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Varicose veins treatment

Very often the non-surgical treatment of varicose veins is impossible. The department of general, viscerogenic and vascular surgery of Friedrichshafen Clinic in Germany offers a range of the most effective varicose veins treatment methods. The latest equipment, the newest technologies and highly experienced specialists will make it possible for you to forget about this disease forever. Since 2011 the team of specialists is headed by Dr. Gerbig who is an expert in the area of vascular, endovascular surgery and phlebology.

There are a few major methods of varicose veins treatment applied in Germany clinics. Our specialists perform surgical treatment on an outpatient basis. This means the absence of complicated post-surgical period: a patient can go home right after the surgery. Such procedures have impressive cosmetic effect: the instruments leave only small, unnoticeable scars.

Varicose veins treatment by stripping operation in Friedrichshafen Center

This one of the major operations used for varicose veins treatment in Germany. It contains a few stages:

  • A surgeon makes 2 incisions on the skin, marking the vein fragment for resection. Usually it is a distance between pelvic area and popliteal space. In advanced cases a doctor can make 1-2 mm insections every 4-6 cm along this area.
  • The vein is opened and separated from the major blood flow by two transections.
  • A probe is inserted into the incision until it goes through the entire vessel.
  • The probe is fixated on the opposite side of the venous network with the help of a suture.
  • The doctor extracts the damaged vessel using the probe and cuts it.
Varicose veins treatment

If the entire vein is not damaged, surgeons in Germany apply a short stripping technique.

This means partial vessel resection.

It helps to save the valves and not to affect the blood supply.

Such therapy in Friedrichshafen Clinic takes maximum three hours. The surgery is made under local anesthesia, and on the next day a patient returns to his normal activities.

Such kind of surgery costs about €2000, including the rehabilitation.

Ligation varicose veins treatment in Germany

This method is used in pair with others like stripping, phlebectomy. Special elastic rings or nylon loops are worn on affected vessels. They stop the blood supply to the affected vessel area. As a result a vein returns to the initial form, and it becomes possible to perform effective varicose veins treatment.

In Germany such procedure doesn’t imply general anesthesia. Medication sleep can be used in certain cases.

Miniphlebectomy varicose veins treatment in Germany

This minimally invasive intervention implies removing the varicose veins via one tiny puncture on skin. The doctor uses a special hook that drains the vein out with further resection. There are no side effects, and the recovery is quick. There can be small hematomas in the puncture stops that disappear in 2-3 weeks.

Transluminal phlebectomy varicose veins treatment in Germany

It is also one of the minimally invasive vascular surgery techniques practiced in Germany. The process allows the full control and includes:

  • placing the patient in the darkened operation room;
  • a thin catheter with a xenon lamp on the end is placed inside the vein via tiny incision;
  • the vein is fully shined through to define the damaged areas;
  • affected veins are removed using surgical instruments.

TriVex system is used for such varicose veins treatment. A patient is injected with medication that allows easy separation of veins from the surrounding tissues.

In couple of days after the surgery a patient doesn't feel any discomfort. All he needs to do is to wear compression garments and sometimes take venotonics.

Varicose veins treatment and treatment of other vascular diseases in Friedrichshafen Center will bring you immediate relief without any negative effects.

Varicose veins treatment

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NK 2018-01-24 / 23:00

I'm 35 years old and i have on left leg varicose veins, most probably by genetic, as my mother also have. My doctors are sugesting operation as also my inner vein is varicose. I could send you the ultrasoud. I would kindly ask for your advice. Eventually i could come to your clinic for an adequate threatment. Thank you so much in advance.

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