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Herniated disc surgery

The Orthopedic department at Clinic of Friedrichshafen, led by an experienced Professor Dr. Winter, offers a wide range of treatment methods, including the innovative spinal surgery of disc herniation. A herniated spinal disc (Prolapsus nuclei pulposi) is a spine disorder, in which a portion of the herniated intervertebral disc encroaches on the spinal canal, pinching the nerves of the spinal cord. The fibrous ring of the herniated disc ruptures partially or completely, while the posterior ligament might remain intact. At the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany, surgery is always the last resort in the case of spinal injuries.

Causes of herniated discs could be genetic factors, obesity, incorrect lifting of heavy objects, sudden twisting movements, exposure to constant vibrations etc. It is a common problem and often goes unnoticed, because it is not always accompanied by back pain. There were over 29,000 treated cases in Germany in 2012 - slightly more in women than in men. In most cases, the patients were between 45 and 65.

Symptoms of a herniated disc

A history of lumbago, a stiff neck or sciatica and a diagnosis of sensory disorders or weakness are basic signs of a herniated disc. At the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany, we always exhaust all other options before we resort to surgery of the spine.

Diagnostics at the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

A sure diagnosis can only be made with the aid of imaging techniques:

  • computed tomography of the spine
  • MRI
  • myelography


Orthopedics in Germany has achieved high results in herniated disc surgery and back pain elimination. Most cases can be treated conservatively, without resorting to surgery (medication, rest cures, catheter techniques, physical measures).

The treatment of spinal herniation consists of several stages. Initially, conservative treatment is carried out. It consists in using the physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, medication, intramuscular injections and intravenous infusions, wearing of an orthopedic corset.

If the conservative treatment didn't help...

If the conservative treatment seems to be ineffective, there is a good reason to think about the herniated disc surgery: microsurgical or endoscopic removal of herniated disc. There are 3 indications for microsurgical removal of a herniated disc (herniated disc surgery).

Absolute indications for herniated disc surgery:

  • Urination, defecation, erection problem due to the pain syndrome
  • Limbs weakness

The sooner the operation is performed in these conditions, the better the results.

Relative indications for herniated disc surgery

  • The inefficiency of the full course of conservative therapy (2-3 months).
  • The persistent back pain caused by a hernia, currently treated only with analgesics. The operation last for about 30 minutes.

Advantages of the herniated disc surgery (microsurgical method)

  • fast and efficient treatment of acute pain
  • the possibility of simultaneous removal of two hernias
  • reducing the time of hospitalization
  • sparing technique
  • rare occurrence of complications

Price of the herniated disc surgery

It is difficult to calculate the price for a herniated disc surgery in advance. The following prices serve only for general information. The diagnosis of the herniated disc problem would cost about 850-2000 euro. The operation on the intervertebral discs costs about 8000 – 15000 euro. The prosthetic intervertebral disc makes up 15000 – 25000 euro. Spine stabilization: surgery 20000 euro.

Types of operations for herniated disc surgery at Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany

Percutaneous nucleotomy: a minimally invasive procedure to remove the source of impingement on the nerve root or spinal cord)

  • Surgery is only possible if the fibrous ring of the vertebra is fully intact!
  • Endoscopic techniques and micro-surgical techniques.
  • These techniques can be used in all cases.
  • This type of surgery can be performed on the lumbar region (sparing posterior approach).
  • These techniques can be performed on the cervical spine (anterior cervical disectomy with simultaneous spinal fusion).

Endoscopic herniated disc surgery

Endoscopic methods, being a minimal invasive kind of therapy, allow soft and efficient treatment of the herniated disc surgery. This is a percutaneous surgery that has revolutionised herniated disc surgery. It is a very gentle approach that is extremely useful in many cases and is often used in the case of chronic back pain. This technique is used more and more frequently in the case of nerve root canal stenosis (abnormal narrowing of the canal). It is important to clear up exactly where the problem lies before proceeding with the operation. At the Beta Clinic of the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany, we use MRI for this purpose.

Endoscopic herniated disc surgery is ideal when the problem is situated in the lumbar region. The patient can be treated without injury to the muscles and ligaments. In endoscopic herniated disc surgery the instruments are inserted through the natural openings between the bones. It is possible to do so because the instrument is only 7mm in diameter.

Advantages of endoscopic herniated disc surgery

Just two hours after endoscopic herniated disc surgery, the patient can begin to walk around and is usually free of pain. The spine surgeons at the Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany usually discharge their patients the same day, or in some cases, the next day. The patient can return to work and resume his sporting activities relatively soon after the procedure. Thanks to the gentle lateral approach used at our clinic in Germany, endoscopic herniated disc surgery is also possible in recurring cases because existing scar tissue is not affected. In the case of nerve root canal constriction and extreme wear and tear accompanied by severe back pain, this method can also be used.

Summary of the advantages of endoscopic herniated disc surgery at our clinic in Germany:

  • the patient is usually pain free directly after the operation
  • the patient can begin to walk around 2 hours after the operation
  • the patient can go home the same day or the next day
  • the patient can go back to work and resume his usual sporting activities very soon after the operation
  • the method can even be used in recurring cases, due to the lateral approach which doesn't affect scar tissue
  • the method can also be used in the case of nerve root canal constriction

If you suffer from regular back pain, loss of muscle strength, sensory disorders, dont't hesitate to ask for professional help. The specialists of our clinic in Fridrichshafen will consult you in detail, help to optimise the medicamentous treatment and physiotherapy to alleviate the primary pain syndrom, and, in case of need, carry out a modern surgery to remove the herniation.

Herniated Disc Treatments

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Comments and questions

RB 2021-04-08 / 23:17

I have severe lower back pain due to herniated disc, can your clinic help me?

AA 2020-08-23 / 02:35

Hello, I have what is called a lateral herniated disk and I’m in real need of help. I been having it for over 9 months and now it has gotten to the point that I can’t barely walk because of the pain and weakness on my lower back and leg. Is this something that you guys treat ? Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

PA 2018-12-06 / 17:37

I suffer l5l4s1 protrusion that is causing too much pain and I need to send you the records and report to learn more about the surgery cost and recovery. Please communicate back.

Klinikum Friedrichshafen 2018-12-12 / 09:56

Dear PA,
thank you very much for your request and your interest in our medical services! We will be definitely able to help you. To be able to decide, what treatment would be the best in your case, we will need your MRI images that should not be older than three months and the basic information about your case. It would be great, if you could send us a short email at ips@klinikum-friedrichshafen.com with your name and your contact phone number and we will get in touch with you and will inform you about the procedure and how you can send us all the relevant information. We look forward to your email! Best regards, Internationa Office.

AD 2017-10-02 / 12:40

I’m looking treatment for my mom

Klinikum Friedrichshafen 2017-10-04 / 10:28

Thank you very much for your request and your interest in our medical services! We will be definitely able to help your mother. To get a better idea of her case and to be able to decide, what treatment would be the best in her case, we will need some additional information about the patient and the case. We will send you an email with our standard patient questionnaire and an instruction, which you can use in order to make an ISO copy of the CD with MRI images and upload it in one of the cloud servers like Dropbox, for example, providing us with an access link to download the images. On the basis of this information Dr. Benz, the head physician of the spinal cord center will decide upon the most suitable treatment in your mother’s case and the accounting office will provide you with a proposal for the treatment with its estimated cost and duration. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Best regards.

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