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Neurology department of Friedrichshafen Clinic

The neurology department of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany also offers therapy for chronic neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer disease. The typical neurologic diseases include stroke and epilepsy. Our neurology clinic provides efficient treatment and rehabilitation after the stroke. The specialists of our neurology clinic provide efficient treatment for Parkinson disease. Moreover, our clinic accepts patients suffering from neurology inflammatory diseases such as brain fever, shingles or Lyme disease. The treatment of back bone diseases that affect spinal cord and nearby nerveroots is usually performed in collaboration with colleagues from neurosurgery department or our clinic. Such diseases include vertebral disc prolapse, spinal stenosis.

Stroke and Parkinson disease diagnostics and treatment in Neurology Clinic of Friedrichshafen

The typical symptoms of these diseases include lameness or sense shock, speech disorders, trembling, stiffness, headache, balance disorders, as well as neurodynia and the loss of muscle mass. In case of severe display of the aforementioned symptoms the patient must be delivered to the hospital emergently.

One of the specializations of our neurology clinic is treatment after severe strokes. There is a special hospital room where patients are constantly monitored by medical personnel of our neurology clinic. In case of need, all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed immediately. Successful after-stroke treatment is impossible without precise diagnostics. For this purpose our neurology clinic in Germany has the newest equipment for a wide range of diagnostic procedures such as:

  • ultrasonic examination of cerebral cervical vessels (extracranial and intracranial Doppler sonography and duplex scanning);
  • measuring electric activity of the brain - electroencephalogram (EEG) during 24 hours after the stroke, using video recording.

The diagnostics of other neurologic diseases in our neurology clinic in Germany is performed by numerous kinds of electric measurements, such as the registration of evoked potentials or neurography:

  • AEP - acoustic evoked potentials (neurology treatment);
  • VEP - visual evoked potentials (neurology treatment);
  • MEP - motor evoked potentials (neurology treatment );
  • NLG - measuring of nerve conduction velocity.

Specialists of our neurology clinic in Germany also perform tests for checking the functions of nerves in limbs, as well as the conduction of these impulses to the brain. Moreover, the muscles can be examined to see the consequences of neurologic diseases that must be distinguished from the actual muscle diseases. The doctors of Friedrichshafen neurology clinic in Germany use electromyography (EMG) method for this.

Neurology. Stroke, Parkinson disease treatment in Germany. Neurology clinic.

The treatment of Parkinson disease in our neurology clinic is also prescribed after thorough diagnostic research. This is a slowly progressing neurology disease. It belongs to a group of degenerative diseases of extrapyramidal system. Currently there is no cure for the reason of Parkinson disease. However, the treatment of symptoms in our neurology clinic becomes more and more effective. Thanks to this our patients get ability to live the full life during the first years or even decades of disease development.

The most popular methods used for the stroke diagnostics such as CT, angiography, MRT and DSA (digital subtraction angiography) are also performed in our neurology clinic. Our surgeons perform endovascular surgical interventions (such as intraarterial fibrinosysis, carotid arteries stenting) together with specialists from radiology department of our clinic.

In a team with the vascular surgery department the neurology clinic offers open surgeries on carotid arteries. Such interventions are performed, when there is a risk of a stroke due to the narrowing of the vessels, or there have already been disorders of cerebral blood flow.

Together with vascular surgery department our neurology clinic performs the diagnostics of the cardiac rhythm disorders that lead to a stroke (for instance, using the implantation of “Event-Recorder” ECG device) with further treatment by modern therapeutic methods (ablation).

If you have faced any neurological problems, we will be glad to offer you modern methods of treatment in Germany.

Neurology department

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Prof DM Roman Huber
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