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Shoulder replacement

The orthopedic department of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany is headed by an experienced orthopedic surgeon, Prof. DM Winter.

During the period between 2005 and 2013 our doctors have performed about 1500 surgeries for total and partial shoulder joint replacement.

Shoulder replacement is indicated in shoulder joint destabilization, when the conservative therapy doesn't give an expected effect.

Indications for shoulder replacement

Please note that only the qualified specialist can judge about the indications for the joint surgery. After a thorough examination of the patient the diagnosis and indications for the surgery are discussed with the patient. The joint replacement cost may also be judged only after tests and consultations.

Age, the degree of functional impairment, type of activity and individual preferences are the key factors which should be taken into account when deciding about the type of surgical joint replacement.

  • Various humerus fractures;
  • Shoulder pain;
  • Necrotic process in upper arm bone;
  • Non-physiological synosteosis of bones that form shoulder joint;
  • Dystrophic pathology of a shoulder joint;
  • Severe damages caused by hematoid process;
  • Genetic shoulder pathologies;
  • Joint instability due to other pathologies that is not cured by other methods;
  • Fracture of the shoulder joint;
  • Dislocation of the shoulder joint;
  • Tendon rupture;
  • Bursitis;
  • Calcific tendinitis;
  • Arthrosis of the shoulder joint in its advanced stage;
  • Arthritis of the shoulder joint;
  • Osteonecrosis of the humeral head.
Shoulder replacement

Shoulder replacement in Germany: preparation for surgery

This phase includes the research of the patient's condition and individual implant selection. If there are any infections found, a patient is prescribed with proper therapy to avoid the post-surgical infectious complications.

A patient undergoes the following tests before the shoulder replacement surgery:

  • Common blood and urine analysis;
  • ECG for detecting heart pathologies that may be contradictions for the surgery;
  • Joint X-ray;
  • CT, MRI as necessary.

Types of shoulder replacement at Friedrichshafen Clinic

  1. The surface arthroplasty of the shoulder joint
  2. Shoulder hemiarthroplasty is a shoulder replacement in which the broken humeral head is replaced with an artificial joint whereas the fractured bone is restored around the artificial joint.
  3. The total joint replacement of the shoulder joint, i.e. a complete replacement of the contacting joint surfaces. There are two variants of total joint replacement: a) replacement of the articular joint surfaces (Partial resurfacing arthroplasty - PRA) and b) the implementation of prosthetic devices (Total Shoulder Arthroplasty - TSA). The cost of a total shoulder implant varies, depending on the type of implant used. The estimate cost of joint replacement makes up 15 000-20 000 euro.
  4. Revision arthroplasty of the shoulder joint - surgery to replace an existing prosthesis or its worn components.

The shoulder replacement lasts no more than 2 hours and is performed with minimally invasive techniques. The overall recovery period after the partial shoulder joint replacement lasts about 3 months. Such an operation would cost about 7 000- 10 000 euro.

Interfacial shoulder replacement

Our doctors in Germany use this method to replace the damaged cartilage zone of humeral head without replacing the bone. The surgery implies the installation of metal implant on the humeral head area.

This approach is reasonable when there are no pathologic changes in stabilizing muscles and in shoulder pocket area. The result of the hemiarthroplasty is increasing the motion amplitude by 40 degrees and more in any directions.

Interfacial endoprosthesis replacement is an optimal variant of shoulder replacement, if there are no contradictions.

Total shoulder joint replacement

This surgery is aimed at the replacement of both glenoid cavity and humeral head. It is indicated in heavy damages of bone, joint and muscle elements.

During the surgery humeral head is totally removed, stripping the bone marrow. The inner part of the bone is prepared, and prosthesis is implanted into it. The implant's core is put into the bone cavity and is fixated by cement or by cementless method. The glenoid cavity is replaced by soft plastic element. Our clinic in Germany provides modern implants that are similar to natural joints in terms of motion range.

Reverse shoulder replacement in Germany

Reverse endoprosthesis replacement of shoulder joint is indicated in mechanical shoulder dysfunction due to rotator cuff breakage.

An endoprosthesis is implanted during a surgery. The implant's spheroid joint is localized on the top of shoulder bone. Therefore the motions in shoulder joint will be made by a fully-featured deltoid muscle instead of the damaged muscles of shoulder girdle.

Shoulder joint replacement: the process of surgery

  • General anesthesia is required, endotracheal anesthesia is preferable;
  • A surgeon performs the dissection of soft tissues that cover the shoulder joint;
  • The pathologic parts of humerus and glenoid cavity are removed, preparing a place for an endoprosthesis, a cement is put into the bone foramen;
  • The selected shoulder joint prosthesis is installed;
  • A surgeon restores the integrity of tissues and fixates the joint.

Rehabilitation after shoulder replacement

During the first 6 weeks after the surgery a patient needs to develop motions in shoulder joint by a passive way. In 6 weeks after surgery active exercising is allowed. Physiotherapy brings great results.A patient returns to his normal life in 12-24 weeks, when the joint becomes fully functional. Labor activity, swimming, gold and other sports are allowed.

If you need to undergo shoulder or any other joint replacement, welcome to our clinic in Germany. Experienced specialists will perform high-quality diagnostics, select optimal joint model and will take care of proper rehabilitation.

Shoulder replacement

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Zachar Antonovsky Mon, 11 Sep 11:49

I am a 55 yo male from Moscow, Russia. I have constant pain in my left shoulder and local doctor recommended total shoulder replacement, or as an option - a resurfacing type arthroplasty. I would like to get a second opinion and if confirmed, perform the procedure at your clinic.
I plan to be in Friedrichshafen for Fakuma exhibition during KW 42. Can a consultation with Dr. Winter be scheduled?

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