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The Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany takes care of paediatric patients of all ages, from very small premature babies to youths. This Children's hospital can boast the most innovative equipment for treatment of children's diseases.

In the Neonatology Station (PG 20), bonding between mother and baby is assured, even in the case of neonates who are ill. The general paediatric unit (Station PG 9) takes care of paediatric patients with a variety of paediatric disorders. In the paediatrics psychosomatic station (PG 10), paediatric patients between the ages of 5 and 13 are cared for by a multi-professional team. Our Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine Clinic in Germany is standing by, no matter what type of paediatric problem you are facing.

The Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany is a Level II Perinatal Centre, which is authorised to treat pre-term infants from the gestational age of 29+0 weeks. The obstetrics and neonatology sections are side by side, which facilitates communication between the sections, enabling the optimal treatment and safety of the patients. Our paediatric specialists are standing by to ensure the safety of your child.

All surgical paediatric patients and youths are cared for in close collaboration with the general and trauma surgery units, gynaecology and paediatric urology in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Paediatric patients are always treated according to their age. We are conscious that a child is not simply a small adult, but has very specific needs, which our paediatric specialists consider at all times.

Our paediatric unit also has several out-patient sections including: paediatric neurology (Dr. Radlow), paediatric cardiology (Dr. Hund, Dr. Kallsen), paediatric gastroenterology (Dr. Jedwilayties) and paediatric sonography (Dr. Kallsen), where around 1,500 children are treated annually.

Our out-patient and consulting hours at our Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine in Germany deal with:

Paediatric neurology and epileptology

  • In the paediatric neurology out-patients’ department, disorders of the nervous system are treated

    Frequent disorders in this area of paediatrics are:

    • Seizures, mostly associated with epilepsy
    • Long-term care of paediatric patients and youths with epilepsy
    • Clarification of headaches
    • Clarification of nerve function disorders (paralysis, unusual movement, spasticity, disorders of the senses)
    • Slow or unsatisfactory development, both physical and mental
    • Checking of neurological development - neonates

Range of diagnostic procedures and treatments available at our Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine in Germany

  • Neurological examinations
  • Neurological development examinations (up to the age of 2)
  • EEG
  • Waking EEG with hyperventilation and flickering light provocation
  • Sleeping EEG (with tranquillisers)
  • Sleep deprived EEG
  • MRI of skull and spinal cord with the Radiology Clinic

Paediatric sonography out-patients’ section

Paediatric sonography enables paediatricians to perform diagnostic measures for many paediatric disorders, in a child-friendly manner. Paediatric medicine requires much patience and understanding. We have therefore equipped our paediatric unit in a child-friendly manner (toys, DVDs etc. to distract the children). Examinations are always performed in the presence of the parents.

Frequent diagnostic measures in this area of paediatrics are:

  • Sonography of the skull through open fontanelles of neonates and infants
  • Paediatric abdominal sonography, including examination of kidneys and renal tubes
  • Hip sonography of neonates and infants
  • Duplex/Doppler sonography

Paediatric cardiology out-patients’ section

In this paediatric section, diagnostic methods, which do not cause stress to the young patients, are used. These methods enable paediatric specialists to clarify many genetic and acquired disorders of the cardiovascular system.

Frequent disorders encountered in this area of paediatrics are:

  • Paediatric heart disorders
  • Heart murmurs, heart-rhythm disorders, inflammation of the heart, dizziness and sudden unconsciousness
  • Other cardiovascular disorders

Frequent diagnostic measures in this area of paediatrics are:

  • ECG for diagnosis/monitoring of congenital heart disease
  • The full range of non-invasive paediatric diagnostics
  • ECG, long-term ECG and stress ECG
  • In special cases, Schellong orthostase test or tilt-table examination
  • Testing of paediatric lung function in cooperation with adult cardiology
  • Paediatric MRI examination of the heart in cooperation with radiology

Human genetic counselling

Every person is different, and genetic variations are also quite normal. Most of them are harmless, but some grave genetic orders exist. Human genetic counselling aids those who wish to clear up such issues, especially in the case of diagnosing rare disorders or to rule out a suspected disorder.

This type of counselling is useful for couples who are struggling to start a family, perhaps with multiple miscarriages or abnormalities during pregnancy or for those seeking advice with regard to genetic deformities, metabolic disorders, disabilities, high incidence of cancer or unexplained functional disorders.

Frequent methods used are:

  • Assessment of the medical history in a personal consultation
  • Determination of possible risks relating to family planning
  • Information on possible preventive and therapeutic methods
  • Where necessary, specific genetic testing is initiated

The Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine in Friedrichshafen, Germany, offers the latest in paediatric medicine and innovative research. Paediatrics is a highly specialised discipline. We strive to give our small patients the best care possible.

Children need specialised care. Our paediatrics sections work together closely, to ensure comprehensive, child-friendly treatment. The Centre for Paediatric Clinical Studies makes an important contribution towards the improvement of paediatric care. The employees of our Paediatrics Clinic in Germany are committed to giving the best care possible.

Our large team at the Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine at Friedrichshafen Clinic, Germany, is standing by to help you.

Paediatrics in Germany

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Richard Wright Portland School Lane Hales Tue, 10 Apr 17:21

My 2 year old grandson has been diagnosed with PMD (Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease). Is there any stem cell treatment available using stem from the umbilical or placenta? If you can help, please get in touch.

Dalia ashmawi Wed, 14 Mar 11:57

My niece who is 5 years old was diagnosed with brain hematoma on the 25th of December. We did a CTA and advised to wait till hematoma shrink to know the cause by doing an MRI and MRA. We did both and need an advice for what is the second step as we have different opinions to the case.

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