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Neurology is the study of the nervous system and the diseases that affect it. Our Clinic for Neurology in Friedrichshafen, Germany deals with patients with disorders of the brain, meninges, spinal cord, nerves and muscles. Such disorders fall into the category of neurology. Our Clinic for Neurology has the latest equipment for the examination of neurological disorders. Typical disorders treated by our Clinic for Neurology are stroke, epilepsy, chronic degenerative disorders (Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s). Many of the patients treated at our Neurology Clinic have pathogen-borne diseases e.g. meningitis, shingles or tick-borne diseases or disorders of the spinal cord (herniated discs and spinal canal stenosus).

Our Neurology Clinic is experienced in all types of neurological disorders. You can trust us in all aspects of neurology and neurology-related disorders.

Our Neurology Clinic in Germany is standing by to deal with any type of neurological disorders. Typical symptoms of diseases that fall within the scope of neurology are paralysis or disturbances of sensation, stiffness, shaking, imbalance, dizziness and visual disturbances.

Other common symptoms which could indicate a neurological problem are memory deficit, headache, nerve pain and muscular atrophy. Our Clinic for Neurology in Germany provides the best possible treatment for you.

Besides in-patient treatment at the Neurology Clinic, we also cooperate with all other departments of the Clinic. Patients referred by private neurology practices can also be treated as out-patients at our Clinic for Neurology.

Did you know:

  • neurology means “study of the nerves”?
  • neurology involves diagnostics and treatment of nervous system disorders?
  • neurology involves the central and peripheral nervous system?
  • neurology involves blood vessels, membranes and muscles?
  • neurology can involve clinical, basic and translational research?
  • surgery in the area of neurology is neurosurgery?
  • a neurology specialist is a neurologist?
  • Edward Flatau studied neurology and published an atlas of the brain in 1894?
  • Jean-Martin Charcot was very influential in neurology
  • neurology involves surgical, medicamentous, physiotherapeutic and psychological methods
  • there are hundreds of disorders that fall within the scope of neurology
  • neurology disorders can be acute or chronic
  • migraine and ADS also fall under neurology
  • our Clinic for Neurology was founded in 2011
  • stroke is the most common disease in neurology and the third most common cause of death
  • risk factors for neurology-related disease are high blood pressure, head injuries, aneurism, malformation of the blood vessels and blood-clotting disorders
  • vital functions of stroke patients (pulse, blood pressure and respiration) are constantly monitored at our Clinic for Neurology

Range of neurology disorders treated at our Neurology Clinic in Germany

  • acute neurology diseases (stroke, epilepsy)
  • chronic degenerative neurology diseases ( Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer's)
  • pathogen-borne neurology diseases (meningitis, shingles and tick-borne disorders)
  • neurology disorders of muscles and nerves and neuromuscular transmission ( acute inflammatory muscular disorders and chronic muscular disorders)
  • spinal column disorders of spinal cord and nerve roots, (herniated discs, spinal canal stenosis), in cooperation with the Department of Neurosurgery

Treatments available at our Neurology Clinic in Germany

  • Ultrasound examinations of the vessels of neck and head (intra-cranial Doppler/duplex examinations)
  • EEG, 24-hour EEG, video EEG – valuable processes in neurology
  • Electrical measurements (AEP, VEP, SEP, MEP and NCS) to assess the potential and functionality of the nerves of the extremities and the conduction of impulses to and from the brain – extremely important processes in neurology
  • Examination of the musculature for damage resulting from nerve disease (EMG) – crucial tests in neurology
  • Nerve fluid analysis
  • Neuro-psychological testing
  • In cooperation with the X-ray department:
    • Diagnostic imaging essential in neurology, (CT/CT angiography, MRI and DSA)
    • Interventional endovascular procedures of neurology (intra-arterial fibrinolysis, carotid stents etc.) in cooperation with radiography.
  • In cooperation with the vascular surgeons:
    • Open surgery of the carotid arteries where narrowing of the arteries presents danger of stoke or where the blood supply to the brain has been affected
  • In cooperation with in-house cardiologists:
    • Diagnosis of serious, stroke-causing heart-rhythm disorders by latest techniques (implantation of event recorders) and required treatment (e.g. ablation)

Main focus of our Clinic for Neurology in Germany

One of our main focuses is the treatment of strokes in our specialised stroke unit in which neurology patients are monitored constantly and diagnostic and therapeutic measures taken without delay.

Besides constant care by qualified staff, our Stroke Unit at the Neurology Clinic is on permanent standby to provide imaging for quick diagnosis and therapy of stroke victims. Neurology is one of the most complex areas of medicine.

If you have any questions relating to neurology or wish to make an appointment at our Neurology Clinic in Friedrichshafen, Germany, we are only a phone-call away. The Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany – your health in competent hands!

Neurology in Germany

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Comments and questions

khaled El Sarrag Mon, 09 Sep 10:41

last March 2019 i had made a surgery Cervical spine and as per attached 2 reports for MRI (one taken before the surgery and the other taken after surgery by 2 months)
Doctors are advising me that the issue now with Spinal Cord which have been effected
is there is any possibility for treatment for my case in your clinic

Chinyere Okoye Wed, 06 Mar 07:25

My daughter is 22yrs and has been diagnosed with non epileptic seizure. At times she has once in a year of in 3months. It actually varie. I need help in running tests for proper diagnosis.

Alireza Tue, 07 Aug 09:03

Hi, I'm asking you very much to introduce me to a neurology doctor who has the ability to send me an invitation to follow up on my treatment.

ali abdali Fri, 06 Jul 12:44

My uncle is 65 years old. We need remove blood clotting from a small part of the brain. The symptoms associated with stroke are blurred vision in the left eye.

Guido Spadafora Tue, 12 Jun 04:07

1 year having peripheral neuropahy with little improvement, but still in unconftortable sintomatology. I have the feeling that many things could still may be done to improve my feet circulation, like antiinflamatory procedures, promote ATP, and oxiganation to my feet. Right now i am in my own taking gabapentine, and suplements. Any thing else could you do for my condition? All the tests are normal.

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Prof DM Roman Huber
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