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Treatment of Spinal Stenosis

Stenosis is a narrowing, that is, within the classification of diseases of the spine stenosis is the narrowing of the spinal canal. Generally, this disease often pursues elderly people whose spine begins to undergo age-related changes. But in some cases, the disease can occur in younger people. The reason for these changes may be congenital spinal pathology. Typically, stenosis is localized in one area of the spine and manifests itself as pain, affected to the leg.

Causes of Spinal Canal Stenosis

To understand why spinal stenosis may occur, you should understand the anatomy of the spine.

The spine is formed from a number of vertebrae, which are interconnected with ligaments. In general, the vertebrae form a single system, which is located in the center of the spinal canal. Within this canal the spinal cord runs, and body fat. Those tissues compensate a slight narrowing of the spinal canal, periodically appearing in the course of natural life. However, if there are any deviations, the canal might taper more, and it becomes impossible to compensate this narrowing. As a result, adjacent nerves are injured that provoke the emergence of severe pain.

Most often stenosis occurs in the lumbar spine. Here are the most often causes of the disease:

  • Intervertebral hernia;
  • Disc protrusion;
  • Injuries;
  • Osteophytes;
  • Tumors;
  • Osteoarthritis, etc.

If there is a congenital abnormality of the spine, the disease can manifest itself at a young age.

The disease is dangerous by the fact that the physical activity of the affected spinal cord department is experiencing severe shortage in blood supply, nutrients and oxygen. There is excess pressure, which affects the blood vessels and violates all the processes of microcirculation. These processes affect the human condition of back pain and weakness in limb.

Types of Treatment of Spinal Stenosis

Before making a decision on the stenosis treatment, thorough diagnostics is carried out. As a result of the diagnosis the doctor could learn what type of stenosis is present in the clinical picture, and what the possible extent of its neglect is. Based on the data, the optimal way of disease treatment is selected. If the disease was recorded in early pregnancy, it can be quite conservative treatment. Also, conservative methods are assigned for chronic stenosis.

Conservative Treatment of Stenosis

Conservative treatment of spinal canal stenosis includes both drug therapy and various massages and gymnastics. Drug treatment often involves epidural steroid and hormonal treatments. Special types of massage, physiotherapy exercises also give good result in combination with medication. Sometimes anesthetics used in severe pain.

It is worth noting, that the steroids are not always assigned. Those drugs are effective in only about half of all cases of stenosis.

Surgical Treatment of Stenosis

As can be understood from the foregoing, the surgery treatment of stenosis is not always necessary. If successful conservative treatment helps, then surgical methods are not applicable. However, in cases when the disease progresses rapidly, affecting other organs and systems of the body, and the pain becomes unbearable, surgery becomes the best way out.

But before the operation you should take into account all the factors, among which not the last is the patient's age. If the person is already in advanced age, it is possible that the operation will only aggravate its negative state. The general health of the patient must comply with the proposed transaction.

Surgical treatment of stenosis can be very long and traumatic for the elderly patient.

In our clinic specialists take into account all the nuances of the patient's health status, and therefore pick up individual treatment program that best suits the capabilities of a person.

Treatment of Spinal Stenosis

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Comments and questions

MD 2020-11-24 / 18:04

I would like to know the options to repair the issues surgically as I am very young and this is affected my quality of life. Physically and mentally.
I spend $1000 a month on all types of therapies that help however what I can do is limited. I have nerve pain sometimes, muscular tension. My adrenals are working overload.
I want long term options to consider.
It’s my understanding that I have Degenerate disc disease C5 to c7 with cervical stenosis. The stenosis causing impingement I also have a thoracic disc herniation.

ED 2019-04-27 / 23:42

I am enquiring on my wife's behalf.She is 57 she has angina and type 2 diabetes.She was diagnosed with spinal stenosis about 2 years ago. Since then it has got progressively worse.She can hardly walk and is constant agony.She had an epidural which didn't work and now she takes gabapentin and co codomol she is an absolute shadow of her former self and I fear things will only get worse.Please help...I want my wife back !

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