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Hip arthrosis

Due to the modern equipment the patients of the Clinical center of Friedrichshafen can get high-quality diagnostics and joint therapy in Germany. The orthopedic department of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany is headed by an experienced orthopedic surgeon, Prof. DM Winter. The main field of specialization is joint replacement and joint arthrodesis.

Efficient surgical treatment, applied at this department, helps to get rid of hip arthrosis with minimal stress and undergo a course of full recovery.

As a rule, surgery is required on the advanced stages, when the tissues are unable to regenerate. The surgical treatment for hip arthrosis includes:

  • endoprosthesis replacement;
  • arthroplasty;
  • arthrodesis;
  • osteotomy and others.

Hip arthrosis

Hip arthrosis causes degenerative processes in the hip joint. It may develop due to different reasons such as common traumas, contagious diseases, radiation exposure or the effect of different toxic effects. Metabolic disorders or excessive loads also may lead to the hip arthrosis. If a doctor cannot define a specific reason, the disease is called primary hip arthrosis. This disease is more typical for elderly people. Secondary arthrosis implies the existence of specific reason.

The best solution to such disease is treatment in Germany. German clinics are well recognized centers of hip arthrosis surgical treatment.

What are the symptoms?

The major symptom of the disease is pains in the hip joint in walking. This chronic disease can develop during a few years, and acute conditions are the peaks of its development. The hip arthrosis is intensified by severe pain syndrome. As a rule, the pain is related to overloading legs in walking. Such pains usually appear after waking or sustainable sitting. After a few moves the negative sensations disappear.

Pain is concentrated in pelvic area and in the hip, particularly in its outer side. In further hip arthrosis development there can be contractions in joint capsule due to the muscular tension. This can lead to the disorders in motor functions. That is why patients with hip arthrosis usually have low active lifestyle and avoid any extra moves.

The process of endoprosthesis replacement

Endoprosthesis hip replacement is the most efficient method of hip arthrosis treatment in Germany. It helps to restore the full functioning of the limp by replacing all fragments of the weak area by high-quality implants. Due to the latest medical achievements in Germany it became possible to replace all damaged fragments by artificial materials. Similarly to a natural joint the implant consists of the cavity and a head rotating inside. Therefore the patient is able to move and walk comfortably.

The doctors of Friedrichshafen Center in Germany select the implant individually to each patient with hip arthrosis. The surgery usually lasts 2,5 - 3 hours. The procedure includes preventive treatment against possible infections and draining of the surgical area.

The advantages of arthroplasty

During the arthroplasty in hip arthrosis the doctors restore the correct shape of the joint for normal functioning. The restoration is performed using skin and sheath preliminary taken from the patient. Also the surgeons use conserved homotissue and synthetic materials like lavsan or capron.

Such treatment is indicated in case when the disease leads to full immobilization. The doctors restore its surfaces and insert isolating pad that prevents the surfaces from adhesion.

Arthrodesis is an efficient treatment method

One more treatment method used for hip arthrosis in Germany is arthrodesis. During this surgery a surgeon fixates the joint in order to restore all limb functions, particularly its support ability.

This treatment method implies removing the cartilage surface with further joint fixation in proper position that allows normal limb functioning. In some cases hip arthrosis requires compression arthrodesis. This treatment approach implies intensive joint surfaces compression.

Arthrodesis is not indicated in patients with hip arthrosis under 10 or above 60 years old. After the surgery the hip is plastered for a few months (a year in some cases). Then the patient undergoes rehab treatment course. When it is finished, a patient can completely forget about his disease.

If you suffer from permanent pain syndrome because of arthrosis, you need to get professional treatment. Clinic of Friedrichshafen would be glad to help you.

Hip arthrosis

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Comments and questions

CF 2018-05-08 / 01:03

Ich wurde 2006 mit einer Arthrose im linken Femurkopf diagnostiziert. Seit diesem Jahr verzögere ich eine mögliche Endoprothetik und leide jetzt unter ständigen Schmerzen, die mich nicht laufen lassen.
Ich bin 57 Jahre alt und arbeite mit der Handelsvertretung von Schuhen. Ich habe nicht viel Zeit, mich hinzulegen und Physiotherapien zu machen, also habe ich Angst, diese Prozedur zu machen und es funktioniert nicht, zwingt mich länger als zwei Monate zu bleiben, ohne arbeiten zu können.
Ich suche im Internet nach der besten professionellen und der besten Klinik, die mir bei dieser Behandlung hilft.
Ich habe hier in Brasilien einen privaten Gesundheitsplan und wenn es machbar ist, gehe ich nach Deutschland.

Ich warte auf deine Antworten.

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