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Amputation and reconstructive surgery

The section of reconstructive surgery is part of the Department of Surgery II of the Friedrichshafen Clinic. This is a unique medical center, which offers a comprehensive range of services to patients with indications for plastic surgery, amputation and reconstructive surgery. Head of the department is Dr. Michael Ruggaber, a specialist in aesthetic surgery and hand surgery.

Indications for amputation and reconstructive surgery

Most frequently the amputation is performed in case of arterial occlusion. An advanced arterial occlusive condition with tissue death is a direct indication for partial amputation of an extremity. Amputation and reconstructive surgery can be also performed after severe injuries and burns.

Annually about 800 of amputations and 1200 reconstructive surgeries are performed at our center. Through special rehabilitation measures after amputation surgery and modern prosthetic devices an adequate quality of life is achieved.

Upper extremities: amputation and reconstructive techniques

Finger amputation presupposes the state of the art technology and higher precision. The successful amputation is the precondition for better restoration or prosthetic fitting. The objectives of the amputation management include:

  • Keeping of functional length of the upper extremities
  • Restoration of sensibility
  • Prevention of side effects
  • Avoiding the joint contractures
  • Early return to normal life

Digital amputation techniques provides painless stump with no interference with tendon or nerves. The viable tissues are pertained for further use in reconstructive surgery for coverage or tissue rearrangement on the amputation area. Skin grafts are also used for better healing of larger wounds.

The Clinic of Friedrichshafen offers the following services in treatment the upper extremities:

  • Flap surgery for amputated finger
  • Finger replantation
  • Amputation of the middle phalanx
  • Proximal phalanx amputation
  • Soft tissue rearrangement in the hand and forearm
  • Upper extremity amputation and prosthetics
  • Rehabilitation after the amputation

Reconstructive surgery on the hand

Reconstructive hand surgery is performed to restore the functionality, eliminate the deformities, treat burns or mechanical injuries (i.e. finger loss). Besides, the reconstructive surgery is implemented in the treatment of affected bones and joints, soft tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Modern treatment methods allow restoration of the function and structure of the hand, even with serious injuries. Each finger can be restored with a comfortable and durable prosthesis with excellent aesthetic characteristics.

Silicone prosthesis to restore the lost fingers

To restore the function and appearance of the lost fingers various reconstructive units are implemented at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen in Germany. Each prosthesis is a single piece that is made individually according to your wishes and needs. Silicone hand prosthesis are characterized with synthesis of excellent functionality and aesthetics. Typically it takes about 2-3 days to complete the finger prosthesis. The newest prosthetic devices improve the pinch force and grip function, allowing better quality of life. In case of complete finger loss, the individual glove-style prosthesis is produced at the orthopedic laboratory of the clinic.

Prosthetics after the amputation of lower extremities

The prosthetic and orthopedic devices, produced in Germany, are based on the achievements of physiology, electronics, mechanics, biomechanics, electrical engineering, chemistry, physics, mathematics and other fields of scientific knowledge. The state-of-the-art-prosthetics of lower extremities help to restore mobility and the quality of life after the amputation. The Clinic of Friedrichshafen implements the following system of prosthetics of the lower limbs:

«Smart C-Leg prosthesis»: The microprocessors controlled feet prosthesis recognizes the individual step phases and responds automatically with an appropriate movement. This gives the amputee more safety and comfort as well enables to get back to daily routine. The analysis in our gait laboratory have shown that this innovation works better than other models of prosthetic feet.

The microprocessors make it possible to program the leg prosthesis and to provide a more natural and comfortable walking. It immediately adapts to changes in direction, speed or pace. The cost of C-Leg processor makes up about 20 000-30 000 euro.

The key features of prosthetic devices, used at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen are:

  • Comfortable fit
  • Weight and balancing control
  • Adjustment to the individual needs of a patient
  • Reliability of prosthesis
  • 40 years of service guarantee

The department of reconstructive surgery has at its disposal the modern orthopedic laboratory, which ensures the provision of our patients with the individually adjusted prostheses, orthopedic shoes and mobility aids. The special team focuses on the adaptation of tools to the particular needs of a patient, in particular they manage the production of prosthetic legs with amazing microprocessor technology as well as the newest myoelectric arm prostheses.

If the surgery should be performed, we apply the softest and safest methods. Our interdisciplinary team of surgeons, orthopedic and internal medicine doctors, therapists, psychologists and nurses will accompany and support you during your stay at the Clinic of Friedrichshafen.

Amputation and reconstructive surgery

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WH 2021-01-28 / 10:21

Hello, I am from Pakistan, My brother is told for amputation and prosthetic foot surgery. Dr. from Agha Khan hospital recommended us to do surgery from Germany. May you please tell me total cost of surgery and how many days are required for such surgery.
Thank you.

HH 2020-09-09 / 16:03

I had an amputation of my left leg above the knee and would like to have the an artificial prosthetic with the C-leg processor. How much does it cost?
I am living in Cairo, Egypt.

AF 2018-01-10 / 13:13

To whom it may concern,
I am a below the knee amputee. Interested in making an artificial prosthetic with your clinic.
Any help would be appreciated.

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