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Multiple myeloma treatment

Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany offers effective treatment of multiple myeloma. The department of back surgery guided by Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lehmann specializes in all kinds of malignant diseases of spinal cord.

Myeloma is a cancerous disease of white blood cells called plasmocytes. This disease causes joint pains, kidneys disorders, anemia, worsening pains in sites of fractures, increased calcium in blood. As the immunity weakens, a patient becomes more prone to contagious diseases.

Plasmocytes are the part of immune system. One such cell is capable of fighting one malignant cell inside the organism, releasing antibodies. During this ailment the pathological cells behave in a wrong way, constantly proliferating. Pathologic cells can affect healthy organs. This disease damages plasmocytes, the organism tries to produce new plasmocytes that already have all the features of cancerous cells. They are called myelogenic cells. Due to multiple myeloma the plasmocytes violate the normal blood circulation, leading to kidney disorders and immune problems. The human body cannot produce enough healthy cells that defend the body from different diseases.

Patients suffering of multiple myeloma have pathologic concentrated mostly in the bone marrow. They take calcium away from bones. By making proper tests a specialist can see an increase of calcium concentration in labor profile. Small cavities appear in bones, causing pains as well as the risk of fractures. Concentration of pathologic cells leads to plasmocytoma or a cancerous tumor formation. As any other cancerous tumor, it requires complex individual therapeutic approach (treatment).

Multiple (proliferated) myeloma affects bones and, what is worse, leads to damaging immunity. There one can trace the difference with the bone cancer. The aforementioned diseases also require different therapeutic approach (treatment).

Multiple myeloma. Ways of diagnostics in Germany

The experienced specialists of the Friedrichshafen Clinical center in Germany perform effective diagnostics of this ailment. Diagnostic procedure is an important stage that defines the further treatment therapy. First of all the doctors collect anamnesis, make different tests to define specific health problems. To detect myelogenic cells, a trephine biopsy or a punction (aspiration) is made. These procedures are performed under anesthesia and allow making proper bone cord research.

On the initial stage this disease doesn’t show any signs. On the next stages a patient can experience aching rip bones. Increased tiredness, frequent contagious diseases, weakness are all potential symptoms of it.

Multiple myeloma. Way of treatment in Germany

One of the popular therapeutic methods (treatment methods) deals with the transplantation of stem o cells. They are taken from the patient or his relatives and stored in special freezing chambers. The patient experiences chemo therapy treatment aimed at killing the existing pathologic signs. It is followed with drug treatment (Multiple myeloma treatment. Drug therapy). Such treatment or method one can also call systemic: the drugs kill pathologic cells and alleviates suffering.

The next course of treatment used in Germany may be allogeneic stem cell transplantation. This is a quite risky method of multiple myeloma treatment. However the doctors of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany use the method. Recently it surpassed the expectation and showed astonishing results up to the complete healing.

The treatment approach mentioned above implies taking the cells being not affected by multiple myeloma. They are called to fight against the pathologic cells.

Highly professional doctors of our clinic in Germany do their best to offer all kinds of efficient multiple myeloma treatment! We offer modern equipment, innovational techniques for treatment that may help you to overcome your diagnosis. Choosing therapy for combating multiple myeloma in Germany, you significantly increase the chances for full recovery. Please call us and learn more about treatment in Germany.

Multiple myeloma treatment

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HG 2021-04-24 / 23:16

Please send me a quote for Stem Cell transplant
Female 46 years old 2 years under MM treatment.

BB 2018-06-28 / 16:56

Could you send me a range of costs for inital treatment in us dollars please.

LS 2017-12-15 / 03:13

My nephew and dear friend just got diagnosed with MM. He started the conventional treatment with the reiple drug approach in USA and in 3 months is secudled be for stem cell transplant. We are not convinced there isn't a better approach combining natural approach with allopathic treatment. Please send me information.

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