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Total knee arthroplasty

Severely damaged knee joint requires a complete or total arthroplasty. Due to the use of minimаlly invаsive surgery (MIS) techniques and computer-assisted navigation systems, the orthopedic surgeons of Friedrichshafen in Germany offer their patients the most efficient, safe and cost-effective ways of arthroplasty. The innovative computer software and special diagnostic equipment allow the specialists to adjust the prosthesis to the individual anatomy with maximum precision.

Head of the orthopedic department at Friedrichshafen Clinic Prof. Dr. Eugene Winter pays a special attention to individually customized total arthroplasty. Prof. Winter performs about 3000 surgical joint surgeries a year, the fact speaking for his extended practical experience in joint replacement surgery. According to Prof. Winter, one of the modern techniques, helping to achieve excellent results is the bone sparing iTotal CR method, which has been successfully implemented at Friedrichshafen since 2010.

Total arthroplasty: The top implantation accuracy achieved at Friedrichshafen

According to statistics, 1 in 3 patients need revision after the total knee replacement surgery performed in the USA and Great Britain. About 40% of all US patients report about residual discomfort or pain in knee while walking as well as movement limitations after the total arthroplasty. The key causes of poor quality of total arthroplasty are lack of precision during the implantation and lack of implant designing.

In Germany special pre-implant techniques are implemented to cut the risks to the minimum. The proper diagnostics (CT scan analysis) and intraoperative computer navigation at Friedrichshafen Orthopedic Department help to eliminate the potential mistakes, relevant for rotational characteristics. The implant 100% mimics the natural anatomic form of your knee.

Besides the knee implantation techniques, applied at the clinic of Friedrichshafen, aim at minimizing the bone resection during the surgery. It means that the knee anatomy of the patient needs not to be dramatically changed to adjust the implant.

Indications for total knee arthroplasty

Degenerative-dystrophic, inflammatory, neoplastic and traumatic diseases in their advanced form are direct indications for total knee arthroplasty (knee replacement). Specialists of the Friedrichshafen always check carefully the possibility of using other methods of treatment, but in some cases only the total replacement of the knee helps to restore its normal function. Among the direct indications for total knee arthroplasty there are:

  • arthrosis or arthritis (in their advanced form)
  • severe cartilage injury
  • unrepairable meniscus injury
  • advanced tendinitis
  • fracture of the patella
  • patellar dislocation
  • chronical bursitis
  • damage to one or more of the knee ligaments
  • allergy to the implant / implantation intolerance

Due to modern methods, total arthroplasty is not as damaging to the surrounding tissue as was the case a few years ago. In a total arthroplasty, the worn surfaces of the joint are carefully removed and two synthetic components are implanted, taking in account the whole scope of precise calculations. In some cases it is even possible to perform total arthroplasty on both the left and the right leg within a single operation.

Personalized knee implantation at Friedrichshafen

Upon determining that you are an appropriate candidate for a total implantation, you will have a CT scan done, so that the specialist could study the unique knee contours and design your own customized implant. The implant systems, applied at Friedrichshafen feature the following characteristics:

  • implants much better match your natural anatomical shape;
  • maximum preservation of bone compared to a conventional total arthroplasty;
  • the implantation concept is focused on the restoration of the natural shape of the knee;
  • maximum preservation of bone tissue creates the basis for excellent mobilization after surgery;
  • minimally invasive technique, minimal trauma;
  • preservation of anterior and posterior cruciate ligament;
  • no opening of the medullary canal needed.

The indications for right or left knee arthroplasty are defined individually after the detailed consultation and precise diagnostics. After surgery the prosthesis simulates the natural function of the joint, providing a completely smooth and painless joint movement. The modern implants are made of cobalt chromium molybdenum, with the excellent biological compatibility characteristics. Please mind that joint replacement cost is calculated individually and depends on many factors.

How is the arthroplasty performed?

The knee replacement lasts about 1-2 hours. During the surgical intervention a thin incision on the right or left side of the knee is performed. The surgeon gets an access to the affected joint, guided by a special computer-navigation program. After the required bone cuts are performed, your customized implants is introduced into your knee and fixed to the bones.

In more complex cases, where it is impossible to provide normal stabilization and functionality of the joint due to severe destruction of bone and other parts, as well as in the case of the surgical revision the special modular implants are implemented.

What do you need to know after the arthroplasty?

The well-guided knee replacement recovery process after total knee replacement is crucially important for the restoration of joint mobility. Generally, the hospitalization period after total arthroplasty at the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany is 14 days. Thereafter, the patient usually completes a rehabilitation period at a special rehabilitation center. In the case of very active patients, this can also be done on an outpatient-basis. Our social services will discuss the options with you shortly after your total knee arthroplasty, taking your needs and wishes into consideration.

The Friedrichshafen Clinic is a highly specialized institution for hip and knee replacement surgery such as total arthroplasty and other forms of surgery. With our innovative surgical methods and years of experience, we strive to restore our patients’ mobility and agility – the prerequisites for an active life – and to ensure a high level of patient comfort and a speedy healing process. Our joint center places special emphasis on individual patient care by the entire team during the period of hospitalization.

Total knee arthroplasty

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