro. This is due to the fact that IVF with ICSI presupposes special retrieval and selection of vital sperm. IMSI would cost at least 11 000 euro. The selection of spermatozoa with IMSI is a more prolonged process, but also pretty cost-effective process.

You have questions about reproductive technologies in Germany or need more information about IVF and ICSI prices? The specialists at the International office of the Clinic of Friedrichshafen would be glad to consult you and help to organize the infertility treatment abroad. We are looking forward to your call.


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Is it allowed foreigners to do it in Germany? If it is possible, can we use my boyfriend's sperm combine my sister's egg? P.S. I'm gay and my sister is lesbian

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