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The Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany is a world leader in the area of knee and hip replacement surgery. Wear and tear of the hip joint is a specialist area to which we dedicate much time. The replacement of the hip joint is the most successful surgical procedure ever. This procedure enables complete restoration of the hip function. Through the use of reliable implants combined with modern surgical procedures and minimally invasive techniques, we offer a very high standard of care, which ensures a high level of patient satisfaction.

Types of knee replacement implants are defined individually, taking in account the personal anatomic characteristics and age. Besides cemented prosthetics for older patients, we also use cement-free titanium implants, special short-shafted prosthetics and the so-called McMinn cup prosthesis, in order to provide each patient with just the right implant.

In the McMinn method, only the diseased surfaces of the joint are removed. In McMinn’s Birmingham hip resurfacing method, the damaged femoral head is crowned with a new surface much like a dental crown, unlike in a standard total hip replacement, where the femoral head and neck are removed. This makes the Birmingham hip resurfacing method bone-saving compared to standard hip replacement surgery.

Resurfacing is highly advantageous to young patients who will require replacement of the prosthesis in the future. The synthetic joint surface is identical in size to the natural femoral head and movement is more natural total endoprosthesis and the danger of dislocation of is also lower. Many patients sometimes forget that they have an artificial hip – a phenomenon referred to as a “forgotten hip”.

Check list: Partial hip replacement

  • Patients with advanced coxarthritis
  • Young patients with osteonecrosis (dead bone tissue due to interrupted blood supply) of the femoral head
  • Patients with accident-induced arthritis, for whom arthroscopic surgery is not an option due to the advanced state of the disorder
  • Patients who suffer from arthritis due to malalignment or hip dysplasia
  • Patients with CAM impingement with very advanced arthritis due to malformation of the femoral head
  • Where extreme changes in shape or problems with the femoral head exist, a Birmingham mid head resection is an option. The Birmingham mid head resection method is used when, due to the quality of the bone, resurfacing of the hip joint alone is insufficient.

Check list: Prerequisites for Birmingham hip resurfacing?

  • Men over 65 and women over 55 are not considered for hip resurfacing.
  • Insufficient bone density rules out elderly patients and patients with osteoporosis.
  • The bone quality should not be affected by necroses or cysts. At least 70% of the femoral head must be free of defects.
  • Patients with extremely different leg lengths are unsuitable for resurfacing because a partial hip replacement cannot correct the difference.
  • Women in child-bearing age are not considered because the effects of metal exposure on foetal development have not been adequately clarified.
  • The patient cannot suffer from metal allergies or sensitivity.
  • Healthy kidneys with good function are required so that metal ions are safely removed from the body. Kidney insufficiency is a contraindication.
  • Major changes in the shape of the femoral head or the hip sockets are also contraindications, but a BMHR partial hip replacement might be possible.
  • Metal allergies can reduce the compatibility of the friction pairs.

Indications for hip replacement surgery in younger patients: Accidents or congenital malalignment (dysplasia)

Younger patients often require prosthetics after accidents or due to congenital hip dysplasia. These patients are active and participate in sports. They participate actively in their rehabilitation due to their good state of health. Their bones are strong.

They are perfect candidates for a McMinn partial prosthesis in which the acetabular socket is replaced by a synthetic cup joint. Very little of the femur is lost - the femoral head is simply coated with metal. Ligaments and muscles remain intact, enabling normal hip function.

Be agile with Birmingham hip resurfacing

Check list: Advantages of Birmingham hip resurfacing compared to total hip replacement

  • The femoral head remains intact
  • Adjustment of leg-length unnecessary
  • Sturdy metal to metal friction pairs between cup joint and femoral head
  • Replaces the cartilage (smooth functioning)
  • Healthy femur not sacrificed with Birmingham method
  • Correction of the load line possible in case of hip dysplasia
  • Reduced incidence of embolism - medullary cavity of the bone is not opened
  • Retention of natural anatomical interaction
  • Good starting point for revision surgery
  • Retention of sense of movement and sportiness
  • On average, over 90% of natural hip movement
  • Starkly reduced dislocation rate with Birmingham hip resurfacing compared to total hip replacement
  • Excellent mobility in hip dysplasia patients

We specialise in the use of the latest implants and the employment of the latest methods when it comes to joint replacement. We continually strive towards offering our patients the highest degree of competence and quality possible. We regularly participate in internal and external further education measures that enable us to work according to the latest surgical methods.

Please feel free to contact us for an appointment, or if you have any questions. We would be glad to assist you!

McMinn Prosthetics

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Comments and questions

HG 2019-01-29 / 19:22

I lost my half of my left pinky finger in an accident and I’m looking for a specialist in hand prosthetics! Hope to hear from you soon.

KH 2018-08-07 / 14:46

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing you from Mongolia. My brothers had an industrial accident and lost his pinky, ring finger and half of his middle finger. My brother is interested to have dynamic fingers. I am kindly asking you to provide us with any options and price plan for making this happen.

OE 2018-06-25 / 21:13

I am from Nigeria I need a artificial hand for above elbow right hand amputation

OS 2018-06-05 / 15:59

Hello! Please, could you tell me the price for cellicone prosthesis of a little finger (woman’s). There was an amputation of the 1/3 of the finger. How long will it be using in the future?
Thank you in advance.

RL 2017-08-10 / 19:41

I have a Morton's toe and I want to attach a silicon prosthetic finger to it. I am based in Lebanon. Can you please let me know if you can help and how much it costs?

Klinikum Friedrichshafen 2017-08-11 / 16:44

Thank you very much for your message and your interest in our medical services. The costs at our clinic are calculated on the basis of the information that we receive from the patient. In your case we will definitely need the pictures of the affected toe and some basic information about you. We have sent you an email with all the necessary information and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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