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Children's hospital

The children’s hospital of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany offers diagnostic and treatment of diseases for the newborns, children and teenagers. The head of the department is Udo Radlow,, an experienced specialist in pediatrics, neonatology and prenatal medicine.

Children’s hospital of Friedrichshafen: Focus areas

Neonatology - the treatment and caring services for the newborn children in partnership with child guidance and family counseling centre, General pediatrics - different children’s diseases, Children’s psychosomatics - treatment for children of 5 - 13 years old, Neuropediatrics, Pediatric gastroenterology, Pediatric sonography.

Every year the Friedrichshafen children’s hospital helps more than 1,500 children. In our children’s hospital the doctors perform surgeries in all possible directions, including oncology, cardiology, etc.

Hernia treatment − Children’s hospital in Germany

The children’s hospital of Friedrichshafen offers surgical and conservative treatment for different types of hernia. Groin hernia without incarceration doesn’t require surgery. If there is incarceration, the surgical treatment implies reduction of hernia with further hernial sac resection.

Umbilical hernia can be reduced manually in children of 5 and downwards. A surgery is required in case of incarceration. The ring will be reduced, the cavity will disappear, leaving only a small scar.

Medial vertebral disk prolapse is the most dangerous type of hernia. The doctors of Friedrichshafen children’s hospital will define the stage of the disease and required treatment. It affects neurocanal, sometimes leading to longitudinal ligament breakage, tipping out. Such cases require drug and surgical therapy.

Hydrocele treatment − Children’s hospital in Germany

If the hydrocele stays in 2 year-old age, it requires a surgery. Sometimes collected liquid can be removed from the dartos with the aim of a puncture in younger age.

Varicocele treatment − Children’s hospital in Germany

Correct diagnostics of varicocele form and stage is performed in the Friedrichshafen children’s hospital using ultrasound testicles scanning and Doppler sonography. Minimally invasive surgical treatment is usually applied.

Cryptorchism treatment − Children’s hospital in Germany

This pathology is diagnosed, if testicles of a boy carried to full time haven’t descended by the age of 1.5 months (3 months for boys born before time). A surgeon mechanically descends the testicle and fixates it in scrotum walls. Such intervention is well-tolerated and doesn’t cause complications.

Phymosis treatment − Children’s hospital in Germany

Such disease displays in painful urination, inflammation process and other complications. Urologists in our children’s hospital will clean the preputium tissues and perform all required procedures. If the edema is big, a few-minute surgery is required.

Hypospadias treatment − Children’s hospital in Germany

This inborn pathology in boys means that the urethra is located lower than it should be. The surgeons of Friedrichshafen children’s hospital correct the problems of chordee and narrow urethra. It is better to perform such procedures until a boy hasn’t reached 18 months.

Ganglioma and Baker’s cyst treatment − Children’s hospital in Germany

Ganglioma is a tumor around tendon sheath and joint capsule. Baker’s cyst is a hernia in popliteal space. Both these diseases are treated surgically in Friedrichshafen children’s hospital.

Kidney disease treatment − Children’s hospital in Germany

The specialists of our children’s hospital successfully perform diagnostics and treatment of complex nephrological disorders. Technical equipment and professional skills of our specialists provide new opportunities for kidney disease treatment and kidney surgery up to renal transplantation.

Hemopoietic stem cell transplantation in blood cancer − Children’s hospital in Germany

Using the best equipment available the doctors of Friedrichshafen children’s hospital will perform bone marrow transplantation, i.e. the injection of stem cells that will stimulate the birth of healthy blood cells.

Friedrichshafen children’s hospital is ready to help little patients to provide them with healthy and productive future.

Children’s hospital

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Comments and questions

NA 2019-01-18 / 21:56

Hi my daughter 4 years old has a rare genetic disorder called ehlers Danlos syndrome where she is missing collagen 5 in her body has fragile skin and hyper mobility in joints can you help do you have any treatments that may improve her quality of life .

AS 2018-10-18 / 20:47

Dear sir/Madam,
My grandson is 4 months old & and diagnosed with Pfeiffer syndrome type 2 whichis a rare genetic disorder.His head is clover leaf shape,broad thumbs&toes ,shoulder& elbows are fused. He has hydrocephalus .VP Shunt was done on 25th day of his birth. He needs craniosynostosis surgery to make room for his brain as well as to save the eyes which are pushed outside. We reside in India.I would like to know if surgery is possible in your hospital? What will be the approximate cost? What is the procedure for appointment? Can we get any financial support from any ngo? after getting all the answers we can plan to visit for further treatment. Kindly reply as soon as possible.

UA 2018-04-02 / 09:59

I have 3 month old baby whose diagnosis is Congenital (fetal) hepatitis with the phenomenon of cholestasis, cytomegalovirus etiology. Is it possible to know ASAP so can do travel arrangements from UZB?

JB 2018-02-15 / 16:49

Dear Sir / Madam,
I have a son who is 10 years old and diagnosed pains in the abdomen for 3 months. I travel outside Germany and want to know the estimated cost of treatment at your hospital in Germany. Also how to get a meeting and what is the process from the moment to get help to check up on the surgery, so that we can plan our trip to Germany.

WA 2018-01-18 / 04:18

Dear Sir/Madam,
I have a son who is 9 months old and was diagnosed with Hypospadias when he was born. The distance of the urine openning from its original location is almost 1 cm. I am leaving outside Germany and would like to know the estimated cost for having his treatment in your hospital in Germany. Also how to get an appointment and what is the process from time of getting appoitnment for check up till the actual surgery so we can plan our trip to Germany.

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