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Treatment of childrens diseases

Specialists at pediatrics and hebiatrics department of the Friedrichshafen Clinic offer innovational treatment of children’s diseases with complex approach for improving the general health condition. The head of the children hospital is Dr. Radlow, experienced pediatrician, neuropediatrician and epileptologist. Successful treatment of children’s diseases is gained by the combination of traditional and ultramodern therapy systems.

Pediatric urology

The department of pediatric urology in Friedrichshafen Center is responsible for the treatment of children’s genitourinary system diseases. These are neurogenic dysfunctions, infectious inflammations, ankylurethria, abnormal organs development, etc. The clinic’s professionals provide delicate consultations, create positive psychological climate for their patients. Surgeons of the department apply advanced techniques, including retroperitoneoscopic and laparoscopic operations. Children get highly efficient treatment without pains and blood loss.

Pediatric oncology

The treatment of children’s oncologic diseases (cancer treatment) in Friedrichshafen Center consists of surgical intervention, chemo and beam therapy, cryotherapy, etc. The doctors use attenuated medications and procedures aimed at maximum effect with minimal invasion. Correct chemotherapy helps to decrease the size of malignant tumors and prevent recurrent cancer. Professional surgeons apply laser beam for efficient treatment of recurrent tumors.

Pediatric hematology

Doctors of Friedrichshafen Center provide therapy for oncologic blood diseases, hemophilia, anemia, etc. Drug therapy, radiotherapy, surgery and transplantation are used in individual combination for each case. Bone marrow transplantation is especially effective in normalizing the number of hemopoietic cells in the organism. They kill pathologic cancerous cells and stimulate the growth of healthy blood cells. Radiotherapy implies using low-intensity, high energy radioactive beams for non-invasive therapy of hematological malignant diseases.

Pediatric cardiology

Friedrichshafen Center provides multimodal therapy for various cardiovascular children’s conditions including myocarditis, congenital and acquired heart diseases, myocardiodystrophy, etc. Our cardiologists use laser therapy, сoronary artery bypass surgery, reconstructive surgeries on valves, coronarography with heart catheterization, balloon angioplasty and other therapy methods.

Pediatric orthopedics in Germany

Orthopedics in Germany successfully deals with all kinds of orthopedic diseases in children. Orthopedic doctors in Friedrichshafen provide the highest-class treatment. Such children’s diseases as osteochondropathy, cyllosis, rachitis and other problems of locomotor system are treated using the latest achievements in surgery, massage, manual and physical therapy.

Pediatric psychosomatics in Germany

Psychosomatic children’s conditions like allergic diseases, cardiac system disorders, problems with secretory activity of digestive system, urogenital system disorders are successfully cured by psychological and clinical treatment methods. Creating beneficial conditions for overcoming children’s psychological problems and normalizing their mental health is the major purpose of our professionals.

Pediatric gastroenterology in Germany

This department provides the treatment for children’s diseases of liver and digestive tract. The surgeons perform minimally invasive laparoscopic gastric surgeries preventing a child from longtime hospitalization and rehabilitation. The doctors apply oxygen, diet therapy, balneation, phytotherapy, laser and drug therapy methods.

Neuropediatrics in Germany

Neuropediatric children’s treatment in Friedrichshafen Center implies systematic and consistent approach to the treatment of inflammatory diseases of peripheral and central nervous systems, post-surgical brain complications, brain structure hypoxia and other neural pathologies. The doctors apply a wide range of neuropsychological, pedagogical, rehabilitation and medicament methods when working with anomalies of psychomotor development, cognitive dysfunctions, etc.

Pediatric dermatology in Germany

Professional dermatologists of Friedrichshafen Center perform complex treatment of children’s skin conditions, precisely detecting mechanisms and reasons of their development. Soft antihistamines effectively fight the dermatological diseases without breaking child’s physiologic processes. Professional surgeons perform complex surgeries for excising various contagious and genetic skin tumors.

The immunologic department in Friedrichshafen Center offers diagnostics and therapy of immunodeficient conditions that can develop from the first days of life. As a rule, the treatment of children’s immunologic diseases includes drug therapy and individual diet scheme.

These areas are only a part of Friedrichshafen Center’s profile. Qualified team of doctors, excellent equipment and technologies helped to create a high-end universal children’s treatment system with guaranteed security and quality of applied methods.

Treatment of childrens diseases

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