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Rehabilitation Department

Our goal is to improve and restore your health condition by an individualized, modern and intense treatment. This comprises not only focused medical therapy but also psychological support, optimization of nutrition and individualized physical therapy to regain physical strength and mobility. We are specialized for treatment of diabetes kidney disease and overweight, since this may be closely related. Post-surgical care and incontinence therapy for cancer of the prostate, kidney and bladder are another focus of our work.

We have been providing care in these indications for over 40 years and have developed specialized programs which closely follow the principles of up-to-date medical care and guidelines.

At the same time your personal well-being and comfort is our goal. We extend a warm welcome to you in our Rehabilitation Clinic. Our colleagues and co-workers are open-minded with regard to your needs and requests, but also to your struggles and problems.

Last but not least, our clinic lies in the beautiful South-Western corner of Germany. Many sight-seeing opportunities, but also the close vicinity to France and Switzerland lend international flair as well as easy accessibility.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Our Therapeutic Competence

Clinical Center of Friedrichshafen has been for almost 40 years one of the most renowned Rehabilitation Clinics in Germany in its indications. It has been a “pioneer” in the rehabilitation for renal disease.

This has been achieved by a clear focus on specific indications. We have a long standing experience for care of patients after an operation, chemotherapy or in the care of metabolic disturbances. Our main areas if therapy are the rehabilitation and treatment of

  • Diabetes and its complications
  • Obesity/Overweight
  • Chronic renal disease
  • Post-surgical care for cancer of prostate, bladder or kidney and incontinence

Our treatment comprises not only continuous medical treatment by specialists in the field, but also extensive physical and physiotherapy, psychological support, dietary counseling and nutrition, couching and motivational support. For all these diseases we have developed specific rehabilitation programs, which are aligned with all relevant guidelines of up-to-date medicine. The Clinic is accredited by all relevant German Payers and Pension Insurers. We are certified to DIN EN ISO, IQMP and by the German Diabetes Association.

Our focus is to tailor our programs to the individual needs of the patients and to provide in all aspects excellent medical care.

We take into account that diabetes, overweight and renal disease are not separate diseases, but are most closely related. Thus we take a “holistic” approach and treat all aspects and complications of these diseases together for sustainable medical success.

Our Therapeutic Modules

Rehabilitation stems from the Latin “rehabilitation”; this means “rebuild” or “renew”. Thus, our goal is to restore the previous health condition of a patient after a serious disease.

Medical Care: medical treatment is provided by the head physician or attending physicians, specialized in their perspective fields. The physicians are in charge of your treatment schedule. We use all necessary modern, diagnostic devices including echocardiography, ultrasound Doppler or lab measurements as needed.

Physiotherapy: improves body function, muscular strength mobility and coordination. Specific training is provided in case of incontinence. Both endurance and muscular performance are addressed. Therapy may be provided one-to-one or in small groups. Physiotherapy and sports are integral parts of the therapy for weight reduction, but also in chronic renal disease. Special programs are also provided for back pain.

Ergotherapy: This is for patients with restriction to their body function, e.g. after a stroke or in case of polyneuropathy. Exercises here support you to better get along with everyday’s task and help to maintain independence. It is thus important to improve quality of life.

Physical therapy: For the reduction of pain, massages, regulation of lymph flow and electro-stimulatory therapies are offered.

Nursing care: The nurses take care of you 24/7. They are an integral part of your therapeutic team and they are in charge of day-to-day wound management.

Psychological therapy: Psychological support is necessary to overcome personal crises, to treat depression, to support in weight reduction programs and to guide you in stress reduction programs.

Nutritional Counseling: Our team of dietitian counselors coaches you for optimization of your nutritional regime, obviously not only in case of weight reduction, but also in renal disease and advanced renal failure but as well in care of diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus and its Complications

Our Clinic is certified by the German Diabetes Association (DDG) as specialized center for Diabetes Care. We thus focus on optimization of blood sugar control in type I Diabetes including the use of all kinds of insulin pumps or insulin therapy as well as blood sugar control in patients with very unstable blood sugar levels or high insulin needs. This is of particular importance for patients, who have problems to get their blood sugar levels under control and who are at high risk for progression of the disease.

Obesity is a very frequent companion of diabetes and has a bad impact on risk factors such as blood pressure, blood lipids, renal damage or cardiac disease. Therefore, if this is the case, weight reduction of excess weight is part of the treatment and may cause a significant decrease in insulin requirements and improvement of the above risk factors.

Treatment of far advanced diabetes with organ damage such as diabetic nerve disease, restless leg syndrome, wound management of diabetic ulcers as in case of protracted healing is part of our offer. For diabetic nerve disease (polyneuropathy), we provide also physical therapy, nerve electro-stimulation and physiotherapy. Our clinic is certified for wound management of the diabetic foot, and daily wound dressing are provided.

Obesity – Weight Reduction

Obesity without diabetes also carries a lot if risk factor for heart disease such as high blood pressure, which may cause heart disease, high blood lipids, bone and joint pain. Obesity may also exert a negative impact on self-esteem, may be accompanied by depression and the feel of frustration. Obesity, therefore, is a serious condition, which cannot be underestimated. You should be aware that there are no “wonder-cures”, but strategies to efficiently loss weight and to keep it off.

We provide efficient programs for weight reduction from four to nine weeks. The fact to be in a clinic helps for an intensive guidance and an effective weight loss. Calorie- and nutrition-adapted foods are provided by our clinic at all times. During your stay there is ongoing counseling and nutritional coaching to support the patient. This should help the patient in the future to better control his weight and to avoid regaining weight.

Physical training and coaching to regain pleasure for movement and mobility is a particularly important part of the treatment. It belongs to daily activities, but is adapted to your ability. This is not only to foster strength and mobility, but also to better cope with weight control and to improve mood and psychological aspects as well.

Lower back pain and osteoarthritis of the joints with damage of the cartilage, e.g. of the hip or the knee, are frequent companions of Obesity. Our orthopedic department is trained to reduce pain and restore mobility again. Weight reduction itself as well as improved muscle strength can alleviate the symptoms and may help to avoid joint replacement operations.

Rapid weight loss may also be provided as preparation for obesity surgery.

Renal Disease and Chronic Renal Failure

Our motto is “We protect the kidneys!”

The Clinical Center of Friedrichshafen has been one of the first Rehabilitation Clinics in Germany to offer medical rehabilitation for chronic renal disease. With the increase in the number of patients with renal damage, the clinic continues along this pathway with the goal to slow the frequent progression of renal disease and, if possible, prevent the need for dialysis.

We treat patients with kidney damage and chronic renal failure due to primary renal disease, systemic disease such as vasculitis but also as a consequence of diabetes mellitus and obesity.

Renal protection is achieved by optimal blood pressure control, but also optimized nutrition, stress reduction and avoidance of potential hazards to the kidney.

Diabetes is one of the main risk factor for chronic renal failure; therefore, in case of diabetic renal disease, we optimize blood sugar control, high blood pressure, other risk factors and renal disease.

Another issue in the progression of renal disease is obesity, which may aggravate the course of renal disease. We, therefore, put a focus on weight control in that condition. The advantages in presence of diabetes also for blood sugar control are obvious, but many studies have demonstrated that weight reduction also stabilizes kidney function. Physiotherapy and sports, adapted to the patients’ ability are, therefore, important key features of rehabilitation.

Optimal coping with these conditions requires a good understanding to avoid mistakes which may negatively impact on health. Our renal patients are cared for by specialized nephrologistc in the clinic and personnel specifically trained in renal disease.

In case those patients are already on dialysis, i.e. peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis, we provide full rehabilitation program with the goal to maintain independence, to regain strength and mobility, improve the nutritional status and to optimize medical values.

Renal nutrition is adapted to the needs of dialysis patients. Also the frequent complications of dialyses patients such as disease of the heart, bone pain, diseases of the joints, itching or neurologic disorders such as polyneuropathy, numbness and pain of the feet or the so-called restless leg syndrome are taken care of. Rehabilitation offers – besides drug treatment – also physical therapy and electro-medical nerve stimulation, to improve the symptoms.

Last but not least, patients after kidney or combined kidney/pancreas transplantation are also welcome. Especially, shortly after transplantation but also later in case of renal failure, we provide rehabilitation for transplanted patients to stabilize kidney function and to improve overall strength and mobility. For that, we work closely together with renowned renal transplant centers of Universities of Heidelberg, Freiburg or the Katharinenhospital Stuttgart.

Urologic Diseases – Oncology and Incontinence therapy

Prostate cancer, but also bladder tumors are frequent diseases of the older patient in all countries. Prostate cancer is one of the most frequent male tumors and the numbers are increasing. Prostate surgery with removal of the prostate is a standard therapy, but in many cases leads to the involuntary loss if urine from the bladder. This further adds to the burden of a tumor disease. It is a German specialty to provide rehabilitative care for incontinence after this operation or other which inflict this problem. We provide extensive training programs to fight incontinence and to train the musculature to regain bladder control including electromedical stimulation. Such techniques and intensive training which usually extends three to five weeks have been demonstrated to provide faster recovery, especially in patient with other co-morbid conditions.

Medical care is provided by our urology attending physician. The program comprises a five-times a week, specialized physiotherapy with exercises to stimulate voluntary muscle control, to strengthen the pelvic floor in a manner which does not put too much strain on the operative site, but is nonetheless effective to reintroduce bladder control.

Similarly, rehabilitation is provided after surgical removal of the bladder and other tumors of the urinary tract involving urinary diversion. In case that also kidney function is compromised a nephrologist will be involved in the treatment besides urologist. Also, incontinence due to diabetes or other diseases is being taken care of. In any case, extensive, patient-adapted physiotherapy is applied not only to improve incontinence but also to regain overall strength and mobility after surgical ablation.

Our Services

Upon arrival you will get to your own, single room. On the first day medical and diagnostic work up will commence. Our head physician and the attending physicians will explain to you the different aspect of our therapy and your treatment plan. Regular medical visits allow to follow up on your progress and to adjust therapy as needed.

In case of acute medical complications and conditions, the Hospital Center on Offenburg of University Centers in Freiburg and Heidelberg are available.

It is no problem to bring your family along. A double-bed room or an additional single-bed room is available.

Treatment is provided in English (preferred), French or in presence of native translator. The Clinic can provide all major amenities.

  • Contact and treatment by our head physician and attending physicians.
  • Food: we can offer you special varieties of food, for example vegetarian food, beef and poultry
  • Meet dishes are marked as pork-free
  • Advice and help for any questions regarding leisure activities in and outside the Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Organization of leisure activities
  • Return journeys to mosques
  • Balancing between times of therapy and times of prayer
  • Discretions and silence, if you like, for example: dining in the intimacy of your room
  • High-speed Wi-Fi and satellite TV
  • Cafeteria inside the rehabilitation center
  • Room facilities: one-bed or double-bed-room, desk, TV, telephone, balcony, wardrobe, refrigerator on demand, own bathroom with shower
  • Swimming pool and sauna (for women only at specific hours)
  • A park and forest directly in front of the clinic
Rehabilitation Clinic of Friedrichshafen, Germany

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