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Knee replacement recovery

After knee replacement surgery, you will spend the first 10-12 days in the clinic in Friedrichshafen, Germany. This recovery period is essential for healing of the wounds before your rehabilitation begins. An employee of the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany will discuss the options with you and help you to fill in the relevant forms. Usually it is possible to complete this period of recovery as an in-patient, a semi-in-patient or an outpatient. Discuss the matter with your treating physician at the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany in order to find the best solution for your optimal recovery after your knee replacement surgery.

Unfortunately, the conditions laid down by the medical insurance schemes must be considered by our clinic in Germany, which means that we cannot always fulfil all our patients’ wishes with regard to their recovery after knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement recovery – the endoprosthesis certificat

Knee replacement recovery

When you are discharged from our clinic in Germany, you will receive a letter from the orthopaedic surgeon and an “endoprosthesis certificate”. The orthopaedic surgeon’s letter contains all the information relevant to your operation and post-operative treatment. This is required by the rehabilitation institution to plan the measures to be taken during the rehabilitation period, in order to aid your recovery after your knee surgery in the best way possible. The "endoprosthesis certificate" that you receive from our clinic in Germany is a very important document and must be kept in a safe place. It contains important information from the orthopaedic surgeon at our clinic in Germany, regarding the type of implant used and the post-operative treatment that is required. It is also useful in helping to avoid problems and delays during security checks at airports.

What happens during your recovery period after knee replacement surgery?

The recovery period after knee replacement surgery is important in order to regain your mobility and to build up the surrounding musculature, which is often weak due to years of favouring the joint in an effort to avoid or reduce the pain. The better developed the musculature is before a surgical procedure, the easier it is for the patient to begin exercising again after the operation. Extensive physiotherapy is required for optimal recovery after knee replacement surgery.

The measures taken to aid recovery after knee replacement surgery are designed to provide exercise for the musculature and are a great help in learning to manage your everyday activities, such as getting dressed or participating in sports. At the beginning of the recovery period after your knee replacement, you will learn to walk with aids that support your weight so that the prosthetic joint is not unduly burdened. As your musculature strengthens, you can increase the weight-load on the affected joint. Hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and ergotherapeutic measures are all important for recovery after knee replacement surgery. The exact measures taken for your recovery are dependent on the individual case, the weight-bearing capacity of the affected leg, your personal wishes and the instructions of the treating physician.

Besides the things you need for everyday life, you should also bring sports clothing, comfortable training shoes and swimwear along for the recovery period after your knee replacement surgery at our clinic in Germany. After leaving the rehabilitation clinic, we recommend that you only participate in moderate types of sports. Endurance sports such as Nordic walking, swimming, cycling and cross-country skiing are suitable. Sports that cause jarring or compression of the joint or abrupt changes in the direction of movement (e.g. tennis, badminton, squash) are not recommended.

Post-operative treatment for knee replacement recovery at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

The weight-bearing capacity of a knee endoprosthesis is usually restored immediately after surgery. However, due to the operative trauma to the tissue surrounding the joint and the associated pain, the use of aids is essential to prevent too much of a load. During the recovery period after joint replacement, the agility of the patient and the weight-bearing capacity of the joint are increased slowly by means of targeted exercises. There are also specific exercises that strengthen the muscles and improve the coordination.

Four days after minimally invasive knee replacement surgery, it is possible to extend the leg completely without experiencing any pain.

What happens during the rehabilitation period for recovery after knee replacement surgery?

1st - 2nd week:

Private physiotherapy sessions of 45 minutes each, 4 to 5 times a week.

The emphasis of the treatment is on the improvement of the patient’s agility.

3rd - 6th week:

Physiotherapy: The main emphasis here is on exercise therapy, sometimes in a group, 60 to120 minutes, 3 times a week.

These therapy measures aid muscle-building after your knee replacement, improve coordination and restore every-day movements, e.g. posture and gait training.

From the 6th week:

Sports-related exercise therapy with special exercise equipment in individual or group sessions, 90 to180 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week.

The emphasis of the knee replacement recovery phase is the resumption of participation in sports that the patient did before the operation and also on muscle and coordination exercises.

Knee replacement recovery

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