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In vitro fertilization is the most commonly used assisted reproductive technology in Germany. Our IVF centre under the guidance of Professor Dr. med. Hans-Walter Vollert, is a part of a gynecological department of the multidisciplinary clinic in Friedrichshafen. Annually our team performs about 3 000 IVF procedures, achieving the unprecedented success rate (more than 45% in the first IVF attempt).

The section of reproductive medicine has at its disposal all the necessary devices, methods and brilliant qualifications to carry out the insemination, fertilization as well as such procedures as ICSI and IMSI at a top medical level. Freezing and storage of biological material allows us to preserve cells, which gives you the right to plan your family.

Indications for IVF treatment

IVF Treatment

Gynaecology in Germany is a real possibility to bring your dream into reality and to become parents of a nice healthy child. Indications for IVF infertility treatment are:

  • the absence or obstruction of the fallopian tubes,
  • endocrine infertility with the ineffectiveness of the hormonal treatment,
  • infertility caused by endometriosis,
  • male factor infertility (azoospermia),
  • unexplained infertility.

The process of IVF at the fertility clinics in Germany goes through a series of stages. We have all the necessary devices, methods and brilliant qualifications to carry out the insemination, fertilization as well as such procedures as ICSI and IMSI at a top medical level. Freezing and storage of biological material allows us to preserve cells, which gives you the right to plan your family.

Stages of IVF treatment in Germany

IVF Treatment

IVF fertility clinic in Germany performs several stages of fertilization. Comprehensive diagnosis is an important step prior to the IVF treatment. Main medical conditions are taken into account e.g. the age of the expectant mother, the clinical story, etc.. All the possible risks and chances are discussed with the expert.

The main diagnostic procedures which are to be performed prior to in vitro fertilization in Germany (IVF) are

  • the study of the hormonal status,
  • ultrasound check tubal patency using a contrasting sonography (hysteroscopy),
  • general laboratory diagnostics,
  • special laboratory diagnostics,
  • semen, bacteriological, virological and serological studies,
  • genetic and immunological diagnostics etc.

If the conservative or surgical treatment of infertility proved to be inefficient, the German specialists advise the IVF procedures which imply the following steps:

  1. The stimulation of the ovaries. A woman makes herself injections of hormonal drugs that lead to maturing in her ovaries of 10 or more eggs. This allows the specialist to fertilize several eggs and get a few embryos, which increases the success chances. The dosage and mode of use of hormonal agents as well as the ovarian response to administered drug are closely monitored by a gynecologist through repeated ultrasound examinations.
  2. Extraction of the oocyte. This is a mini-operation, which is carried out under intravenous anesthesia. The doctor prescribes a puncture of ovarian follicles once the follicle reaches the desired size. Oocyte is being taken out by aspiration of follicular fluid with a special needle; the entire process is controlled by ultrasound equipment. Content of extracted follicle is being examined under a stereomicroscope for the availability and quality of the oocytes. Then they are being wash out from follicular fluid and placed in the test tubes with a nutrient medium (IVF clinic often uses Petri dishes for this).
  3. Preparation of sperm. On the day of egg retrieval from the ovary man delivers sperm. Only the most agile and healthy sperms are selected for the IVF procedure. Each egg, which is received from a woman is surrounded with a portion of sperm.
  4. The embryology part. Embryologists inject sperm into the oocyte "by hand" using special IVF microsurgery tools. After fertilization of the oocyte - the embryo is transferred to a special tube, where the development of the fetus takes place in the special culture medium. Modern IVF clinics in Germany are equipped with CO2 incubators with PH-control system.
  5. Fertilization. The embryo incubation lasts from 2 to 6 days. Embryo transfer into the uterus is performed through a thin catheter, inserted through the cervix into the uterus. Pregnancy is determined 14 days after transplantation. The remaining embryos can be frozen and stored for future use. The cost of the whole IVF cycle makes about 6 000-7 000 euro (incl. the diagnosis and hormone medication).

Assisted laser hatching (ALH) makes IVF more efficient

The egg or the embryo is surrounded with a solid shell, the so-called zona pellucida. When the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage in the course of its development, it must slip out of this shell to nestle in the womb. Sometimes this shell is "hardened" or exceptionally thick, so it is imposible for the embryo to get implanted after the IVF difficult transfer. In these cases the zona pellucida is thinned with laser to facilitate the growing of embryo and thus the implantation.

Why is it worth trying the IVF in Germany?

IVF Treatment

More than 4 million children living today on our planet were conceived with the help of in vitro or other assisted reproductive technology. Clinical center of Friedrichshafen successfully cooperates with the leading reproductive clinics and family planning centers in Germany, which allows finding effective solutions for each male or female infertile patient.

We do not only provide the appropriate IVF treatment of infertility at the highest level of competence, but also guarantees the moral and psychological support necessary for the successful pregnancy.

Besides, the IVF clinic in Germany seeks to minimize potential risks during the IVF pregnancy and monitors your case after you have leaved the clinic. Many couples who have lost hope of becoming parents, live happy with one, two or even three IVF children. Do not hesitate anymore and come to Germany for IVF treatment.

Do you have questions?

Should you have any questions, concerning the IVF procedure, reproductive specialists and IVF costs, we would be glad to answer them during the primary phone consultation: +49 7541 97-82-751

IVF Treatment

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NH 2020-11-20 / 02:30

I m physician works in New York my age is 52y and I m married for 10 y and not able to conceive.
I still getting my cycle regularly and ovulating and did not enter menopause according to the blood work
I need to come for IVF.
Please advise me, thank you.

RR 2019-04-13 / 17:54

I have problem of tube blockage and I want to conceive through IVF in your hospital. So can u plz tell me the details and cost so I can set my program to come and visit your hospital.

MN 2019-03-07 / 12:39

Good morning,
i am interested in IVF services with own oocytes. Could you please provide me with your prices for IVF treatment and the list of all the necessary examinations?

JM 2019-02-11 / 09:56

I am interested in having IVF here in Germany. Any information would be nice.
Thank you.

MK 2019-01-30 / 07:22

I am 33 years old. The first cycle of my ivf failed. The doctor said the quality of the eggs are not good and they are in bad form. What should i do to have a successful cycle? How can i improve the quality of the eggs?

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