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Herniated Disc Treatment

Unfortunately, herniated disc is not uncommon among middle-aged people. Moreover, according to statistics, about 90% of those who reached forty years have this type of hernia. But, at the same time, not all feel pain. Only a few percent with a hernia regularly suffer from pain.

Often we blamed fatigue and physical stress for the periodic back. But in fact, a regular back pain is an alarming sign that the pathological changes occur with intervertebral discs. If the pain is constantly making itself felt, it is an occasion to refer to a specialist. Pre-identified problems of the intervertebral discs can succumb to comprehensive treatment. If you ignore this problem, the consequences could be dire, until the paralysis of the limbs and disability in severe cases.

Let's look at the most common symptoms of a herniated disc:

  • Recurrent pain during exercise;
  • A sudden sharp pain at sharp movements or heavy lifting;
  • Numbness of fingers and toes;
  • The pain in legs, which often manifests itself in the back of the thigh, at least, on the front and side.

If you are noticing these and other signs, and they are intrusive prevent you live a normal life, you should not hesitate to appeal to a specialist. You should undergo a thorough diagnosis of the spine and to understand exactly what problems are present in your case. Based on the diagnostics result it is needed to develop an optimal treatment plan.

Herniated Disk

Herniated Disc is a very serious disease of the musculoskeletal system. Hernia can be a result of various pathological changes. Curvature of the spine, excessive stress, injury, poor muscles – all of them can lead to the appearing of a hernia. Sometimes, hernia occurs simply due to natural attrition disk as a result of age-related changes.

Hernia occurs due to intervertebral disc rupture, and the pain is starting to show, when ruptured disc begins to put pressure on adjacent nerve. Hernia is often accompanied by inflammation and swelling.

Our clinic offers a variety of options for conservative treatment of herniated discs. Such treatment includes:

  • The special exercises aimed at strengthening the back muscles;
  • Manual therapy which having a purpose at relaxing tense muscles and reducing the pressure on the damaged intervertebral disc.

Surgical Treatments

It is not difficult to guess that the sooner a patient appealed for treatment herniated disc, the better will be the results of conservative treatment.

But people tend to delay a visit to a specialist until the time, when it has become unbearable to endure the pain. As a result, we have to resort to surgical methods to solve this problem.

In our clinic, the practice of such operations is well established, and we successfully help people to get rid of a herniated disc.

Microsurgical Removal of Herniated Disc

Most popular when removing of a herniated disc is microsurgical operation with its main feature in the minimum injury to the bone and muscle tissue. When carrying out such an operation, a small incision is made for minimal invasive intervention with the help of microsurgical instruments. The operation is performed under general anesthesia with the patient lying on his stomach.

As the surgery is minimally invasive, the risk of any postoperative complications is significantly reduced. The patient might normally move on the other day after surgery, and discharged from the hospital after a few days. Return to mental labor possible in a few days, the physical recover requires a couple of weeks.


When having endoscopy, the incision that must be made to operate, may be even less than in microsurgical technique. To perform a surgery a special unit – endoscope – is used.

If you want once and for all to get rid of a herniated disc, we recommend you to trust our professionals. They know how to bring people to the joy of movement!

Herniated Disc Treatments

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