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Treatment of loin pain in Germany

The spine treatment center on Bodensee that is a part of Friedrichshafen clinic in Germany offers a wide range of services for the treatment of spinal pains including pains in loin. Back surgery in Germany aims at complete elimination of back pain through minimally invasive spine surgery methods.

The head of the spine treatment center is Thomas Benz, a neurosurgeon with about 25 years of experience. After finishing the medicine faculty in Ulm, he worked in various prominent clinics in Germany including the University Hospital in Berlin.

The major reasons of loin pain

  • psoas muscle tension;
  • disk bulge or rupture;
  • loan muscle spasm that occurs spontaneously and causes pains;
  • osteoarthritis or disc degeneration;
  • stenosis – spinal canal narrowing or degression;
  • osteoporosis with minor spinal fracture;
  • loin pains may be caused by other diseases. Usually they are accompanied with morning stiffness.

Surgical treatment for loin pains in Germany

Friedrichshafen clinic in Germany offers surgical treatment that will help to eliminate the cause of loin pain:

  • laminectomy;
  • discotomy;
  • spondylosyndesis;
  • intervertebral cartilage replacement.

The surgery is indicated when physiotherapy or drug treatment of loin pain doesn’t bring positive results. The reasons for surgery include:

  • radicular pain;
  • discal hernia;
  • scoliosis surgery;
  • stenosis (narrowing of spinal canal).

Laminotomy in Germany

Laminotomy and laminectomy is indicated for the treatment of loin pain that can be caused by mutations that put pressure on nerve. For example, this can be a spinal stenosis. Vertebral arches are removed during a surgery. Otherwise this type of surgery for eliminating loin pain can be a part of another, bigger procedure. Doctors in Friedrichshafen center in Germany admit, that the most of patients who undergo this surgery feel significant relief right after the procedure. However, loin pains often return, even if their reasons seem to be eliminated.

Discotomy in Germany

Doctors in Friedrichshafen center in Germany prescribe this kind of surgical treatment for the patients with loin pain caused by the problems of Intervertebral discs. A surgeon removes the disc that causes pain. This way pains disappear due to decreased pressure on spinal bones.

Modern methods practiced in Germany allow performing this surgery via small insections that imply minimal damage of tissues. The period of full recovery takes 4 – 6 weeks. However the pain in loin that was caused by the Intervertebral disk defects can return after a time.

Spondylosyndesis in Germany

This type of surgical treatment is a procedure of the union of a few spinal bones into one. It is indicated for the treatment of loin pain caused by the motion of spinal bones or a complication after discal hernia surgical repair.

During the surgery solid bony unions are removed that prevents the motion between loin bones. Such effect is gained by using metal implants joined by screws and bolts.

During the recovery period a patient is recommended to wear the supportive structure for rather long time, as the bone must fully heal up. The doctors of Friedrichshafen center in Germany use this surgery as a treatment of chronic loin pains that cannot be eliminated by drug therapy and other kinds of treatment. It is also indicated in cases of spinal curvature or instability.

Disc replacement in Germany

Loin pains caused by the wear of discs, their defects or degenerative changes can be eliminated by replacing this disk with artificial one. The implanted disc will provide natural disks mobility. The doctors of Friedrichshafen center in Germany prescribe such surgical treatment only after thorough research to exclude all contradictions.

The qualified specialists of our clinic in Germany perform most complicated surgeries using the high-tech equipment, gaining successful results even in complicated cases.

Treatment of loin pain

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LT 2018-01-21 / 04:35

Hello Dr,
I live in Montreal Canada. I have a herniated disk with annular fissure at L1-L2. My quality of life is affected tremendously. Pls, what are the treatments you can suggest? Looking forward to hear from you.
Many thanks.

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